Friday, December 12, 2008

psychologically influenced

Do you believe in mystical creatures and events? I mean those superstitious and spiritual thingy.

When I was small I really believed in ghost. However, as I grew up, I started to think that everything in this world happens based on scientific facts. But until I went to a boarding school where there were a lot of ghost stories being told everyday, and things happened to my friends, then I started to believe in it.

However, as time passes by, I reckon that all those spiritual thingy does have a strong connection with human psychology. I don't know the real fact upon this matter, I'm not an expert in this field, but based on my observation and experience, that's the formula that I can think of.

When I was studying abroad, I hardly had the creepy feelings or any goosebumps, unless if I watched horror movie on that day. Thus, I was also brave enough to walk alone at night on dark silent roads. It was all because I held on to a belief; "those ghosts that I used to be afraid of do not exist in western land". The silly fact about me is that I'm afraid of Malay ghosts, especially those ugly dead women with white cloth and long black messy hair. Since those kinds of ghosts haven't yet been found or heard in western countries, therefore, I wasn't scared when I lived in Australia.

I thought that I've gained enough courage to stay brave when I'm back in homeland, but now it's proven that I still believe in those things. They do really influence me and I am scared!!! Yes I am because I'm now all alone at home. It's night and my parents are away for a wedding reception, my sister is away to KL, my younger brother is away hanging out with his friends and my elder brother hasn't been back home from work. I know the reason of my anxiety is all due to the stories I heard from Majiah and the series "Kekasihku Seru" that I watched this evening. Now I'm freezing myself from watching the series until everybody is home.

P/s: I know that I'm psychologically influenced by the surroundings because if I didn't know anything and if I heard nothing, I might not have these stupid thoughts and silly imaginations.

riding a roller coaster won't be that fun compare to XXX ;p

Have u ever ride on a roller coaster? To most of the people it's one of the best ways to reach the maximum level of satisfaction. But to some people, including me, riding on a roller coaster is like jeopardizing my anxiety bank. But it's nothing to compare to what I felt yesterday.

I drove up to penang with my small kancil which my younger brother had already warned me earlier "the break is not functioning well". Bearing that in mind, I drove up carefully with extra attention to the road. (erkk... not really actually for i have a short attention span syndrome). =p

The incident happended when I was about to go out from the level ground parking area of Queensbay Mall. I was distracted with my never ending conversation with Majiah and Deyna where I forgot to change the gear. I was climbing up the hill with gear 2 and the car stopped in the middle of the high hill. The break wasn't well functioned and so did the handbreak!!! So the car moved backward and all the passengers screamed like we were on the roller coaster!!! Luckily there was no car at the back because I'm perfectly sure that, if there was a car at the back, I would had definitely kissed it. Phewwwwww~~~ Thank God. Alhamdulillah (^+^)
These are all the passengers of Kancil Coaster. hahaha =p

Owh yea... by the way, it supposed to be our day out (Majiah, Deyna and me). But I dragged my sister and cousin along for I didn't want them to stay bored at home. The more the merrier right?

Another beautiful day captured, XOXO ;p

Thursday, December 11, 2008

happy eid adha

I hope that it's not too late for me to hand in my wish, Happy Eid Adha to all moslems that celebrate the festive. Here, I'm handing in my apology for all the wrongdoings that I've ever done and hope that everybody is having a greatest blast =)

I had a good time this raya for having the chance of celebrating it with my family on the first day and with my friends on the second day.

Presenting u my latest boyfriend, Rizq Azfar. Sweet tak kitorang? Siap pakai baju sedondon lagi tauuu ;p

With my girlfriends, Majiah and Deyna =)

Don't you get blinded by this cute little girl. She slapped me on the face just because I asked her for a kiss. Hahahaha. I wasn't the only one as according to her Ashu (Majiah), Iqa (this little girl) does it to everybody. But it was my first time being slapped on the face and it was by a cute little girl? huhhhhh. tak rock la dibuli budak kecik. hehehe =p

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

malaysia update

Hye all.

Sorry that I didn't update anything of what I've been doing since I arrived Malaysia. Honestly, I was so much occupied with family and friends. Here are what I've been up to recently:

1 Dec: arrived homeland. sleeping, eating, family gathering.
2 Dec: met one of my dearests girlfriend, Majiah.
3 Dec: had been elected as the best babysitter ever for my lovely nephew, Rizq.
4 Dec: half of the day was spent in Alor Star. I drove up early in the morning to Alor Star airport to collect my shipping stuffs. It was supposed to be collected by 10am but once I arrived there, it was told that the collection hour had been postponed to 3pm. Luckily I dragged Majiah along so I had a good company with me for that long hour.
5 Dec: Went out with my parents after Subuh for breakfast, had a look at my dad's new project, went back to visit my sick grandfather, went to Majiah's house for kenduri cukur rambut baby baru kakak dia.
6 Dec: Family day. Brothers, cousins and everybody came back home.
7 Dec: Baked cake and cookies for raya. Went back to kampung to accompany grandpa and grandma.
8 Dec: RAYA!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aussie: Last Week

