Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Duchess

Yesterday I went out for a movie with Tiffanie and our choice was "The Duchess". Personally, I love watching western classic historical movie as the language is always beautifully expressed and the dresses are definitely pleasant to be looked at. Not to mention the stylish lifestyle of the aristocrats and culture that they held to.

"The Duchess" has been beautifully crafted by the team workers as I grade it as AWESOME!!!

I nearly cried towards the end of the story.

For most of the classic historical movies of England's aristocrat, breeding the male heir had always been the issue. (Similar to "The Other Boleyn Girl").

The story started with a beautiful playful young Georgiana being proposed by William, the Duke of Devonshire. She accepted the hand of marriage as she was so much blinded by the status, glamour and love that she had towards William whom she hardly knew. Without ever in her mind that time, thought of actually reaching an ultimate lonely life.

Being a Duchess means that you are to mother a male heir to the Duke. Your failure of doing so is the ticket of turning your life into a hell. As for Georgiana who failed to breed a male heir to William, she had never been treated as a lover but more to just an object of producing children. Despite being living with respect from people around her and being the idol to most of the women in that century, Georgiana was actually leading a painful lonely minutes as she was still searching for her true love.

But what does it mean when the one that you love only happen to appear when you're married?

Georgiana who at the earliest stage of marriage promised of breeding a male heir and loyalty to her husband, never in her decent mind had the slightest thought of having an affair with the one who she fell in love with. Not until she found out her husband was having an affair with her own bestfriend, Lady Bess whom she herself brought into the house. That was when she made a deal with her husband where she'll give all her blessing to the affair and at the same time she will also have the same chance of being on bed with her loved one, Earl Grey.

Duke William who had never in his life had someone making a deal on him, was totally on fire and he raped her own wife which had finally bred a boy. As I said earlier, giving a daughter means hell and giving a son means heaven. So did Georgiana's life that turned into a heaven as right after she delivered Young William, she was allowed to build a union with Grey. But it wasn't forever as divorce had never existed between Duke and Duchess. Her life once again turned into a hell and she had to withdrawn from her love by being separated with Grey and the daughter of theirs. It was the most intense part to me as I had nearly shed my tears feeling how awful it must be to be separated with our own child. huuuuuu. =(

Go and watch it if you haven't as it worth you million of lessons. =)

should i go?


Lately I've been thinking about the road trip which I'd mentioned previously.

I've canceled it before as d initial plan stated that the trip gonna take me for 10days and it gonna cost me quite a fortune. But Luqman and Ayu had negotiated between them to cut down the days and cost and now it comes down to a week trip with a more reasonable price. Ayu texted me to tag along and promised that it gonna be fun.

It sounds cool as everything has already been planned. According to Ayu, they would like to cover as most as possible of the Queensland coastal area. They'll be heading to Noosa, Harvey Bay, Fraser Island, Agnes Water and Yeppoon/The Great Keppel Island.

Hurmmm.. should I go? I'm leaving Australia very2 soon and I don't know when will I be here again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

greatest apology

Dear readers,

Your blogger who before this has never realized that there're quite few eyes have been witnessing her writing is now handing a phrase... "i'm sorry for unconscious mind of posting up d previous entry".

For those who had bumped to read it, and saw the improper photo, i hope u forgive me for went over the limit.

I had never before this noticed that there are those who aren't my close friends reading this blog for i thought that they were only buddies who were/are willing to peep into my world. But now i understand, there are more other than friends who are silently reading this blog. Despite doubting the intention of those anonymous outsiders and indeliberately being mad upon being advised, i hereby rather say that i'm sorry and thank u for waking me up again.

For whatever the reasons are, i am still the one that i was before and nothing has ever won the triumph of changing me into someone else.

Maybe i'm to carried away with my hiatus life which i myself fail to have even the slightest reflection of what should i do and what should i not.

For that, i'm sorry.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

day out

Like i mentioned yesterday, i wanted to go out for shopping but i was so lazy to move my arse. But today i wasn't as lazy as yesterday as i had more company. hehe. I went out to DFO Jindalee (i haven't been there before this). Since my girlfriends were in d same ship as me of haven't been there, so i asked them to tag along. Luqman said that i could bring my friends and i knew that Sue and Jan love shopping so there we were.

