Wednesday, September 9, 2009

feel like shouting it out loud!

At this moment, at this particular time, 12.42pm, I really feel like shouting it out loud so that everybody will know what I'm dealing with.

But I know that I can't. It's too private and if I blurt it out, my friend will get hurt.

Dear friend...

I'm sorry with what I will really really really have to tell you soon... I can't keep it anymore.

another one to go

This is my first time blogging in the staffroom. Prove that I'm really out of thing to do. \(*+*)/

I've just finished with an observation with both my lecturer and co-operating teacher. Alhamdulillah everything went good.

So with the observation just now, it means that there's another one observation left before I could freely breathe. hehe. How much I feel burdened by the observations. But yea!!! It's almost over and I really can't wait to finish it off.

Time!!! Fly faster please. I can't wait to be free~~~!!!