Friday, December 5, 2008

Aussie: last trip (sunshine coast)

The last trip that I had before leaving Australia for good was one of the best trips that I've ever had in my life. It was a trip where people from different origin and culture made up a good team who explored the beauty of Sunshine Coast with respect, trust, patience and appreciation. Why did I say so? Because I went for the trip with people that I never knew. I knew Luqman and Ayu but not Ali and Christoph until I met them on the first day. However the 5 of us had really had good time together and created beautiful memories which we'll never forget. The trip has been so meaningful to me as apart from witnessing the beauty of Australia, I had also learned abundance of life long lessons.

Here are some of the photos which were taken during the trip:

FIRST DAY: Noosa Head, Noosa Junction, Noosa Ville

I did my shopping at the Noosa Head with Kak Ayu.

After our first dinner, we had a group meeting to organize our trip. Maps and brochures were all over the table which guided our journey for the whole one week.

SECOND DAY: Sunshine Beach, Perigian Beach, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba.

THIRD DAY: Tewantin, Kin Kin, Tin Can Bay, Harvey Bay.

We continued our journey and drove up to Harvey Bay as we had been scheduled for a briefing before we could go to Fraser Island. We followed the longer road showed by the navigator and got lost in the muddy road of National Park.
We found a dead kangaroo on the street.

FOURTH & FIFTH DAY: Fraser Island (Lake Mackenzie, Lake Wabby, Happy Valley, Eli Creek, Maheno Wreck, Indian Head, Lake Boomanjin, Lake Birrabeen & Lake Benaroon).

The most lovely moment that I had during the trip was when I was on the Fraser Island. If I were to write all the attractions that they have on the island, it might consume half of this page. Therefore, enough say, Fraser Island is one of the world's heritages which there are so many things that make you amaze, and the only word that I reckon will never fail slipping out from your mouth is... "beautiful".

SIXTH DAY: Agnes Water. (1770 and Joseph Banks Conservation Park).

SEVENTH DAY: Bundaberg.

The trip ended well and all of us had so much fun!

malaysia: home sweet home

Welcome back to me after leaving this page for quite a long while.

As been promised, I'm back on track after 5 days of my arrival in Malaysia. Life has been so hectic with abundance of beautiful events taking place. I arrived Malaysia on the 1st of December 2008, realizing the fact that this time, I flew back for good.

It was a tough step to be taken leaving all the people that I love. Realizing that it might be hard for me to land myself again in that kangaroo land, I spent good quality time towards the end of my stay there rather than just staying at home.

November was the month where I felt that time is just too limited for me to learn and explore this boundless world. It was the month that I found new different people who are unique in their own way. And it was also the month that I realized about so many things and had impacted me thoughtfully.

However, despite regretting the limited time that I had within that one last month, I cherished everything and everyone there, whereby I spent less time in sleeping, none in virtual, and less time at home. i mean my rented room in Brisbane LOL. haha.

There are too many things to be told but not everything that should be known. For that, I'll post up few more entries to take a glance on what I've been doing within these months.

Till the next post =)