Wednesday, December 9, 2009

holla back!


i know it's been ages that i haven't been updating this blog.huhu.again.same welcoming words.paham2 je la dah brape kali aku tulis then ilang then tulis balik then ilang terus.

so this time i'm not coming back for good. i've something to tell u. but before that... baca dulu bebelan ini:

reflecting back on what i've been doing during the period of me not updating this blog...few things have changed. and particularly...i have changed. into someone you might not wish to know. waaaaa~~ menakutkan tak? macam berubah menjadi hantu.

but yea...i think i have changed. coz i think that i'm not as logical as i used to before. i can't think rationally. if u have been reading this blog since past of years ago, you would have known how much i value the principle of; "think positive, based every decision and action with logical thought".

but it's no more bebeh. i've crossed the line. i've slipped down from the track =(

reasoning all the impacts that i have to endure now, i realize that i may have to write again. in the sense of gaining back my sanity.

for that...i'm opening a new blog.

i've so many things to talk. so many emotions to express.

i have issues about life, upcoming working life as an english teacher. will be zooming about teaching and stuffs, and i have my never ending passion in cooking which listed all the simply good recipes which i'm willing to share.

i can't guarantee u when will i link the blog here. but one day i will i promise.

huhu. like u care whether i'll be having a blog or not kan.

but hey ya...this time around it's still the same. i'll try my best not to make my life naked as how i'd used to before.

that's all.

adios muchocos~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

raya is approaching!!!

i'm so excited!

hey ho!!!

raya is approaching. raya is approaching. it's getting near. i'm counting days. and after this i'll be counting hours. and then i'll be counting minutes.

waaaaaaaaa. ye ye je. actually i didn't even feel the vibe until just now. when i realize that today is the last day of work and tomorrow i'll be heading back to kedah.

come to think of it...i'm supposed to be super happy for this coming raya.


because it's been ages that i haven't been celebrating raya with my second bro. i can't even recall when was the last time we celebrate raya together as a whole family.because he was away in Japan for six years and when he came back i was away in Australia for two years.

so this is the time that all of us (i mean my familia) will be celebrating raya together.

and i'm also supposed to be happy because this is the time to celebrate raya together with familia after two years of raya in abroad.

tapi maybe sebab dah berusia. uhuk uhuk batuk trus bila sebut dah tua. biasala usia emas ni banyak sikit penyakit. hehe.

tula..bila dah jd grown up lady ni tak feel sangat dah raya tu.nak shopping raya pun malas.tu pun nasib la kuar gak gi beli baju raya.idak pakai je baju yang dah tempah ritu tapi tak pakai2 lagi.

eh...grown up lady la sangat.muda remaja lagi kot.baru 23 ;p i'm all excited with raya is approaching.

kat staff room ni. bestnye dengar suara budak2 riuh je kat bawah. arini budak2 melayu sume pakai baju raya coz ada majlis khatam quran.kiut gilosssssssssss =p

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Little Angels

Owhhh... they can also be such a devil.

But they're my little angels.

I haven't yet introduced you to them right?

Well... I was too occupied back then. But now since I'm done with the observations I think I can still consider of updating my blog.

(truth is... i'm damn bored at the moment) (*+*)

So here're some of the pictures that I captured during the closing ceremony for "Minggu Ambang Kemerdekaan". hahaha. The photos were all captured before I went back to Kedah. Ingat yang cuti puasa seminggu tu? haha lama gila kan. Nampak sangat malas =p

Haih...takkan nak kenalkan sorang2 kot kan. So those are my little angels. They're all so cute, so nice but so naughty!!!!!!!!and yang paling paling paling tak suke, they're all too noisy!!!!!!!!

Too much complains from the teachers saying that "Standard 4 students are too noisy."

Should I bring a tape and stick it on their lips everytime during lesson?

Hurm...I think they'll look cuter that way.

So I should bring it la kan? huhuhu

i'm free!!!

hey ho!

actually this was supposed to be posted yesterday but i was soooooooooooooooooooo sleepy that i couldn't think of any.

so the good news is....


so now i'm officially free. huhu

actually i'm not that free coz i still have to write lesson plans and prepare the materials for my classes after this. but since there's no more observation, so of course i won't harm myself with too much of materials. enough with just simple task sheets. hehe. gile malas.

or maybe i'll do more games and quizzes with the kids.

but for this week, it's the best with only chalk and board because my students have already switched their study mode off. they're all thinking of raya and holidays. so do i. huhuhu

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

feel like shouting it out loud!

At this moment, at this particular time, 12.42pm, I really feel like shouting it out loud so that everybody will know what I'm dealing with.

But I know that I can't. It's too private and if I blurt it out, my friend will get hurt.

Dear friend...

I'm sorry with what I will really really really have to tell you soon... I can't keep it anymore.

another one to go

This is my first time blogging in the staffroom. Prove that I'm really out of thing to do. \(*+*)/

I've just finished with an observation with both my lecturer and co-operating teacher. Alhamdulillah everything went good.

So with the observation just now, it means that there's another one observation left before I could freely breathe. hehe. How much I feel burdened by the observations. But yea!!! It's almost over and I really can't wait to finish it off.

Time!!! Fly faster please. I can't wait to be free~~~!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i need some air!!!O2 will do.tenkiu.

it's suffocating me.

i mean all the endless phone calls and sms.

not that i don't want any of it.

i want them but not all.

i just need some of them. (am i selfish that way?)

can't u just love me like how u loved me before?

i've told u so many times. i can't afford daily sms and i can't attend ur phone calls every single hour.

can u please just stop all those winter sonata series?

u make me look like i'm d one who is wrong. u make me look like i'm a very very bad girl who can just be labelled as "si tanggang".

i never want things to be this way.

so i think i'll just place a full stop no matter how bad the winter sonata is.

p/s: i know u won't be reading this forever. so u will never know.

p/s/s: sorry that i can't be ur daughter...for real... =(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

will you?

Those little angels possess pour souls and they are innocent. Do you think so? Though they're naughty at times, they are still no evils. They're just a piece of white cloth and those around them are those who own the brushes to paint them either gorgeous or hedious.

When you are dealing with little angels, you're indirectly dealing with their precious future. From that small figures you can never imagine what they'll turn into as you'll never know what they'll be facing with when you're not there to guide and protect them.

That's what I feel towards one of my little angels.

I think I better leave her name unknown and let just her unfortunate life be the introduction.

After few weeks of teaching the students, I was then being informed by the class teacher that one of my students is medically conformed as HIV positive.

