Thursday, September 17, 2009

raya is approaching!!!

i'm so excited!

hey ho!!!

raya is approaching. raya is approaching. it's getting near. i'm counting days. and after this i'll be counting hours. and then i'll be counting minutes.

waaaaaaaaa. ye ye je. actually i didn't even feel the vibe until just now. when i realize that today is the last day of work and tomorrow i'll be heading back to kedah.

come to think of it...i'm supposed to be super happy for this coming raya.


because it's been ages that i haven't been celebrating raya with my second bro. i can't even recall when was the last time we celebrate raya together as a whole family.because he was away in Japan for six years and when he came back i was away in Australia for two years.

so this is the time that all of us (i mean my familia) will be celebrating raya together.

and i'm also supposed to be happy because this is the time to celebrate raya together with familia after two years of raya in abroad.

tapi maybe sebab dah berusia. uhuk uhuk batuk trus bila sebut dah tua. biasala usia emas ni banyak sikit penyakit. hehe.

tula..bila dah jd grown up lady ni tak feel sangat dah raya tu.nak shopping raya pun malas.tu pun nasib la kuar gak gi beli baju raya.idak pakai je baju yang dah tempah ritu tapi tak pakai2 lagi.

eh...grown up lady la sangat.muda remaja lagi kot.baru 23 ;p i'm all excited with raya is approaching.

kat staff room ni. bestnye dengar suara budak2 riuh je kat bawah. arini budak2 melayu sume pakai baju raya coz ada majlis khatam quran.kiut gilosssssssssss =p

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Little Angels

Owhhh... they can also be such a devil.

But they're my little angels.

I haven't yet introduced you to them right?

Well... I was too occupied back then. But now since I'm done with the observations I think I can still consider of updating my blog.

(truth is... i'm damn bored at the moment) (*+*)

So here're some of the pictures that I captured during the closing ceremony for "Minggu Ambang Kemerdekaan". hahaha. The photos were all captured before I went back to Kedah. Ingat yang cuti puasa seminggu tu? haha lama gila kan. Nampak sangat malas =p

Haih...takkan nak kenalkan sorang2 kot kan. So those are my little angels. They're all so cute, so nice but so naughty!!!!!!!!and yang paling paling paling tak suke, they're all too noisy!!!!!!!!

Too much complains from the teachers saying that "Standard 4 students are too noisy."

Should I bring a tape and stick it on their lips everytime during lesson?

Hurm...I think they'll look cuter that way.

So I should bring it la kan? huhuhu

i'm free!!!

hey ho!

actually this was supposed to be posted yesterday but i was soooooooooooooooooooo sleepy that i couldn't think of any.

so the good news is....


so now i'm officially free. huhu

actually i'm not that free coz i still have to write lesson plans and prepare the materials for my classes after this. but since there's no more observation, so of course i won't harm myself with too much of materials. enough with just simple task sheets. hehe. gile malas.

or maybe i'll do more games and quizzes with the kids.

but for this week, it's the best with only chalk and board because my students have already switched their study mode off. they're all thinking of raya and holidays. so do i. huhuhu