Friday, January 23, 2009

sometimes I just couldn't tolerate

Most of my close friends see me as someone who sees things positively and takes things lightly. But not when it challenge my patience.

Today I was totally pissed off with these:

1) Curriculum Studies (CS) lecture hour.

We're supposed to have 3 credit hours per week for each subject. However, up until now, I have already had 2 extra hours for CS. Considering that we have already covered the credit hours, therefore just now my friends and I went to meet our lecturer to negotiate with her in a means of cancelling tomorrow's tutorial. But like what I'd already expected, she won't allow it. This is so not fair. I really hate IPBA's class system. I think if everybody stick to the timetable and not to replace the classes whenever unnecessary, everything will definitely run just smoothly. So, let me suggest that, LET US JUST STICK TO THE TIMETABLE AND GAIN ONLY WHAT WE SHOULD BE GAINING. (erk... motif malas ni. haha)

2) Celcom Broadband.

Okes. Yang ni better I proceed in bahasa melayu. Pasal broadband ni aku sentap sejak dari 2 minggu lepas lagi. Reason aku beli broadband sebab aku nak internet access yang gempak la. Kalau tak baik aku access guna internet IPBA yang nan ado ni je. Dah la modem yang kecik comel tu harga tak hengat dunia, ngan monthly fee yang rm98 untuk advance package lagi, so I should be getting the best connection la kan. Tapi dari first day aku dapat connection, speed internet aku amat siput sekali. Aku yang memang sentiasa positif ni pikir, maybe coverage tak elok kot. Tapi aku pelik gak nape Asyi yang guna exactly the same thing under the same package as mine is getting HSDPA signal tapi aku lak dapat GPRS signal je. Asyi leh stream youtube suka2 ati je takyah tunggu, aku lak kena tunggu sampai berjambang baru abis stream. Sape tak sentap kan. Then aku pikir logik lagi. maybe la laptop aku kot. Tapi aku dah tukar setting sebijik cam Asyi tapi takleh gak. Then aku tukar modem sekali ngn simcard sume gune kat laptop Asyi pun takleh gak.

Celcom agent yang jual broadband tu kat aku is this sorang mamat ni. I think I better keep his name private and confidential sebab taknak la aibkan orang. He's a nice agent la sebab almost everyday call tanya camne ngan internet connection. Aku pulak haruslah cakap connection slow la asyik dapat GPRS signal je. Tiap kali aku tanya camne nak kasi dapat HSDPA dia asyik melalut ke lain. Lama2 aku hangin la sebab intention dia dah lain. To me, when it comes to professional thingy, don't you ever relate it personally. Dah tu aku buat decision not to seek for his help regarding the internet lagi dah.

Memandangkan harini semangat berlawan aku amat membuak, maka dengan penuh semangat aku pun pergi The Mall tempat aku beli broadband tu. Aku pun complain la ngn penuh gaya professional and bertatasusila sebab tamau gaduh2. Lagipun diorang baik je layan customer kan so aku pun jadi angel la gak. Tapi yang aku geram nya, diorang tak paham aku cakap pe. Aku ni penat dah duk cakap omputih la melayu la dwi-bahasa dah aku guna tapi x berapa nak paham gak diorang.

Aku: What setting are u guys talking about? I did exactly like what u guys asked me to do. The setting are all fine and are exactly the same as my friend's. Okay, if you guys say that it might be the setting of my laptop. Then why is that masa I guna modem I kat laptop kawan I pun, I still tak dapat HSDPA? Faham tak sekarang ni apa maksud I?
Celcom Agent: Kak, kitorang rasa memang setting laptop akak ataupun modem la. Tula akak tak bawak laptop. Patutnya bawak laptop.
Aku: Pulak. Tadi I call ******* tanya dia what should I do, dia cakap datang je sini and korang akan buatkan sume. Bukan dekat tau I nak datang.
Celcom Agent: Camni la kak. Nanti balik akak duduk depan laptop and telefon number ni nanti dia tolong.
Aku: Hurm kejap, I tanya kawan I dulu.

(So aku pun terpaksa la mintak tolong Asyi datang the mall bawak laptop aku dengan umpan, taxi fee is all on me. Sentap nyah, dah la The Mall tu jauh dari tempat aku).

Aku: Okay. I'm bringing my laptop. So after this I want the HSDPA signal to be on. Guarantee eh korang.
Celcom-celcom Agents sekalian: Ye kak ye kak. Kitorang janji.

So bila laptop dah sampai, budak2 ni pun struggle la nak kasi dapat HSDPA. Padan muka. It wasn't my laptop's setting. It's about the Celcom 3G. The coverage is not too good for you to always receive the HSDPA signal. But now at least I get it sometime and UMTS is definitely better than GPRS.

So before I left the celcom store,

Aku: Thank you eh korang. Sorry la I wasn't being fussy or what but I just stood for my own right. Customer is always right kan, and lagi pun kat t-shirt korang sume tulis, "sell best for the best". So I just want the best from you and I think I deserve the best for the huge amount that I paid.
Celcom-celcom Agents: Ye kak betul betul. Pasni if u have any problem, jangan call *******. Dia bukan tau apa pun. Tau jual je.
Aku: Betul. I tau dia bukan tau apa pun. Dia tau menggatal je.