The student whom I'll refer as K doesn't know about that painful thruth and so do her friends. Can you imagine what will happen if the secret leak out? Those little angels will definitely tell their parents and petition might be up on the school board to expell that poor K. I know that it might not be fair for other little angels to be placed in such dangerous circumstances of being accidentally infected when they are out of reach from the teachers.

Yet, K's parents together with the school are paying extra care on this issue. K is not allowed to go to school when she's sick and teachers always have their eagle eyes on to monitor K's movement around the school.

From my reading, note that:

"You can live with an HIV infected person in a very normal way, just like another healthy person. You can sleep with him/her, talk to him/her, eat with him/her etc. You would only have to be careful of any liquid secretions from his/her body like blood, etc and You cannot have marital relations with an infected person. You can eat in the same plate and drink from the same glass".

Since HIV does not easily affect others, therefore I think it won't do you any harm by just being in the same school with an HIV infected person.

Nowadays people are well educated to understand the situation. Therefore, isolating those who are infected is no longer common.

Give this little K a chance to breathe the fresh air, will you?

Read this conversation. It was in the staff room when I was in front of my laptop working on my lesson plan. Note that I was extremely under pressure at that moment until K came by...

K: Teacher teacher. bukak la lagu.
Me: Takleh. laptop ni takde lagu. teacher busy ni.awk pegi sane main pingpong.

(K smiled and walked away)

Me: K..sini. meh la sini borak2 dgn teacher.

(K walked towards me n smiled as usual)

Me: K..bape ye awak dapat untuk ujian BI aritu? ingat lg tak?
K: hehe...tak ingat la teacher.
Me: hah? tak ingat? baru je lepas pun tak ingat ke?
K: hehe..tak..

(Actually I knew her mark coz I was the one who set the paper and I was the marker)

Me: okay la.dah tu subject lain awk dapat bpe? sains awk dpt bpe?
K: ermm..30 (and she smiled)
Me: huh? 30? fail tu. dah tu subjek ape yg awk lulus. awk rase subjek ape plg senang?
K: BM.
Me: awk dpt bpe BM?
K: 56 (smiled)
Me: 56 tu byk gak. awk ade dpt A tak test kalini?
K: takde.
Me: awk penah dpt A tak dlm ujian?
K: tak penah.
Me: lol..nape tak penah? haaaa...awk tak study ye kat umah.
K: study la teacher.
Me: yeke ni awk study.awk study camne?mak awk ajar ke?
K: bljr sndri.
Me: mak awk tak ajar eh?mak awk keje ye?
K: tak...mak sy suri umah.
Me: owhh..pastu ayah awk plak keje ape?
K: ayah saye jage parking kat Central. (and she continued smiling)
Me: owhhh...dah tu awk dtg skolah cmne dah ayah awk keje?
K: sy dtg ngn ayah S (another of my student)
Me: owhhh...ayah S tak bz la ye. ayah S plak keje ape?
K: ayah S keje sapu sampah kat flat teacher.
Me: ooo... ok la. awk g la main pingpong.
(and ran away...joining her other friends to play pingpong)

Whom to be blamed? Some of us are not born fortunate... mind that =,)

you can't always be satisfied, don't you?

Personally, I love being a teacher. I love the fact of being surrounded by those little angels. Yet at the moment... I hate the fact that I'm just a practicum teacher. Not that I dislike having less say in school, yet I dislike the observations by supervisor and co-operating teacher. I feel threatened by others' view on my teaching and I feel pressured to satisfy too many souls. Be it the supervisor, the co-operating teacher and the students. But I know that observation is one of the major challenges which I must take before I can officially be appointed as a legal government teacher in Malaysia.

Out of 11 observations, I've passed 8 and now there're 3 more to go.

Now it's school holiday and I hope I'll be mentally and physically prepared by the time the school bell starts to ring.

Chaiyok chaiyok!!!

Gaining your energy... charging... =p

Monday, August 24, 2009

living my life as a practicum teacher

So as u know I'm currently doing my prac and it's in SK Seri Indah in Overseas Union Garden in Jalan Klang Lama.

The school is big in compound but small in amount. What I mean is that the school is big but the students are less than u can ever imagine for a school that big.

Imagine! There're only 6 classes which are actively operating which means that there's only 1 class for each standard.

Our arrival had caused chotic in the school timetable at first as it was really a trouble to place 4 new English teachers when you've already had 3 official English teachers in the school.

But everything was sorted out and I was then appointed as the English teacher for Year 4 students.

The first encounter with my students had surprised me with this one little boy.

"Uiksss... why do I have this angel soul with me?" (I'm refererring to a little syndrome down boy named J*****)

As days passed by then I knew that though that angel soul is mentally handicapped and physically handicapped for his fingers are disjointed, yet his IQ isn't that bad. He can still recall the things he learned and accelerates himself with the other normal students. Yet as a teacher, I still have to accommadate to his disabilities by not doing so much of cutting activity since he may be left behind for that.

There's another angel soul who seems normal but hardly read a word. He fails to spell and the way he joins the alphabets may burst u into laughter.

h-e-l-i-l-i-k-a-t = helicopter

b-a-s-i-k-n = bicycle

k-o-p-u-r-s-t = car

k-a-l-a-n-g = river

There are few more students whom I found captivating to my entertainment channel in school and till the next post, I'll write more. With pictures maybe =p

-naughty teacher... me-

hello again to the outside world =)


yea yea i know. u might not read this since i've been neglecting this page for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long which i can't even recall when was i last had the intention of writing at least a word here. fault...

i was so much confided only to myself... no one else...

there was this one point where i felt like i shouldn't be revealing even a slightest info about my life. about what i've been up to. about what i'm thinking.

yet... as i've been further away from blogging, i started to realize that i'm loosing grip of myself...

i realized that i've started to have lack of self reflection, which i always had before this to reflect upon my every single action and decision.

before this when i was active in blogging, everything i did was reflected to weigh the good n bad of it though it was passed. and every decision that i was about to make, was so much pre-reflected and measured for its future consequences.

but everything changed when i started to just doing everything with me being absent minded. everything started to fall apart. so much things have changed and most of them are not in place...

i know i owe this page a room for my life revision and i know sometimes i need words from others to lead my life to the right path...and i know that in here, i've built a window to the outside world.

i'm back again sitting by my virtual window and here i am saying... hello!

p/s: coz i'm just a silly girl (owh... can i still be called a girl?) who's still in lost (*+*)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sorry like u care

