Saturday, May 1, 2010

ignore this please

as mentioned above... ignore this please. i mean this entry. please go away. it's all gibberish. nothing much.

huhu. betapa lalangnye aku. kejap ada kejap takde. eh bukan lalang. mungkin lebih kepada biskut.

actually my heart has always been screaming of... "fathiah!!!update blog cepat! tulis tulis tulis. write write write!". especially when i was having a problem. dealing with dissatisfaction, dilemma and bla bla bla. those uneasy emotions.

tapi niat sentiasa terbantut due to works and most importantly.... poor hampeh internet connection in Jengka.

but this time...why am i here? huhu nampak sangat la tengah boring amat kan. hence, the connection is not that bad. it's sauna here babeh. i mean this house. for those who have ever claimed that wooden house promises u comfort in the sense of its fresh air flow...i reckon that you guys are wrong!!!this wooden house is a sauna. it's heating and i'm literally boiling!