Saturday, May 1, 2010


okay. this is definitely not the most preferred topic of any discussions.'s the most popular topic for everybody huh?

maybe not to those rich la kan. but to a poor like me... yes me! this is definitely a topic that i would like to highlight each time i got paid by the government =(

how well did i manage my finance?

hurmmmm (#+#)??? [sampai lebam mata pikir.hehe.]

since my uni era, i've always had my pre-spending list of what, how n when would i spend my money. but each time... i failed to follow what i'd already planned.

and now that i'm working, the expenses seem to grow. though i'm single and my only liability at the moment is my car, yet i always feel like i ain't have enough money to spend.


because... expenses grow accordingly to our physical and mental growth.

haha. betul ke?

ala betul la kan. sebabnya bila dah besar ni badan pun makin besar. so baju2 kain2 sume pun kena makin besar la. bila badan makin besar means that diameter perut pun makin lebar. so makanan pun kena la bertambah. maka duit pun kena la menggemuk. tapi........ aku bukan jenis badan besar. baju zaman baby pun bley pakai lagi. tapi apsal belanja makin over?

nak kata duit abis kat mekup... tak gak coz aku memang tak pandai sume tu. tu pasal sampai arini muka cam bontot kuali je tu. dah tu awat eh?

owhhhhhhhh...liability yang satu itu la puncanya. huaaaaaaa. i need to save up for my monthly trip to kl. my for sure trips to kedah each time long school holiday. petrol, toll fees, road tax, insurance, maintainance and yabadayabada~ (@+@)

hurmmm... one more thing... when salary is deducted for KWSP and allowances are not yet available, kne plak pikir pasal zakat n income tax.


why can't Ringgit Malaysia climb at least a step higher in its currency?

owh yea...this problem wouldn't be drowning deep into the ocean and i wouldn't be rich by just whining.

things will be easy but not in a mean time, not in a short while. but after a hardship. for these 24 years of living, i haven't been doing much and maybe it's time for me to get up and do something. think think think...i'm dying of continuing my studies. i miss chasing the datelines, writing and submitting assignments, presentations and stuffs.

am praying that i can soon be confirmed and then after i'll apply for what i'm dying for =)