On this very good morning where the sun is being lazy to shine that blazing shine, I'm sitting here all alone while the rest are still in their deep sleep. It's not early in the morning though as the hands clock have just stroke the numbers 9 and 7 for we read it as 9.35am. Yea... what a boring life that I'm living on.
It's still early of the day and things may turn up as the clock ticks its funny sound. Though I haven't been expected for any planned events, but I do really hope that the good unexpected will show up in the middle or at the end of the day. How I live in dream don't I? Sometimes we just want to live that way for we really don't know of what we really want.
I admit that I used to live in uncertainty for quite number of years. As I waited for silence and hoped for miracle to happen. That time, in my every single breath, I whispered that things might not be beautiful though I hoped it to be. Therefore, when I eventually withdrew myself from that dreamland, I was strong and I was tough to face the very truth.
Now... I'm no longer live in dreams.
Now... I live in reality and I live in logic.
Though today I have none planned activities in my non-existed palm note, I know that I'll always try to make it as meaningful as I can for sometimes sudden decisions and spontenous actions may colour the life brighter.
You people out there!!! Enjoy your life while you still can and just do what you really feel like doing but stick to this------> LOGIC + RATIONAL.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

go to sleep!

blog blog... awak ngantuk tak? saya ngantuk ni... kalau saya tidur pukul 8 suku ni awak rasa saya akan berubah jadi orang tiga suku tak? ke awak rasa saya memang dah tiga suku orang nya. saya mengantuk laaaa.. sebab bosan taktau nak buat apa.
tadi saya keluar. saya balik saya buffer youtube. saya keluar jalan dengan kawan2 beli goreng pisang pulak. saya balik saya tengok cerita hantu yang entah macam mana bertukar menjadi cerita sedih pulak. Puaka Tebing Biru. betapa saya tidak mengikuti peredaran semasa, saya baru tahu kewujudan cerita itu. saya bukanlah penonton cerita melayu tegar.tapi saya suka tonton filem melayu yang berseni seperti cerita Yasmin Ahmad. tapi saya juga suka mahu menonton filem melayu yang mahu mencuba kelainan. lalu saya beri peluang kepada cerita yang barisan pelakonnya saya rasa bagus. tapi cerita itu menjadi cerita sedih la pulak yang mana saya tak rasa sedih sebab saya mengambil masa 2 hari untuk menghabiskan penontonan filem itu akibat tindakan saya "pause" di setiap adegan suspen kerna takut tengok sorang2. kamu faham bahasa saya sekarang? saya faham agak-agak tak faham.
saya kembali kepada persoalan asal. saya mau tidur tapi tidakkah terlalu awal?kalau nanti saya bangun pukul 4 pagi tidakkah itu maksudnya saya terpaksa berkawan dengan kelawar kerana mempunyai kualiti nocturnal?
saya mau pegi kacau rakan-rakan. babai

Saturday, May 16, 2009

what a waste

yesterday I was supposed to be sleeping with a full stomach but it ended up the other way round.

yesterday I went to sleep with a melodious belly... krok krek krok krek...

late at night or could I call it very early in the morning, before I could shut my eyes to sleep I had to crave for food in my locker. I was satisfied enough with only bread and kaya.

what happened to my steamboat buffet???

I went for it and I ate almost everything in there for 2 hours straight and I ended up throwing everything in the toilet sink.


what a waste =(

Friday, May 15, 2009

saya rindu sama mereka

Baru-baru ini...

Tiffanie told me that she'll be coming back. Not for good but just for a short holiday. She really miss my presence in that kangaroo land. So as how I miss her presence by my side. Having numbers of friends around really is a blast but remembering an old friend afar really is a... torture I must say.(waktu ini muka aku amat busuk sekali selepas pulang bercuti di pulau-pulau. muka kronik gelap nak mati. so kusam)

Babe babe my love... yes Firus... it's you that I'm referring to. I really hope that u'll make it end of this year. I miss u. I heart u. We'll see how it goes with the ticketing thingy yea. I'm praying together with u. MAS... tolong lah bermurah hati. amin....... ;p

(our last goodbye so far wasn't it)

And Luqman too. Sampai hati awak sombong dengan negara kelahiran ayah awak. Mentang2 Aussie tempat tumpah darah lutut awak yang sekarang rabak itu. Nak balik kejap je ye hujung tahun nanti. Takpe takpe. Saya report polis cakap awak bunuh kangaroo. Walau bukan awak yang buat tapi saya ada snap gambar bukti. weng weng weng.

(bergambar di bawah pohon bakau selepas kulit hangus terbakar di Agnes Water. damn!)

Mereka-mereka ini adalah insan2 yang wajib dirindui. Rakan-rakan yang telah pernah menjadi batang-batang crayon yang mewarnai hidup aku.

psssttt... I can't wait for u to come back!!!

dua tiga malam berlalu,
mana nak sama si rumpun semalu,
dua tiga kali tidur ku berlalu,
hanya wajah-wajah kamu yang muncul selalu.

owhhhhhhhh!!! hebatnya pantun taraf sekolah rendah aku.

akhir tahun terlalu lambat bukan? perlukah aku purchase tiket melawat Aussie dan juga NZ?

waaaaaaaaa~~~ gaya cakap seperti orang kaya. ketuk sikit kepala. DONG!!! "fathiah wake up! duit sudah menyusut. pasni tak mustahil ko kena makan busut".

ehhhhhhhhhhhh...possible kah???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

am I?

psst psst...

have u ever noticed that I have that sense of humour?

psst psst...

have u ever agreed that I can make u laugh?

only lately that I realized my current entries mainly evolve around the comedy genre. only lately that I get grip of myself remembering that I had always be the one who cracked the biggest joke to my dearest friends. only lately that I realized I could not only laugh out loud of others' jokes but also of mine.

erkkkkkkk....gila syok sendiri aku ni. hehe. tengok tengok aku poyo kembali.

owhhhh...quite few of my friends asked me not to close this blog for good. like when I suddenly closed this blof temporarily, i was attacked by quite a number of sms asking me to open it back. like when I was such a lazy bum who couldn't be bothered of posting new entry and those big mouths just couldn't resist from chasing after me to write a funny entry.

aku berpikir...

adakah aku ini seorang penghibur? atau dalam erti kata lain... seorang pelawak?

