Friday, February 5, 2010

i hate this feeling


now i feel it.

i mean... loneliness.

it's my first time staying alone here. i know this moment will eventually come. i can't forever going to people's house just for the sake of having company. i know i will eventually have to face that i'm actually alone here. far from family...far from my good friends.

here... everything... everybody is far reaching.

it's raining and it just adds on to my loneliness. the sound of falling water from that leaking tank in my bathroom is the only melody that i can hear now. even the television is on and the lights are all working, yet... it's still too silent!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

now i know...

14 years back (if tak salah la kan)...

mom told me: "masa belajar la paling best sekali.nanti dah keja dah tak best dah"

i argued it with her: "tak.kakak rasa masa keja la best.sebab ada duit sendiri.boleh beli macam2.masa belajar ni langsung tak best.banyak homework.cikgu garang.tak suka"

if i can turn back time i would have said... "betul betul betul!kakak setuju dengan statement tu!kalau boleh takmau tua.nak mudaaaaaaaaaaaaa ja so boley sekolah sampai bila2"

14 years later after the declaration of that so true mom's statement...NOW i know that working life is SO TIRING!

it's proven when today is already Wednesday n it's only today that i manage to get online.


- i am now officially ting tong due to the overrrrrrrrrrr extreme workload -
(nah amik ko. penggunaan superlative yang salah tetapi tetap juga mau)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

mai laif hes chenjd

Read the above title with malay spelling but with English pronunciation please.


So now i'm no longer living an urban life.

This is all totally new!


I cried when I first saw the school and the area. It was so difficult for me to be thrown into a jungle.

I consider this area as rural since the nearest town is 20mins drive along the jungle on your left n right handsides. There's nothing there. No shopping complex except for a Giant look alike but with less goods. and the only fast food available is KFC which is 30mins drive from home.

Actually 20-30mins drive is not that bad huh...not that far aite. But when d scenery u can get is only palm oil trees n trees n trees...u'll have a longer journey.

But has totally changed.

There's no more assignment but meeting minutes n paper works.

There's no more warm shower early in the morning but ice-cold shower.

There's no more fast food even only for once a week but home made cooking.

There's no more shopping @ window shopping in big shopping malls but pasar tani n pasar panas!

There's no more movie watching but luckily there's astro!hehe =p

and... if before this i disliked frogs...but now having shower with frog as d audience is so usual!


Life has totally changed aite!?