Sue and I thought that we were late because the bus to Mt.Ommaney was scheduled at 10.50am in Queens St but we were still on the bus from Westend when it was 10.45am. Sebab takut lambat so kitorang lari la cam orang gile kt Queens St tu. before that aku called Jan suruh pegi tengok bus dulu sebab die dah sampai. i texted her and i called her saying clearly that it's bus 460, tapi nak tau ape jadi? elok aku n Sue sampai je kt bus stop, Jan leh cakap die dah mintak driver tu tunggu tapi x sempat jugak. aku tanya la bus ape? bukan 460 due tak sampai lagi ke sebab aku tengok kat screen lg 6 minutes baru bus 460 nak sampai. Jan cakap die tadi suruh bus driver 450 yg tunggu. i was like? uik? 450? bukan 460 ke? aku lak blur time tu. check2 balik rupa2nya Jan silap dengar, and kitorang tak terlepas bus pun. haha. poyoyos =p

sampai Mt.Ommaney, Luqman jemput kat bus stop and g umah die jap. main kucing Luqman yang dah kne potong bulu =p

kat DFO hampeh okesssssssss. aku tak shopping pun. sume kedai aku masuk tapi takde satu pun aku suke. seyes tak cantik. Luqman lak dah ngantuk2 tunggu wanita2 bershopping. cehhh. amat lelaki la kunun tak suke shopping. sebab aku pun sentap tak jumpe baju best, aku tunggu la Jan n Sue shopping. jumpe2 je, amboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. makcik2 tu shopping bagai tiada hari esok okay. knpius kejap aku, bukan aku ke yg semangat nak shopping? tapi last2 diorang lak yang shopping. haha. takpe takpe tunggu esok aku g shopping!

then Luqman bawak kitorang g makan kat... hurm tah aku tak ingt nama pe tah tempat tu tapi kat suburb la. haa that's Luqman. bukan Osama aaaaaa. die mix malay n omputih tapi tah nape jadi cam arab sesat. erkkkk. ni kalau Luqman tau aku cakap camni mati aku =p
sebab semalam Luqman ajak aku pergi Mt. Cootha, so pegi laaa. tapi sebab Mt. Cootha dah pegi so kitorang g Botanical Garden yang kat Planetarium. gambar di atas; bersama mak datin2 yang dah penat bershopping.

Planetarium tu was sooooooooo damn boring with only pictures of planets n stars. tapi ada la sorang astronaut sesat. so aku tumpang glamer amik gmbr jap =p

sambil jalan2 kat park, aku nampak dandelion. aku kan terpengaruh giler ngn cite Doraemon part yg Nobita n Sizuka sumer duk main2 tiup dandelion. So, time2 tu jugak aku teruja. Apa lagi, gunakan sepenuh tenaga meniup dandelion. Mari!!!

Kat dalam green house, para scientists berkolaborasi membuat kajian. Sue dengan gigih meneropong ikan di dalam kolam sambil di arah oleh Luqman dan di bantuin oleh Jan.

Scientist terkemuka, Sufyana, telah menjumpai species pokok pisang berbuah lipan. tu buah bentuk lipan yang kuar dari pokok pisang tu. bangga aku dengan hasil penemuan Sue. haha =p

Scientist Sufyana sekali lagi menemui rare species, iaitu pokok gergasi. Luqman terkebil2 je tolong snap gambar ni dengan pertanyaan dalam otak "apsal la pompuan2 ni nak amik gambar dengan pokok nak mati ni???".

sambil jalan, sempat lagi Sue n Jan jadi director untuk cover album aku. penyanyi undangan pun terselit jugak masuk selaku accessory tambahan.hehehe =p

Para scientists penat membuat kajian lalu berenti berehat seketika.

Para scientist menjalankan sesi mengumpat maka Luqman surrender trus tido. tutup telinga malas layan. haha =p

sebelum meneruskan perjalanan, sempat okay amik gambar celah bunga. wajib!!!

sambil duk meneroka jalan pulang, scientist Sufyana sekali lagi menemui kejadian alam yang unik, iaitu ada tahi terlekat dekat baju aku. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sentap aku. tahi itik ke ibis ke aku tatau. disebabkan Luqman tak kasi naik kete die kalau tak cuci, so pegi la cuci. disebabkan aku kotor, maka dihalau balik. hehe. takdela dihalau pun =p

apa2 pun, i had a good day eventho i didn't manage to do my shopping. but spending time with friends has always been a blast.


last moment

To celebrate our freedom of submitting the last assignment, we went out for bowling. BUT, as usual i didn't play because i hate sport. Though it's indoor. hehe =p

Pergi minum, sorak2 n cam-whoring adalah wajib. haha

I went there with Sue, Awan, Akran, Ayie, Alan, Didie n Zaera. It was a pleasant night and i'd really enjoyed it. Terima kasih daun keladi yea =p

Then i spent most of my days at home. There was a day i went out to stock up my groceries. There was some days which i allocated as my cooking days.

Some of the meals; tomyam noodles, potato beef currypuff

There were days which i spent with my friends. There was a day i went out with Izyan hunting for souvenirs. But i didn't buy any as i'd bought them last year. And there was a day i went out for movie with my dear girlfriend Sufi.

aku rasa cam aku nampak gemuk dalam gambar ni. eeeeiii. tak suka.

as for today, i'll post up the photos in the next entry. =p