"mirror mirror on my locker's door... is my nose red in colour? do I have the look of a clawn?"

waduh-waduh... pening aku mikirin nya dong~~~

owh dong dong dong... i feel ting tong.

hehehe =p


girls and guys. ladies and gentlemen.

here i would like to claim that...

i might officially shut down this blog for good.

or.... might not be regularly updating my post...

or.... might have a second blog which is anonymous...


because i have issues to be expressed but it's too private that i can't say it out loud here...

so yeahhh...

anything concerning my private life is not to be publicly acknowledged by those whom stay anonymous to me..or by those who are just acquaintances to me... or by those who're just plain friends to me...

so as u know... some of our nature just can't stand living their own life alone. some of our nature just like to bug into others. some of our nature just can't see the bright side of others and some of our nature could just make it visible to only flaws instead of goodness...

running from the inevitable human nature... i rather not to create any speculations in this decent piece... i know this page means nothing considering its plain layout, it's boring contents...but it means everything to me... for me to flip through the chapters of my life... though i might have not posted anything in particular about the stories that i concern most, yet the little remarks in here may slide me to the whole story that i've kept.

above, are my three options. but my decision is.. i'll be quite regularly updating this page but it might be focusing only on my upcoming practicum and silly stories that i'll create along the days, and i might have a second blog which will stay anonymous until the day i want it to be not.

huhuhu... like you care dontcha?

another lazy day

pssssssssttt.... i can't wait for u to come back!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lazy mode


hehe. that's one of my signatures. screaming softly when i'm tensed. haha. softly la sgt. budget kiut kunun.

huaaaa huaaaaa huaaaaaaaaa~~!!!

malas malas malas. today all of us except Izzati, skip the Intel Course. owhhh... for those who don't know, now we're having an Intel Course whereby we need to come out with a brilliant educational software from each pair. haiyooooooooo. i've already have mine which i produced when i was in aussie. i dun have the interest of winning the competetion so... can i just not doing it?

goshhhhhhhh~~most of us really aint no heart to undergo these courses (Intel Course, Kriket Course and bla bla courses) which gonna consume our 3 weeks lifetime. we're in the mood of holiday with the fact that we're done with our assignments and exam.

oh yea yea... now i'm free from exam. i mean the academic exam. the upcoming exam will only be the PTK exam or whatsoeva concerning work. yea yea yea!!! and so does the assignment. i'm done with thousand words of academic writing. i might be writing acdemic stuff for my action research once i'm on field (i mean teaching) but that's totally an option. huhu

hurmmm... i'll be starting my practicum on the 22nd June in SK Seri Indah in Jalan Kelang Lama. I really can't wait. Actually I was supposed to undergo my practicum in SK 2 Petaling Jaya but since the school are having UM students doing their stuffs, so i'm now assigned to SK Seri Indah. i really don't mind but what i'm concerned most is the transportation. luckily i'm going there with my other group members so i hope we'll be just fine.


lately i've been lost in the midst of .... (hehe that's a secret i must not tell) ;p

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mammoth muncul kembali

korang tau tak mammoth? ala gajah bulu tebal zaman paleolitik dulu yang dalam cite Ice Age tuuuuu~~~ bulu mata cam unta tebal2 panjang2 tu. haaaaa... tau kan.

korang jangan tatau semalam aku baru tau rupa-rupanya mammoth tu wujud lagi kat atas dunia yang fana ni.

alkisah bermula...

aku n Sue pegi la stesen duta sebab nak balik kedah. sambil tunggu bus kitorang nak lepak makan la dlu. masuk2 je foodcourt tu sekali trus kena serang ngan kakak-kakak indon.

"adik nak makan apa dik? nasi ayam nasi goreng nasi campur nasi goreng ayam nasi goreng kampung. bla bla bla bla bla".

pening aku dengar n sebab tak brape nak best suasana cmtu aku pun sambil duduk,

"jap kak jap. kasi duduk dulu. aaaa.kasi saya sirap limau satu ye".

Sue pun sama buat la order. tapi punya la competetive nye tempat tu, waitress yang attend kitorang tu dari gerai yg berlainan. tapi nasib aku malang skit, waitress aku tu tak bape nak paham bahasa. air sirap yang aku order skali air teh o ais yang dia kasi. aku malas nak kecoh minum je laaa...

sambil tu datang la pulak sorang mamat indon tu yang terkesima melihat hamster yang Sue bawak. ada 2 ekor hamster chomel dalam sangkar kitorang letak la atas meja coz ingat nak main2 la kan. sekali mamat indon tu boleh pulak...

"eh eh. ini apa????" (dengan muka terkejut dan amat amaze sekali)

Sue muka dah buat signal malas layan. aku pulak cam kesian dan memang dah nature aku kot nak jadi cikgu so aku pun nak kasi la penerangan.

"owhhh... ni tikus". (yelaa..aku takot la kot kot kalo cakap word omputih dia tak paham ke)

sekali si mamat indon tu boleh g respond camni..

"owhhhhhhh...ini memot!!!".
(ngan muka excited dan confident nya dia boleh declare binatang chomel dua ekor tu memot????)

psssttt...aku eja memot camtu ikut gaya sebutan mamat indon tu eh.

Sue time tu muka dah tunjuk signal menyampah trus letak sangkar bawah meja and aku terdiam trus tahan gelak. elok mamat indon tu blah je trus aku ngn Sue gelak cam nak mati.

"wakakakkakaka. memot???? memot tu ape? mammoth ke? hahahahhaha. hamster yg kecik comel cmtu leh ada org igt mammoth ke???ish apa punya bengong laaaaaaaa".

pastu sepanjang makan tu duk gelak je ingat pasal mammoth. dah la tu, tak cukup ngan tu aku sambil2 tu telinga aku yang semi pekak ni boleh pulak detect sound system akak waitress aku yang tak paham bahasa tu. dari jauh aku leh dengar dia jerit "teh o ais satu!!!". boleh dikatakan hampir semua org yg order air sume dia orderkan teh o ais.dahla teh o ais dia mahal giler. singgit lima posen. giler ape. kat gerai kolej aku dah leh dapat fruit juice tauuu. haihhh...pening aku ngan indon indon ni.

based on aku nya critical assumption la..mungkin mammoth masih wujud di kampung mamat indon tu. cuma dah shrink dah size jadi size hamster je. hahahahhahahaha

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

heeeeeee (sengih ala kerang wangi)

halu halu.

Sorry for those who weren't able to get through here. I didn't restrict this blog only to certain readers. It's still d same, PUBLIC.

I know some of u might think that I intentionally restricted the view as before this there was a controversial comment being posted up on the chatbox which consequently led me to delete it. But believe me, it wasn't because of that.

