Monday, August 2, 2010


last update was on mid of june?what the &^%$#^@**%#%^!!!sungguh tidak patut itu bukan?

that's why i said... never trust this boring lady (@+@)

reasons of not updating?

- technical problemo. laptop is now just a piece of junk. motherboard breakdown. so am using my very first laptop. old version. heavy n could only work with power supply. yet still...alhamdulillah ada la gak leh guna kannnnn =)

- low internet speed. but the good news is...tada! celcom is improving its service here. takde lagi dah nyet nyet nyet cam siput khinzir. it's now phew phew phew like angin bayu. smooth n steady but not in chaotic breeze.

- higher interest rate in tv marathon. desperate housewives, monk, how i met ur mother, next top model, kimora n bla bla bla. best companions eva!

- weekend escapes. am always in kl over the weekend. dah tu internet mmg sayonara terus. present, it's not only blogging that i ignore, but facebook as well. no more comment replies, message tailing, photo viewing. it's now a hard once a week check in. login, silent check n sign out.

hurmmm... sometimes i wonder. is it me who's dragging myself away from world? people may say this n i may just agree