Thursday, April 2, 2009

quick update


Yea yea I know I've been abandoning my blog for... erm... owh I lose track on my previous update. That explains my long lost I think. Hehe.

I've been busy with.. erm.. not with only academic stuffs, but my social life as well.

I've been going out with friends almost everyday. Like I always do. So basically there's really nothing different taking place in my life. Nothing significant. Hehe. I'm lying. There're few significant things to be highlighted but I rather not to discuss it here. (private stuffs won't be publicly discussed babe) ;p

Actually last weekend I was supposed to be back in Kedah coz it was my second cousin's wedding on last Saturday. Owh yea! I met my second cousin, Kak Ida whom I haven't met for...ermm... 5 years? Yea it's been so long that we last met each other until last Monday she stopped by KL after her long journey from Heathrow. It was a surprise by the ways, as she called me up using her sis's cellphone and I really didn't expect it was Kak Ida on the line. It doubled the surprise when I knew that Kak Ida n her younger sis, Kakcik were already in my college waiting for me to finish class. So we met up and went ahead to their another sis, Awa. We had our sisters' day out and went for satay kajang. They insisted me to go back and requested me to be the bridesmaid to Kak Ida. I was really confused as I had mountains of assignments to be looked at. After little discussion with mom on phone, I decided not to go back. But I'll definitely attend the other reception in KL this coming 4th April. Janji kali ni =)

So last weekend, on Saturday, I was supposed to attend my Convent Gath in Paddington, OU. But towards the very last end, I couldn't make it. I was already ready to go but Fatni couldn't make it to pick me up so we canceled it off. I was upset of not being able to attend the gathering but I think everything happens for a reason... Next time maybe =)

So that Saturday I went to lookout point somewhere near Ampang to witness the moment of Earth Hour. It was my first time being up there and it really brought back my memory to the Mount Coo-Tha lookout point that I'd been to in Brisbane. Huaaaa~~ Seriously I miss Brissy =(

But that day I made new friends and met one of my ex-schoolmate. How small the world is aite ;p

The next day, Sunday, I really didn't have any intention of going anywhere. I just wanted to stay in my room and work on my assignment. But late in d evening suddenly Amnah came out with an idea of going for a proper dinner in Chillis. So g la makan2...

The next day, Monday, I went to Shah Alam n at night I had dinner with friends in Sushi King. bluek bluek makan tak kenyang so sambung makan kat Scud (gerai kat sini2). See~~~ I've told ya I eat a lot but still, I couldn't gain weight. *Mengongs*

So now, I'm supposed to be working on my assignment. Owhhh~~ How I wish Encik Poppy is here, to accompany me while doing my work. pippy meowwwww~~~miss u... =(