Saturday, May 16, 2009

what a waste

yesterday I was supposed to be sleeping with a full stomach but it ended up the other way round.

yesterday I went to sleep with a melodious belly... krok krek krok krek...

late at night or could I call it very early in the morning, before I could shut my eyes to sleep I had to crave for food in my locker. I was satisfied enough with only bread and kaya.

what happened to my steamboat buffet???

I went for it and I ate almost everything in there for 2 hours straight and I ended up throwing everything in the toilet sink.


what a waste =(

Friday, May 15, 2009

saya rindu sama mereka

Baru-baru ini...

Tiffanie told me that she'll be coming back. Not for good but just for a short holiday. She really miss my presence in that kangaroo land. So as how I miss her presence by my side. Having numbers of friends around really is a blast but remembering an old friend afar really is a... torture I must say.(waktu ini muka aku amat busuk sekali selepas pulang bercuti di pulau-pulau. muka kronik gelap nak mati. so kusam)

Babe babe my love... yes Firus... it's you that I'm referring to. I really hope that u'll make it end of this year. I miss u. I heart u. We'll see how it goes with the ticketing thingy yea. I'm praying together with u. MAS... tolong lah bermurah hati. amin....... ;p

(our last goodbye so far wasn't it)

And Luqman too. Sampai hati awak sombong dengan negara kelahiran ayah awak. Mentang2 Aussie tempat tumpah darah lutut awak yang sekarang rabak itu. Nak balik kejap je ye hujung tahun nanti. Takpe takpe. Saya report polis cakap awak bunuh kangaroo. Walau bukan awak yang buat tapi saya ada snap gambar bukti. weng weng weng.

(bergambar di bawah pohon bakau selepas kulit hangus terbakar di Agnes Water. damn!)

Mereka-mereka ini adalah insan2 yang wajib dirindui. Rakan-rakan yang telah pernah menjadi batang-batang crayon yang mewarnai hidup aku.

psssttt... I can't wait for u to come back!!!

dua tiga malam berlalu,
mana nak sama si rumpun semalu,
dua tiga kali tidur ku berlalu,
hanya wajah-wajah kamu yang muncul selalu.

owhhhhhhhh!!! hebatnya pantun taraf sekolah rendah aku.

akhir tahun terlalu lambat bukan? perlukah aku purchase tiket melawat Aussie dan juga NZ?

waaaaaaaaa~~~ gaya cakap seperti orang kaya. ketuk sikit kepala. DONG!!! "fathiah wake up! duit sudah menyusut. pasni tak mustahil ko kena makan busut".

ehhhhhhhhhhhh...possible kah???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

am I?

psst psst...

have u ever noticed that I have that sense of humour?

psst psst...

have u ever agreed that I can make u laugh?

only lately that I realized my current entries mainly evolve around the comedy genre. only lately that I get grip of myself remembering that I had always be the one who cracked the biggest joke to my dearest friends. only lately that I realized I could not only laugh out loud of others' jokes but also of mine.

erkkkkkkk....gila syok sendiri aku ni. hehe. tengok tengok aku poyo kembali.

owhhhh...quite few of my friends asked me not to close this blog for good. like when I suddenly closed this blof temporarily, i was attacked by quite a number of sms asking me to open it back. like when I was such a lazy bum who couldn't be bothered of posting new entry and those big mouths just couldn't resist from chasing after me to write a funny entry.

aku berpikir...

adakah aku ini seorang penghibur? atau dalam erti kata lain... seorang pelawak?

"mirror mirror on my locker's door... is my nose red in colour? do I have the look of a clawn?"

waduh-waduh... pening aku mikirin nya dong~~~

owh dong dong dong... i feel ting tong.

hehehe =p


girls and guys. ladies and gentlemen.

here i would like to claim that...

i might officially shut down this blog for good.

or.... might not be regularly updating my post...

or.... might have a second blog which is anonymous...


because i have issues to be expressed but it's too private that i can't say it out loud here...

so yeahhh...

anything concerning my private life is not to be publicly acknowledged by those whom stay anonymous to me..or by those who are just acquaintances to me... or by those who're just plain friends to me...

so as u know... some of our nature just can't stand living their own life alone. some of our nature just like to bug into others. some of our nature just can't see the bright side of others and some of our nature could just make it visible to only flaws instead of goodness...

running from the inevitable human nature... i rather not to create any speculations in this decent piece... i know this page means nothing considering its plain layout, it's boring contents...but it means everything to me... for me to flip through the chapters of my life... though i might have not posted anything in particular about the stories that i concern most, yet the little remarks in here may slide me to the whole story that i've kept.

above, are my three options. but my decision is.. i'll be quite regularly updating this page but it might be focusing only on my upcoming practicum and silly stories that i'll create along the days, and i might have a second blog which will stay anonymous until the day i want it to be not.

huhuhu... like you care dontcha?

another lazy day

pssssssssttt.... i can't wait for u to come back!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lazy mode


hehe. that's one of my signatures. screaming softly when i'm tensed. haha. softly la sgt. budget kiut kunun.

huaaaa huaaaaa huaaaaaaaaa~~!!!

malas malas malas. today all of us except Izzati, skip the Intel Course. owhhh... for those who don't know, now we're having an Intel Course whereby we need to come out with a brilliant educational software from each pair. haiyooooooooo. i've already have mine which i produced when i was in aussie. i dun have the interest of winning the competetion so... can i just not doing it?

goshhhhhhhh~~most of us really aint no heart to undergo these courses (Intel Course, Kriket Course and bla bla courses) which gonna consume our 3 weeks lifetime. we're in the mood of holiday with the fact that we're done with our assignments and exam.

oh yea yea... now i'm free from exam. i mean the academic exam. the upcoming exam will only be the PTK exam or whatsoeva concerning work. yea yea yea!!! and so does the assignment. i'm done with thousand words of academic writing. i might be writing acdemic stuff for my action research once i'm on field (i mean teaching) but that's totally an option. huhu

hurmmm... i'll be starting my practicum on the 22nd June in SK Seri Indah in Jalan Kelang Lama. I really can't wait. Actually I was supposed to undergo my practicum in SK 2 Petaling Jaya but since the school are having UM students doing their stuffs, so i'm now assigned to SK Seri Indah. i really don't mind but what i'm concerned most is the transportation. luckily i'm going there with my other group members so i hope we'll be just fine.


lately i've been lost in the midst of .... (hehe that's a secret i must not tell) ;p