I arrived Brisbane on Saturday (22nd Nov) from the trip. I slept quite late as after Kak Ayu, Luqman, Ali and Chrstoph went back, I had to clean up my room. Owh yea, when I was away for the trip my rented house in Brisbane got flooded!!! Luckily my room is higher compared to the others, therefore the things weren't really affected. Thanks to my housemates for saving up some of my stuffs =)

(Hey take note that my face that time was bronze in colour. Ooopppsss... not bronze but close to black. haha. I was burnt for spending too much time on beaches and island!!! So please please please ignore my ugly face)

Sunday (23rd Nov)

I was so tired that I just stayed at home. However I went to swim at the Street Beach Southbank with my housemates in the evening.

Monday (24th Nov)

Went out with Sue and Ayie looking for souvenirs. Back at home by evening and final packing up for the shipping stuffs.

Tuesday (25th Nov)

Managed the shipping stuffs with the company. They came to collect the boxes. Had lunch with Luqman and went out for a walk. Eh... I walked but Luqman skated. =p

Wednesday (26th Nov)

Went out for shopping with Sufi at Indooroopilly. Had dinner with Tiffanie and Luqman at Luqman's house. Siap sempat main bunga api lg kt sana. Before balik kitorang singgah Mount Cootha makan ice cream Tiff blanje. It was a freezing night after rain and foggy too! We couldn't see the road while drove up climbing the mountain. Luckily nothing bad happened. Amin =)

Tiff and I at Luqman's house. Waiting for the dinner to ready. Chicken tandoori with vegetables salad were yummy!!! I didn't manage to snap photos of the food because we were too hungry =p

It wasn't raya okay but Luqman was just being chicky to celebrate my farewell ;p

At Mount Cootha's outlook. At first we couldn't see anyhing for the hill was too foggy! But after a while we could see the city before it got foggy again. It was a rainy day so the climate got affected especially the mountain.

Thursday (27th Nov)

Went out to the city with Sufi. Souvenirs hunting while cam-whoring =p

Owh I bumped into Yuni my Taiwanese friend and got to say my last goodbye to her =)

Friday (28th Nov)

Went out for a movie (Australia) with Sufi, Awan and Aim. We went to The Regeant (a classic cinema in the heart of Brisbane city). After that we had dinner with Justus. He treated us luxurious Chinese cuisines. yummy! Then we had our last night in the city with the giant Christmas tree.

This is not the stairs to heaven yea. It's "The Regeant", the cinema that I went to for my last movie in Australia. How significant it was, we watched "Australia" before we left the country.

We had a big dinner that night and it was all thanks to Justus! We had shark fin soup, chilli crabs, prawn in bird's nest, fish in chilli soup, and few more meals for non-muslims which we didn't eat, and fried ice cream for dessert.
Had a stroll in the city with Sue and Awan. It was a grand light opening for the giant Christmas tree that evening.

Lucky me that I bumped into Rina and War, so we managed to bid our last goodbye. =p

Saturday (29th Nov)

I went to the Brisbane market with Luqman and his brother Hakim early in the morning. Had lunch at the riverside and off for a bush walk. Went to Badak's Farewell Party in St. Lucia. Off to Story Bridge for a photo session.

Sunday (30th Nov)

Woke up early and had the last family picnic at Southbank with my dearest housemates. Went for a lunch with Tiffanie and her boyfriend Dan. Ouch.... it was so hard to say goodbye. Tiff cried while she hugged me and so did I... I left her with a card and she left me with a card too and also a cute pink fragrance teddy bear. Sweet!!! But still, seperation was the event.

I went back and did the last check on my luggage and off to the airport. I don't know how to write down my feeling that time but I can't agree more in saying that, sometimes I feel it's better not to know good people so that it will never be hard to say goodbye. However, I'm glad that I know all those good people and they definitely will always be treasured. ;)

Tiff and Dan had to finish up 3 meals because the prawn noodles that I ordered had porks in it which I couldn't eat. So they had to eat it up. Dan's face turned red because he was so full but not Tiff. You girl, you really are a good eater don't you? Chaiyok!

We missed Zaim in this photo. Ida, Jan, Sue, Acan, K.A., Zaim and I had a lot of beautiful memories together in Australia. K.A., Acan!!! I'll be waiting for you guys to arrive Malaysia next month!

With my girlfriends and our lovely lecturer, co-ordinator, and mother, Jo Carr. It was sad to leave this wonderful loving lady... =(

Arrived Malaysia very very early in the morning. With Alan, Putri, Iqa and Jannah before everybody walk their own way home.