Thursday, February 18, 2010

i've said it n i'm saying it again

ok i know.this entry will most probably evolve around the same-lame-boring-annoying topic.

but i'd once said...don't lay your eyes on this not so decent piece n just click on other pages if u think this is annoying.

i've said that i would try to update more frequent but i didn't aite. works were haunting me so i'm sorry.

i've said that working life will never beat study life aite? and i really meant it. that's the major factor which brought to the big changes in my life.

last friday right after school i went to kl n straight away headed to OU. waited for my bro to go back together to kedah. damn. that was when i realized walking alone in kl would never be the same as before. those previous years...i admit that i loved having my time alone. but when i felt bored i could just call anyone and asked them to tag along. but now...friends are all scattered over the country. most are not in kl. those who're in kl are working which i dare not to disturb.

and today...i was again overwhelmed by that stupid-annoying feeling. since things didn't go as what i'd planned (driving back to pahang) as car delivery was delayed due to Chinese New i had to take a bus. so just now i pulled myself out of d bed n off to kl (owh i was in shah alam last night). actually it was so usual for me to do everything on my own but just now... it was different. i did my shopping in midvalley alone all by myself. having lunch at kenny rogers with the table was all mine. but... i felt like crying coz i knew i couldn't have these kind of calls again...

"oit am. ko katne? kat bangsar? haaaa ok2 nnt aku join"
"oit yensyi.ko ktne? hostel?meh la sini boring la nk mkn nk aku tapau blk mkn sane?"

huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!this is so disheartening!