Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm sick but happy indeed

Note to be taken. Could you see from the title written above?

Yea...I'm sick. Again. It's kinda weird when it happens on me coz I hardly get sick (erm... ni dulu2 masa zaman sekolah la susah giler nk demam). haha. I could still remember, how desperate I was to get myself sick just for the sake of skipping classes. But now, I don't have to apply any stupid practice of having shower for hours in the middle of midnight just to get myself sick because I can now easily get infected by viruses.Huuuuu.I know it's not a good sign for my health aite?But I care less about that. What I'm more concerned with at this moment of typing this up is, "I've submitted my assignment which took me almost a day to get it started and accomplised" and "I've found a job which will academically and financially be profitable for my professional development". This can be easily expressed by saying "yeayyyyyyyy!!!". Come again everybody, say "yeayyyyyyyyy!!!". haha. It's a big yeay yeay for me at this moment and I hope everything will go smoothly as how it is planned. I think it's okay for me to at least give it a try on this opportunity.

p/s: Sorry that I can't tell you about the thing that I'll be working on. Private and confidential applied. daaaaaaaa~~