Saturday, January 31, 2009


Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog.You can't tag the person who tagged you.Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. I love to talk to myself. Yea, that's it. self monologue. I really do that I swear but I'm not crazy that I'm sure. hehe =p

2. Owh. I also talk to my cat. Crazy? Yea maybe. But at least he's a good listener. I can just tell him everything without worrying that my secret will ever slip from his mouth. So that I'll know it well that my secret is safe with him. Haha. Smart kan?

3. From the past few months, I've been realizing on a fact that I'm becoming cold and cold and cold. I don't really bother to please people. I realized this one day when a friend of mine called me up upon our complicated virtual discussion. I picked up the phone and straight away led to our unfinished discussion when he suddenly froze me with, "U ni... kot la nak tanya i kat mane. dah makan ke blum. Ni tak, orang call je trus tanya apsal call?". It was then I noticed that, dah lama aku tak fikir tentang pentingnya soalan2 remeh macam tu dalam perhubungan manusia.

4. I've forgotten macam mana nak merajuk and macam mana nak memujuk. Though I feel offended upon something, I easily get rid of it. I always take words bluntly though I know it was meant sharp. So when I hardly sulk, I hope others will also be easy on me which I vaguely notice that they were actually offended by my words or actions. Ignorant is the best word to describe it aite? heeee =p

5. I talk a lot when I'm with people whom I'm comfortable with. When I say a lot I really mean A LOT. That's why people always say that I'm talkative. But try to place me with those whom I'm not keen to be with. I'll guarantee you that the conversation will definitely hard to be kept rolling.

6. I'm a cleanliness freak. OCD I must agree. I can't work, eat or sleep when the area is too messy. This is how crazy I can be. When I was in my first year, I traveled back home to Kedah almost once a month and usually I arrived home by 9-10pm on the Friday night. I didn't directly dragged myself to bed. Instead, I stayed up until 2am to clean up the house, especially the shower room and my bedroom. So that I could have a nice long shower and a good deep sleep afterward. Gila kan? =p

7. I hate rubber band! Reason? Because rubber bands look like worms! They really resemble each other don't they? And I hate the smell of rubber bands. I always think that rubber bands are all dirty and since I was young, everytime I accidentally touch rubberband, I'll quickly speed up myself to wash my hands with fragrance soap. Why did I say "accidentally touch"? Because I would never touch rubber band. I always avoid touching that smelly band. Again, how crazy I can be? Hehe... Each time I buy foods which are packed in plastics and tied with rubber band, I'll ask my friends to untie them for me. Actually I used to keep this weird secret only to myself and that time it was even worse. I untied everything by myself and I covered my hands with anything like cloth or tissue papers at least. Then I'll wash my hands with liquid handwash before I could start eating. My siblings especially my younger brother Afiq really likes to play around with my weird freakishness. Last few days he suddenly threw a rubber band to my lap and I automatically jumped out of the chair and he chased me around the house to hand me the rubberband. Hua~~~ Tak suka!!!

8. I love cooking and baking. When I was young I always helped mom with kuih and kek raya. But I withdrew this passion when I started to stay in hostel. However, I started to get back on my nerves when I was living abroad. At that time, I was more into cooking rather than baking because oven was hardly available. I regarded cooking as my only hobby at that moment because everyday I was eager enough to try new recipe and to cook for every eating hour. I woke up early to make my breakfast, I cooked for lunch, I tried making Malay traditional kuih for tea time and cooked light meal for dinner. It was unbelievable that I lived that way, so organized but only with kitchen work. Haha.

9. I'm becoming more and more cheapskate! Before I flew myself abroad, I was known as a spendthrift. I wasn't really care about money. I just bought what I wanted without I had to think twice on it. However, living far apart from family where the currency exchange is higher, I trained myself on how to wisely manage my financial. And now, I'm sooooooo calculative in spending money on things which are unnecessary. Tapi tak la kedekut sampai dengan orang pun berkira. Jangan salah faham tauuuu =p

10. I'm a short attention span person. I listen to something especially those concerning academic only for few minutes then I'll sail my thought away from this world. LOL =p

11. I'm not fond of sleeping when the sun is high up in the sky.

12. I have a great affection towards kids which drove me to the decision of becoming a primary school teacher.

13. I'm so reckless in handling gadgets. I hate messing up with anything to do with technology.

14. I talk in sleep. I heard about this before when I was in form 4. It was the first time I stayed in the hostel and my dorm mates told me that I was laughing like a ghost in my sleep. And now when I'm back in IPBA my room mates tell me almost everyday that I talk in sleep. Like... almost every night. Shoot.