I don't care much about such kind of comment as I know everybody has their right in saying anything they want. So do I. It's up to me on how do I want to lead my life. Believe me, I'm still the same. If before this I haven't been publicly uploaded any of my free-hair photos in this page, it was because I just didn't feel like to. Try to see other medium of getting to me. Be it virtual (Facebook) or in real life. You may see all versions of me. It doesn't define me as having split personality but everybody does have their own belief aite? I rather not to judge people but you are all free to judge me if you really think that's the appropriate way of presenting yourself as an effective society member. wakakakakka. Poyo gilerrrrrrr laaaaa....

Owh yeaaaa...talking about poyo. yea yea I am so poyoyos. My friends always throw me with words "poyo, sengal".

The most recent act of restricting this blog for a while has been widely considered as poyo by my roomates.

Am: "Fath, apsal ko block blog ko ni nyah??"
*: "oooo...saje je.sebab nak exam aku malas la nak ada gangguan.malas nak control".
Am + Ezat: "waaaaaaaaaaaa~~~femes ke ko? ramai ke org view blog ko? poyo gile!"

hehe. point take.


kalau kak Reez mesti cakap. ada aku kesah??? hehehe =p

Friday, May 1, 2009

resah gelisah

bila resah ingat saat indah~~~bila rindu kunyanyikan lagu~~

what song is that actually? cam penah dgr lagu tu dulu tp i fail to recall lagu apakah itu.

hua hua huaaaaaaaaaa~~~ meroyan meroyan. exam dah dekat tapi bru je start bace.

uhuk.. riso riso. sume salah sendiri tak sedar diri.

takpe takpe positive thinking positive thinking~~!!!

ada lagi few more hours. GAMBATE KUDASAI!!! GOODLUCK fathiah!

it's my thing

owh this feeling...the feeling that i'm having now is so indescribable. i'm supposed to be missing * but i rather not to get into it. uhhhhhhh... i hope i can maintain it this way until * is back.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

malas + malas = berjaya!

korang rasa kan formula kat atas tu boleh pakai tak? selama ni aku malas tapi takdela berjaya. tapi tak jugak gagal. so...berpuas hati dengan apa yang ada boleh? owhhh tidakkk. takleh takleh. kalau tak sampai bila nak maju.

amboi???????? pandai nampak aku cakap. budget penuh motivasi diri la kununnnnnn.

padahal arini aku bermalas malasan tahap cipan mengandung. dah la semalam hidup amat tak productive dari segi academic. budget arini nak study la dah isnin n selasa depan kan exam. sekali arini seharian aku duk belek2 ulit2 blog orang2 yg aku tak kenal. duk borak2 ngn adik aku. tak cukup kat ym sambung pulak gayut kat handphone.

goshhhhhhhhhh.rini amat tak productive idup aku.amat tak sedar aku ada hati nak tgk changeling pulakkkkkkkkkk.

owh apakahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. kenapa tahap kesedaran diri aku amat jahil sekali?

okay okay tiba tiba aku nak freak out upon a statement. aku dah lama gila tak sit for an exam. kan kat aussie dlu aku pilih suma course yang takde exam.kunun la aku lg rela buat asgmt dari rasa takut nak masuk exam hall.

nah skrg amik week aku ada exam.huaaaaaaaaa!!!!


owh diri tolong la insapppppppppp. tolong lahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's new!

Yesterday I got a new hair cut or to be exact... new hair look. I changed d colour too!
However, here's d thing that I wanna highlight. I officially declared yesterday as my "Mamak Day" since I spent most of my evening in 3 mamaks. One in Taman Desa, and another two in Bangsar. Uhhh ohhhh...apakah aku terkena demam mamak?

Gambar atas n bawah ni adalah makhluk2 yang menceriakan hari2 gelap semalam.

p/s: i'm so starving....craving for assam laksa.laksa shack ada delivery tak? =(

Monday, April 27, 2009

the escapism

taxi taxi taxi. That's my main medium of transportation for me in KL.

Last saturday, when Syira n I was about to move our ass out from Midvalley, we went to South Court to grab a cab. Once I exited myself from the circulating moving glass, a guy who's the driver of that blue mpv cab approached me, "cik nak g mane cik?".

Of course I didn't care much of attending to his approach as I knew that those blue mpv cab gonna cost me a heaven once I place my butt on its comfy seat. So there I was, walking away n asked for other budget taxis.

But that guy kept on chasing me and followed me close anywhere I went.

"Takpe bang. mahal la taxi tu".

"Eh..takpe dik. Ikut meter".

"Memang la ikut meter, tapi starting 6 hengget kan?".

"Takpe2. saya kasi 3 hengget je".

"Takpela bang. karang dah sampai tempat saya tatau la bpe pulak kene".

"Ok la..saya bagi 10hengget. Boleh?".

"Takpe takpe. Saya cari taxi lain".

So I went to look for other taxi but most of them asked me for rm8, rm10 or rm15. None of them used metre. Until I came into this waja LCCT cab.

"Pakcik guna metre tak?".

"Mesti la guna. Ada ke taxi tak guna metre?".

After confirmation n agreement with Syira to get into that taxi, then we made our way back home.

Sepanjang perjalanan balik tu pakcik tu ngan bongkak dan angkuh duk bercerita pasal jenis2 taxi di Malaysia. Segala jenis category dia terangkan. Pakcik siap cakap,

"Tengok bumbung ni adik (sambil tangan duk ketuk-ketuk bumbung kereta). Kalau ada lambang macam ni,maksudnya taxi A class. Bukan calang-calang orang yg boleh drive taxi macam ni".

Cehhhhhhhhhhh~~~belagak pulak boleh drive taxi A class. hampeh punya pakcik. like i care. bluekkkkkkkkk!!!

dah la tu...sempat pulak stop sana sini nak tunjuk jenis2 taxi.

Helloooooooooooooooooo~~~kitorang bukan nak amik kursus nak jadi taxi driver pun. Tolong jalan cepat boleh tak???

Sampai je depan gate,

"Okay, 30 hengget 40 sen".

Aku yang agak2 blur time tu

"Brape pakcik?"

"30 hengget 40 sen. tapi xpela, 40 sen tu tak payah la".

Syira terdiam. Aku terkojol,

"Uik? biar betul pakcik. jangan main2".

"Betul la. 30 hengget 40 sen".

Kepala aku terhendap-hendap tengok meter di depan. Yea u're right!!!! rm30.40.

"Boleh kurang tak pakcik? 15hengget buleh pakcik?".

"Owhhh...tak boleh".

