Sunday, May 2, 2010

those kiddos

a memory captured.

living alone far from family and friends...weekend is definitely a torture. Yesterday, after the school ended its Saturday programme and later in the evening when all the housemates had waved their farewell, i started to feel the boredom and loneliness which i would have to endure for the next 24hours.

when home is just a stone's throw away from school, i hardly use my car which was safely parked in the school garage. however, considering that i might need a car on Sunday and the guard might not be in school to open the gate, therefore i moved the car and parked it in front of the house. that was when i bumped into those kiddos.

since i haven't had the chance to have a tour in this village, therefore i asked them to show me around. seven of us (six students all together) were cramped in my small car and we had an evening trip around Jengka 5.

hehe...personally i liked it. it was so.....GREEN!!! from some spots of the village u can see the entire Jengka with its never ending oil palm trees and Mount Tahan as the background. it was awesome!

but that wasn't the only fun part of yesterday. spending time with those naughty kids was fun though. the way those boys are acknowledged as problematic in school. however, knowing them closer proves that they're not that bad.

kids are still kids.

before we said goodbye yesterday, they asked me to take them to Maran. to Pekan Sari? or Pekan Sehari eh? whateva it is la kan. so yea... they asked me to take them there on Sunday. but my answer was NO. there wasn't any promises from me but today, early in the morning, at 9 they were all in front of my house...

"Assalammualaikum~~~teacher!!bangun laa~~~jom la cepat!"

gosh!!! i thought they were joking and i really hoped that they wouldn't show up. i was sooooooooooo reluctant to take them there.


sebab diorang budak lagi la. kalo apa2 jadi tak ke susah?

so i asked them to go home. they were gone by then.


they showed up again.

huaaaaaaa. i asked them to go home but they made their cute faces and begged me to take them to Maran.

"jom la teacher...mak ayah kitorang kasi pegi teacher. kitorang dah tanya dah. ni kitorang siap bawak duit ni. kitorang bayar la sorang rm2 kat teacher. jom la teacher. kitorang janji jadi baik tak nakal. kitorang nak beli sandal...nak beli ayam goreng. jom la teacher~~~"

haih... lemah okay dengar. so... i had an express shower and took them there. but before we were off to Maran, i stopped by at one of the boys house to ask permission from the parents.

phewwwwwwwwww. luckily they were good!

hehe. kelakar okay. sume pun pakat beli sorang sepasang kasut crocs. cetak rompak la tapinye kan....kuikuikui. yet still... they were cute i reckon =p

so... that was it. a weekend spent with students. something which i had never thought of


kdee said...

haha.sounds cute.u're such a good teacher la fath!

fathiah zulkafli said...

cute aren't they?hehe.aku bukan baik sgt pn weiiii.slalu je aku hentam budak2 tu.hentam2 sayang.tampar2 manja.cubit2 comel.kuikuikui =p