15. I want to earn as much experience as possible when it comes to life and career. For that, I believe that living afar from parents and away by myself might offer me a wider room to explore and discover so many other new good things.

16. I tell almost everything about what I did, what I'm doing and what I'll do to my parents. I tell them everything single thing about what I feel and about what I think. There's really no secret among the three of us =)

I tag---

1. Sue

2. Ida

3. Fahizha

4. Soraya

5. Amnah

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey... have you ever shared the same thought as mine? "Saying goodbye is the hardest part in life". Yep... that's what I think. I thought after my hard time of saying goodbye to the people that I love back in Australia, I would never have to say it again within this very short interval. But I was wrong, for Ali was temporarily here in Malaysia, and sending him back to Germany had promisingly needed that killer word of sayonara.

Yep! now I'm updating of something which happened in almost last two weeks. Ali was here in Malaysia!!! I was so happy to meet him once again though I knew the fact that it might be our last meeting. He was here for 17 days and we should be meeting on the new year. But I got sick, so I didn't have the energy of celebrating the new year with him and Kak Ayu. Right after that Ali was busy with his Malaysia trip to Langkawi, Penang and few more other places around our small peninsular. And I was that time busy registering myself in IPBA and getting used to the new hectic timetable.

So once Ali got back in KL, we set a good day for us to have a get together session. At first they were thinking of having a day trip to Malacca. But my schedule is too tight which I couldn't even escape myself from any tutorials. So they canceled the trip and replaced it with something else. Early in the morning Ali went to queue for the Skybridge tickets and they waited for me until my last class. It was my first time being up on the bridge though I've been living in Malaysia since forever. haha. It's always been that way aite. We would never know how to appreciate what we have when we know it clearly that we won't lose it. I know I can always go to KLCC, so I have never bothered of getting up on the bridge. Yea yea... amat ignorant kan =p After the bridge, we had more photo session around KLCC and Ali had also used the chance to buy me a birthday lunch that he'd missed. We had our lunch in California Pizza in KLCC and I was left with limited options for the restaurant's oven was out of service. I just had a plain spagetti bolognese with ridiculous price but tasteless flavour. Whilst Ali and Kak Ayu had only hot coffee and mocha for they had already had their lunch while waiting for me earlier.

The next day we had our day trip to Cyberjaya n Putrajaya. Ali had really fallen in love with those two cities which he voiced out the idea of he might come back to Malaysia to work with one of the companies. Hurmmm... we'll see. He might come back and he might not. I know that Ali is more attracted to Australia rather than Malaysia. It's a more beautiful country in so many other ways compared to our small land. So he might be going back to Australia instead of Malaysia. ;p

In Putrajaya, that was the first time I stepped my foot in the mosque. I had never known that the mosque has a very strict rules of covering the aurat. Kak Ayu and I had to dress up ourselves with provided robe (more like a raincoat) before we set our feet in the mosque. It was so funny looking at the images of us in the mirror wearing that weird robe. Luckily it was only Ali who knew us there. haha =p We also had a quick tea break in Putrajaya before we finished our trip with more photo session. Hurmmm... know what, the trip to Putrajaya was mainly about property. Kak Ayu brought us to her family's land and showed us the houses that she was interested in buying. If only I own a lot of money, I would have also done the same thing. But the fact that kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang, jangankan nak beli tanah buat rumah, nak beli tanah sekilo pun belum tentu mampu. hahahahah =p

The last goodbye with Ali was done in a rush way because I was crazily chasing my hostel curfew. It was so depressing because both of us knew that it might be our last goodbye. We really don't know when will we ever have the chance of meeting again. Personally, Ali has always been a good friend of mine. He was one of those who has always been so supportive and trustworthy with what I'm capable of doing. Though we only knew each other for a limited time of life, still, there are so many things that we have reciprocally learned from one another and there are so many memories that we've captured together along the trip that we had in Sunshine Coast and Malaysia. Sayonara Ali... I know both of us might not meet again after this. It might be impossible for me to visit you in Germany nor in UK next year. The currency is too high and I'm mostly obliged to my contract which I have to serve for my country. Till you come back, then we'll meet again. Bye bye... =)p/s: Ali is a friend whom I met during my road trip to Sunshine Coast. Remember? They were 5 of us. Luqman, Kak Ayu, Ali, Christoph and myself. Ali is a Turkish guy who's living in Germany and he was here on his way back to Germany, completing his world trip to Asia. So now, he has mostly completed the globe though he missed Thailand and Indonesia due to the current chaotic atmosphere.

I always think that living in a country with the highest currency offers u the best opportunity to comfortably travel to any other countries. Agree? ;p