Siot punya pakcik!!!!!!!!! Aku kasi trus 50hengget n after dapat change trus aku blah. Sentap okes. That day aku naik jugak LCCT taxi, sorang pulak tu, dia ikut meter jugak, Indian pulak tu driver dia, tapi aku kena murah je. Ni dah la Malay, langsung tak tolong bangsa sendiri. Sambil drive bukan main lagi kasi nasihat jgn naik taxi sebarangan. Jangan naik taxi dengan abang mpv gatal sebab abang tu pantang nampak perempuan mesti kasi murah. business is business konon. pakcik layan la sangat business tapi kalau mencekik duit student apa guna? cuba pakcik imagine anak pakcik kena macam kitorang kena. elehhhhhhhhhh~~ada hati pakcik kutuk taxi budget cakap diorang tu orang2 miskin yang bawak taxi and banyak buat masalah, rogol n merompak. abis pakcik tu kalau terpelajar sangat nape nak cekik duit orang? kalau nk cekik duit orang kaya takpela jugak. ni student kottttt. 30hengget pakcik? saya tambah lagi bape ringgit je dah boleh balik kedah tau tak?????? habis mulia la ye hati pakcik kasi discount 40sen??? taxi budget lain setakat posen2 ni tak kira sgt pun. eeeeeiiii~~~ bawak LCCT taxi tu best sgt ke? ritu kitorang naik KLIA taxi pun kena 16hengget je utk jarak yg sama. ni LCCT taxi pun nak over2.pakcik pasang meter lain ye pakcik? guna meter new york yellow cab ye? takpe pakcik takpe. kitorang mintak biar pakcik kena saman bermillion-million.padan muka pakcik.

i hate pakcik poyo perasan best itu.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

gadis milo itu tidak cacat

Dalam perjalanan menuju destinasi. Selepas pelbagai topik diperkatakan dan ber'episod' senda gurau diperdengarkan.

Dia menegur...

A: eh eh~~~ baju milo! ijau nye baju dia! tengok tengok ada cop milo tak kat baju?
B: huh??? baju milo? sentap!!! penat fathiah pakai baju cantik2.
A: ada hari sukan ke rini pakai baju rumah hijau. fathiah rumah ijau eh? masuk acara apa?
B: huaaaaaaaa~~~baju ijau rumah sukan? cantik okey baju ni.
A: erm..ada nampak billboard milo tak? (sambil memandu mata meliar mencari billboard milo di tepi jalan. sambil memandu sehingga sampai ke destinasi, lagu tema yang mengiringi..minum milo anda jadi sehat dan kuat~~~).

Selepas perut penuh terisi dan leher mual dengan selera makan barat, ice chocolate with whipped cream, banana chocolate cake and tea, kami berjalan bahagia menuju parking.

Dia berkata...

A: eh..nak g toilet la.
B: okessss

Perbualan bersambung sambil menuju ke arah loji buangan. Tiba di hadapan pintu -pintu tandas, dia menuju ke tandas lelaki dan aku menuju ke tandas opposite.

Dia menegur...

A: haaaa...masuk toilet disabled.
B: biar la. orang memang suka.

Selepas hajat ditunaikan dan tersenyum chicky di hadapan cermin, handbag dicapai dan pintu dibuka.

Krek krek. Dush dushhh....

Monologue dalaman

B: Ishh... ni apsal pintu ni takleh bukak? Ketatnye. stuck la pulakkkk. Ishhhhh... (sambil kaki menendang2 pintu tandas).

Handphone di cari dan panggilan dibuat. Tak berjawab. Sah lah handphone tinggal dalam kereta. Aku cuak. Panik. Terbayang assignment yang perlu dihantar esok belum di print dan kegelapan mungkin menemani malam di dalam tandas shopping mall. Tidakkkkkkkk!!!!

Tombol di pulas lagi. Punat kunci dipulas dan dipusing. Pintu ditendang dan diketuk.

Dari luar...

A: Fathiah kat dalam lagi ke? Nape? Stuck ke? (suara panik)
B: a'aaaa. pintu ni stuck la. camne ni? tak boleh bukak la.
A: Jap cari org jap.

Cleaner datang tapi gagal menolong. Cleaner pergi mencari kunci tetapi kunci gagal jugak menolong.

A: Fathiah rilex ok. Diorang panggil maintainance. Camne kat dalam tu? Ok?
B: OK... (suara sayu)

Keadaan makin riuh di luar.

A: Ni maintainance dah datang. Jap ye.

Sambil itu aku teruskan usaha. Memulas tombol ke kiri dan ke kanan. Memusing kunci ke kiri ke kanan. Gagal. Cuba lagi. Gagal. Cuba lagi. Damn!!! Berjaya akhirnya. Pintu di buka dan aku terkesima. Ada sekumpulan manusia. Dua darinya berpakaian seragam dan ber'walkie-talkie'. "Okey. settle2.". Shootttt.... guards pun ada? Cleaner and maintainance usah ditanya. Orang yang lalu lalang? Bukan lagi soalan.

Aku malu. Terperangkap di dalam toilet orang kurang upaya. Ya ampun!!!!!!

Dalam perjalanan menuju kereta.

A: eh eh...ada vandine machine milo la. ada camera? meh nak tolong amikkan gambar.

Sebelum mengucap goodbye di hadapan gate.

A: tadi kan ada budak milo ter'stuck' dalam toilet disabled. taktaula sape ye budak milo tu.


my heart says...

3 pink roses, 2 carnations, 3 lilies and a bundle of forget me not. a heart shape box of ferrero rocher n a cylinder of beryl's dark chocolate.

i hope u understand =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

mari mari puan dengar ini cerita. suami saya asyik balik awal saja. ada pembantu baru katanya. tentu dia perempuan muda. owhhh kan abang dah kata, Axion namanya. Axion ke Aziah? owhhh tunjukkan saya. Axion ini dengan sistem berkuasa. pantas membersih minyak tanggal segera. nyata lebih bagus Axion bagusssssssssss~~~

hahahhaha. bengong bengong. tiba-tiba jari2 pendek ni laju je type lirik lagu iklan Axion. korang nak lagu pe? meh sini ai tolong nyanyikan. lagu Nini Cokelat Celup nak tak? ai boleh nyanyi sambil goyang2 lagi. ermmmm. lagu Nano Cokelat Masam Masin nak tak? tu pun ai boleh jugak nyanyi. muahahahahhahah~~~~

actually... I've been meaning to tell something which has currently pushed me up high in the sky. About something unpredictable which was the last thing you would ever thought I would do.

jeng jeng jeng~~~~~~~apakah?