Hahaha. Keji tak my last sentence? Tapi I think ******* deserves that phrase kot because he's not doing his work. Semalam pun tak pergi kerja. I really don't like guys who are irresponsible. Be professional when it comes to work. Sekian, terima kasih =p

Thursday, January 22, 2009

intangible silence

I reckon that most of u had notice that this blog had once before this been restricted to only the view of the writer. Actually I was putting it on hold due to my negative interest of updating my page. After I jumped myself out from the exhaustive Indonesia trip, I got sick and it ruined my new year mood for I decided not to stay in KL and just went back home to Kedah. So there I was, blocking my blog and just stayed home with wet nostril. At first I was thinking of giving up on this site considering my tight academic and social schedule. However, as I gave it a thought, I really think that it might be better for me to at least have this blog. A page where I can write when I feel like to.

So, I think I'll start with my previous trip to Indonesia. To make it short, the trip to Indonesia was great. I had captured a lot of beautiful cultures and traditions which I might never forget. Even though most of the things are quite similar to Malaysia, however, there are still few little things which differ them from us. Like what my tourist guide says, "kita dari rumpun melayu yang sama tapi berbeza". As for their cuisine, they really have a lot of dishes per meal. You get what I mean? I meant that for every eating hour, they have like more than 10 dishes on the table. I got bloated n excessively pumped with fat. I think that was the reason for my sickness. haha. There really are a lot to share and for that, let us just take a look at some of the photos =)


There were about 10 great dances and 10 traditional musical performance being performed. I was mostly captivated by the "Tarian Piriang", or better known as "plate dance". The dance started with the dancers went around the mountain of broken plates. They were then did a mini ritual of pray and went crazy by jumping and stomping on the plates. It was surprising that they didn't get hurt. I managed to get few information about the dances because I had been called up on stage for twice. At first I was asked by the male musician to be on stage trying one of their musical instruments. Too bad that my dad didn't manage to snap my picture. And the second time I was on stage was when the show was about to finish. I was called up to do their joget. Gosh I can't upload the photo for some private reasons. hehe =p

This is Dora. She's one of the dancers and the one who called me up on stage. She's so cute and gentle that when she promoted me to buy a souvenir from them which was a handmade flute for 150 000 rupiah, I straight away paid it without realizing that it cost me about rm50.

The next day, somewhere in Batu Sangkar, I bumped to see that there were more flutes being sold for only rm10. Shootttttttttt!!! I bought the flute for rm50 and the next day I found the quite similar flute with very much cheaper price. But to ease my dissatisfaction my dad told me that the one I bought is good in quality. I think that's true because the flute that I bought produces better sound and easier to manage. But.... my intention of buying the flute wasn't for music, but for decor. huaaaaaaa. If I knew that I could get it with cheaper price I would have be able to buy more clothes. huaaaaaaaaaaaa =(

This is the Palace of Pagar Ruyung.
The making of "kain songket" which needs three years to complete. The price is really unnegotiable. The making of "kain tenun".

This is one of the kebaya that I like but I couldn't buy it. It's damn too expensive.

They also have a lot of horse carriages in the town. The horses are all female horses and their eyes are blindly closed so that they won't go crazy on the street. Pity them.


Look at the food. Heaven!!! But might be a ticket to death. Haha. Here's the funny fact about Padang. Their main menu are chicken n beef. For every meal, they have about 3 different types of chicken dishes and 3 different types of beef dishes. Considering that people of Minangkabau have that kind of food for almost everyday, I wasn't surprise to see that in the middle of the town, there was a hospital specialized only to Parkinson patients. Haha crazy. But that's the truth. They need one big hospital because most of their elder citizens are admitted with the disease.

This is "Pisang Penyek". The banana is burnt on hot woods and being pressed between two pieces of woods. Then cheese, condense milk and chocolate rice are spread on top of the banana. Yummy but only for a little amount of it.

Have you ever tried "Cucumber Drink"? At first I thought that the drink wouldn't be that nice but it proofed me wrong.
This is the famous place that sells the "Banana Coconut Bika". The banana and coconut are burnt in the traditional oven like we can see in the picture above.


I was there with my beloved parents and aunt. This was when we were up on the hill that I don't know what it's called. At the back of us is the famous "Marapi Volcano". It's an active volcano but according to Ali (our tourist guide), the last time it exploded was in 1924.

I like the background. It's the lake of the volcano and keeps the historical facts of Hamka.

These are some of the ladies which I was close to. My mum and her friends. Owh... this was during our visit to one of the famous cloth industrial entrepreneurs, Hajjah Rosma's textile factory.


Before the presence of this cute little boy, there was this one girl came to me and sing a song. Though I didn't know the song but I was definitely clear with her intention of getting money out of it. Since I only had 100 000 rupiah notes at that moment, so I gave her Malaysian money for rm1. After thanking me, she walked away and that was when this boy came near me. I gave him rm1 but he refused to take it. Why? Because he said that rm1 is not valid. Then he kept lingering around me for hours. Then this dialouge took place:

Me: Adik. Kakak sudah bagi wang nya dong.
Boy: Belum kak. Wang itu nggak boleh. Nggak laku.
Me: Tapi kakak udah bagi nya dong. Nggak ada wang yang lain sih.
Boy: Belum kak.
Me: Udah.
Boy: Belum.
Me: Udah.

And the dialouge was over after I went to ask for some money from my dad and gave it to him. Haih. Demanding giler kan? Tapi cute so takpelaaa =p