Wednesday, December 9, 2009

holla back!


i know it's been ages that i haven't been updating this blog.huhu.again.same welcoming words.paham2 je la dah brape kali aku tulis then ilang then tulis balik then ilang terus.

so this time i'm not coming back for good. i've something to tell u. but before that... baca dulu bebelan ini:

reflecting back on what i've been doing during the period of me not updating this blog...few things have changed. and particularly...i have changed. into someone you might not wish to know. waaaaa~~ menakutkan tak? macam berubah menjadi hantu.

but yea...i think i have changed. coz i think that i'm not as logical as i used to before. i can't think rationally. if u have been reading this blog since past of years ago, you would have known how much i value the principle of; "think positive, based every decision and action with logical thought".

but it's no more bebeh. i've crossed the line. i've slipped down from the track =(

reasoning all the impacts that i have to endure now, i realize that i may have to write again. in the sense of gaining back my sanity.

for that...i'm opening a new blog.

i've so many things to talk. so many emotions to express.

i have issues about life, upcoming working life as an english teacher. will be zooming about teaching and stuffs, and i have my never ending passion in cooking which listed all the simply good recipes which i'm willing to share.

i can't guarantee u when will i link the blog here. but one day i will i promise.

huhu. like u care whether i'll be having a blog or not kan.

but hey ya...this time around it's still the same. i'll try my best not to make my life naked as how i'd used to before.

that's all.

adios muchocos~