I rather not saying it in words. I wanna upload some pix but I dunno why...laptop ni tetiba takleh detect plak my memory card. So I couldn't transfer the pix. haihhhhh~~ adakah laptop ku yang masih berkilat serupa baru ini telah ter'cacat' otaknya seperti tuan nya juga? adakah???

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ai em so shai

okey. baca tajuk di atas dengan ejaan bahasa melayu baku yea. tapi ayat itu ayat omputih koz rini ai nak feeling budak cakap orang putih tapi tak reti eja. hehehe =p

aritu ai pegi tengok muvi. dalam otak duk nampak imej kereta sport drift laju2 je.nampak bayangan lelaki kacak bodi mantap dan awek cun seksi sarsi. niat murni memang nak tengok "fast and furious" aaaaa....

A: kul bpe eh skrg? (sambil tarik tangan ai nak tengok jam).
B: kul 2 dah. dengan selamba ai jawab sambil mata sekelip cuma melintas atas jarum jam di tangan.
A: camtu kita beli tiket 2.30 aaa.
B: okai.

lepak-lepak borak-borak beli popkon beli air. naik atas g usha hall dah light on blum. lepak-lepak makan popcorn borak-borak.

B: hurmmm...dah 2.25 aaaa. apsal hall 7 tak nyale lg ni. diorang x abis cuci hall lg ke.
A: lepak laaa.nnti nyale kite masuk aaaa..
B: orang lain sume dh takde. tinggal kite ngn apek cina tu je.takkan kot.x logik aaaa...
A: best pe org x ramai. rilek rilek.
B: tak tahan aaa... nak g tanya la.
A: tunggu..

lepak-lepak tunggu-tunggu.

B: hurmmm...dah kul 2.35 laa. 5 minutes lewat. ni mesti iklan pn dh start. apsal tak nyale2 pun hall 7 ni. org lain sume xde dh.
A: ala..mb diorang x siap lg kot clear hall.
B: ish...tak tahan aaaa...igt nk g tny adik yg jaga tu.
A: g la tanya kalo tak malu. hehe
B: ala..nk malu apa. tak malu aaaa..

B berjalan ngn muka cover bengang ke arah adik yang jaga entrance.

B: adik. fast and furious 2.30 kan?
C: a'aaa. 2.30 kak.
B: hall 7 kan?apsal tak on lg aaa???
C: sebab 2.30 la kak.
B: yelaaaa 2.30.tapi ni dh 2.35 ape.apsal tak on lg?dh lmbt ni.
C: skrg 1.30 kak.

B tercengang terkesima kat situ.

B: owh... eh? ok.

B blah je dr situ ngn muke takde perasaan.

A: camne?adik tu ckp pe?
B: erm... (muka terkulat2). skrg ni 1.30 laa...
A: yeke?dah tu malu tak?
B: tak malu pun.biarla.bukan ada org pun.

soalan bonus: siapakah B yang mengong itu??? sape leh jawab ai belanja minum sirap limau.mau? =p

Sunday, April 12, 2009

secret recipe

My previous weekend was so jammed packed.

Saturday: went off to Sg.Wang for weekly girl shopping. went off to Kak Ida's farewell dinner.

Sunday: went off to PC Fair, went off to BB.

Despite all the events that had taken place, there's one significant encounter which captured me most:

When I was alone in monorail n boredom had nearly driven me crazy, I had a friendly chat with one of the foreigners near me. She's from Iran and I'm not going to tell u everything unless for this part:

Me: Owh.. so you're married? In the early age I guess. How old are u?
Dia: I'm 30 this year.
Me: Seriously??? U look so young for ur age. I thought u're 25.
Dia: hehe (blushing). maybe because I'm married to someone who loves me much which makes me look so young.

*Sweet~~~~~~~ so girls~~if you wanna look young and beautiful till the end of ur life, please please n please, get married to someone who really love u ;p

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i'm gay i'm gay i'm gay!!!

hohoho. i'm gay but i'm not a gay!

kalau dalam entry sebelum ni rupa aku tak ubah macam Son Goku atau Bezita dengan rambut meroyan tercacak-cacak tahap dewa berapi,kalini aku menaip entry dengan rambut terurus muka suci senyuman chicky bersama sisa air basi. wahhahahaha. takde la tipu jerrrrrrrrr. takde la basi2. tu budak kecik je. bukan untuk wanita tak anggun seperti aku. tapi... aku ngaku la.. tak mandi lagi pagi ni.... huuuuuuu. bluek bluek i dun care. yang penting wangi semulajadi. weng weng wengggggggg =p

hehehe. pagi ni skala mood aku menunjukkan jam skala berputar sehingga ke titik terakhir level gembira. aku hepi banget banget amat sebab weekend ni aku tak yah lagi dah meroyan assignment macam last week.

okay okay update kesibukan yang aku lalui minggu lepas. kepada mereka-mereka yang panggilan telefon dibiar sepi dan sms dijawab angin, maka ini penjelasan ke atas tindakan2 drastik aku itu yea...

termometer meroyan aku menunjukkan bacaan suhu panas akal sejak dari hari Jumaat lepas. mari kita singkap kisah kehidupan seorang pelajar mengong. mari mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!! (perhatian: make sure anda baca dengan gaya dan nada seperti abang pendek dalam cerita P.Ramlee).

3rd April Jumaat:
Lepas kelas aku sudah mengong membaca soalan2 yang perlu aku jawab. Niat asal nak menyiapkan lesson plan yang dah start sikit malam sebelumnya. Tapi penat so rehat jap. Petang tu keluar pergi Midvalley sorang2 sebab nak beli materials untuk microteaching. On d way pegi lagi aku dah ada bad feeling. Aku tahan taxi sume pun tak stop. Sume pun ada orang. Last2 skali yang stop pun LCCT taxi.
Aku cakap kat pakcik india tu, "it's okay uncle.i'm not getting in".
Uncle tu ajak jugak naik.aku cakap lagi,"it's okay uncle,i'm not going.LCCT taxi is too expensive".
Uncle masih tidak berpuas hati. "get in.i'm using meter".
aku masih menjawab, "it's okay uncle.i know the meter is on but it's double d speed.i can't afford". (wahhhh~~selamba je aku ngaku aku tak mampu.hehe.yelaaa.ritu penah kena dari midval balik hostel kena sampai rm18 kotttt.padahal paling mahal rm6 je kalau jam.tu pun kalau jam ye. take note take note. kalau tak jam dalam 3ringgit lebih takpun rm4 je).
uncle: "okay la.u nk pegi mana?berapa u boleh bayar?".
aku: "i nak pegi midvalley. 4 ringgit je i boleh bayar".
uncle: "okay la.4 ringgit".
aku yang masih tak puas hati, bertanya, "betul eh uncle 4 ringgit je.kalau tak saya taknak".
uncle: "ye cik.4 ringgit je".
aku pun masuk dalam taxi and tanya lagi, "betul eh uncle 4ringgit.janji eh?"
uncle: "ye betul 4ringgit~~"
lalu taxi bergerak tapi ke arah lain.huaaaaaaa!!!hampeh betul.aku tau dia sengaja je kan nk ikut jalan jauh.geram geram geram.nasib baik aku kena tak sampai 10 ringgit.idak aku nak..erm...ape eh?hehe...tatau =p
okay back 2 d story;
Niat asal mahu membeli Lego set untuk dijadikan teaching aids semasa mengajar murid tentang bangunan. Niat asal mahu membuat lesson interesting dengan menghamburkan selonggok Lego set dan membiarkan kanak-kanak riang bermain lego membina bangunan. Tapi cita-cita tinggi melangit telah sekelip mata terbenam dalam ke dasar perut bumi bila mata hampir terjojol keluar melihat harga lego. Ting!!!! bijik mata aku dah keluar seinci dan naluri memberontak meminta aku megguling-gulingkan diri di dalam Toys R Us itu. huaaaaaa!!!apsal la Lego mahal sgt ni~~~ada patut harga beratus-ratus??? Tak logik tak logik. Lalu disebabkan sentap yang amat aku tawaf Toys R Us tu berkali-kali mencari kalau2 ada benda lain yang aku boleh substitute kan. tapi keciwa dan sentap..aku keluar melangkah menuju ke vincci dan nose. Favourite spot aku. Masa itu aku berniat nak merembat sepasang kasut di vincci yang aku suka tapi masa aku nak beli takde size. Tapi sekali lagi kecewa,tangan aku masih kosong keluar dari kedai2 kasut itu. Tapi aku tenangkan hati dengan ayat, "takpe takpe.last week dah beli 3 pasang dah cukup la". lalu akibat keciwa dan sedar diri taraf aku sebenarnya hanya layak berada di tempat-tempat murah,lalu aku ke Carefour membeli hard cardboard,manila card,glue sticks,colour pencils,crayon,colour papers and macam2 lagi.akibatnya aku terpaksa buat teaching materials sendiri.hand made.hua hua huaaaa....tapi hampeh okes carefour...manila card sekeping rm3.10??sentap gile.cardboard tu kalau nak mahal sampai rm10 pun leh terima la coz yang lembik cam jellyfish pn nk mahal ke.eeeeii...nak g saman la kilang manila card ni.jom jom jom. Then kesentapan bersambung bila aku terpaksa jalan sambil mengepit hard cardboard di celah ketiak kiri dan menggenggam 2 plastic bag penuh stationaries dan air kotak 2 dozen dan mineral water 1 bottle di tangan kanan. (mengong laaa.dah tau barang banyak tapi degil jugak nak beli air berliter-liter). Dengan susah payah aku jalan pergi North Court nak tunggu taxi. Sekali lagi mata hampir terjojol keluar bila queue terlalu panjang macam ulang melingkar-lingkar. Sentap~~ maka aku terhoyong-hayang sekali lagi jalan menuju ke South Court. Phewww...nasib la queue pendek je tapi taxi lak ngokngek~~sume pun nak demand. taknak g pj-bangsar sebab jam n hujan petang. nasib la last2 dapat jugak.

4th April, Sabtu:
Pergi kenduri Kak Ida n jumpa family terchenta. Malam baru ada masa nak tengok assignment. Semangat berkobar-kobar nak print assignment and since d print is out of ink, so i had to refill d catridges. aku pun berlagak la gaya-gaya doctor duk inject ink dalam n colour.sume pun aku inject.Skali printer buat hal. ink taknak kuar. abis tangan aku kena ink lalu sentap aku pun baca je la readings kat screen laptop. =(

5th April, Ahad:
Pagi-pagi dah bangun buat materials untuk microteaching. masa terbazir berjam-jam duk operate printer.rupa aku time tu tak ubah cam tukang cat dengan ink habis kena seluruh badan termasuk muka. so that day sepanjang hari buat teaching materials. malam tu pulak duk draft asgmt.

6th April, Isnin:
buat asgmt dari pukul 5 pagi sampai malam. assignment yang sepatutnya 1000words aku g bantai tulis sampai 2000+ words~ aku lupa masa lupa segala. sampaikan abah call tanya pasal kaki pun jawapan aku, "eh..a'aaa eh. kaki. lupa lak. haha".

7th April, Selasa:
buat write up 1500words dar pukul 12tghari sampai 8malam.gile lembab aku menulis.malam tu memang all out ngan siapkan reference sume.went through balik lesson plan and materials yang kena present esok nya. tido malam itu tidak nyenyak. hanya 2 jam. huaaa~~

8th April, Rabu:
pagi-pagi lagi aku dah mengantuk giler tapi tido tetap tak cukup. presentation went good but i was sleepy!!! cakap pun cam orang giler dah. aku tak focus. tapi tak kisah la. then anta assignment so hooray!!!! tapi kegembiraan hanya kekal hingga ke petang. malam tu terpaksa bertungkus lumus menyiapkan materials untuk ke sekolah.

9th April, Khamis:
pagi2 bangun siapkan materials. nasib la menda ni sume group work so kerja bersama rakan takdela demotivated sangat. tergopoh-gopoh kitorang lari pergi photostat shop untuk copy task sheets for students. terlari-lari kejar taxi dan sampai sekolah. phewwww~~ kitorang ngaja 2 classes of year 2 students. ajar literature. malam tu sambung bekerja keras lagi siapkan materials untuk esok nye exhibition.

10th April, Jumaat:
pagi2 lagi dah jalan gi s.k. bangsar. ada language game exhibition. hua hua hua. seronok main dengan budak2 tu sebab boleh jadi amat excited dan energetic. aku masa tu serupa telah menelan ecstasy sebab terlalu aktif gembira bersama students. =p

Today, 11th April, Saturday: aku sepatutnya pergi PC Fair tapi tak sure lagi camne sebab rasa macam malas nak bersesak2. Maybe g area BB sudaaaaa~~