Saturday, November 8, 2008


i woke up this morning with the tense of going out for shopping.

i really wanted to go out and buy good tops, dresses and perfumes but i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn lazy to move my SSS.

when i knew Sufi had woken up i went bugging on her and talking like there was no end.

then she came up with an idea of watching movie so i said yes!

we went to the nearest cinema in Southbank and purchased two tickets for "Dying Breed".

i really had no idea about the movie but Sufi had warned me earlier that it falls under the horror genre.

as what i'd expected, only half of the movie that i consumed. the movie was so freaking psycho that my hands were always on my face. my eyes? were definitely closed. haha =p

get the picture? yeaaa i didn't really watched it because i was too afraid. it affected my intention of going to Tasmania.

duhhhhhhh. i wanna go for holiday. going somewhere in Australia but there's nobody else that i know who wants to go out somewhere. places that i have in mind:

- Sydney (i'd been there and i know that i'll be spending more on shopping apart from holiday-ing. that's not what i'm looking for).
- Tasmania (this is where i would love to go but who on earth will tag along? Sue has already made it clear that she's not looking forward for any long trip).
- Movie World (i'd been there once but i wanna be there again before i go back. i wanna ride on that super cool ScoobyDoo coaster. that's the only roller coaster that i can tolerate. uhhh i want).
- Harbour Town (i'll be there again for sure because there're few more things which i need to buy).

p/s: i knew korang mesti pelik kan. aku nak holiday tapi aku cancelled pegi road trip. actually aku nak g holiday tengok scenery cantik2. tengok bunga. kalau pergi camping kat pulau2 aku bukan tak suka tapi lama sangat so aku risau nanti aku takleh tahan. aku nak holiday yang kejap je. around 4days je. and kalau boley tempat yang nyaman2 damai2. hehe. yea yea i know i demand too much. so i guess i'll just be staying in Brisbane sebab sume orang pun taknak jalan2 dah dekat2 nk balik ni. aku sorang je over. huaaaaa =p

i don't need a word for it =)

about my love history, neither my friends nor my family has ever raised the issue.

right after i broke up, first thing first that i told all those i knew was, "don't ever mention about him".

and that statement, is still applicable until now.

when i'm not fond of talking about it, doesn't mean that i'm still whining upon it.

when i'm not having someone new to replace what i used to have in 2 years back, doesn't mean that i'm waiting and not moving on.

i'm living my life as best as i could and i don't even need a word to shape it better.

things that i hope people won't say more:

- regarding my status. i just don't feel right to start a new relationship when i'm not yet ready. so why bother?

i hope that i don't have to approve any comments for this entry.

till then,

cheers =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

i'm in love

i'm in love with this dress =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

it's getting nearer

the date is approaching. it really is. i mean the date of my departure to homeland.

i'm going back for good.


it's mix feeling.

if u asked me 3 months earlier (around August and before that) of how did i feel about the idea of going back home? my answer had always be, "i didn't want to go back for good".

but after that (around August to somewhere around October), if u asked me how did i feel about going back, i'd definitely answered u, "i really can't wait to go out from here".

but now if u ask me how do i feel about going home? i'll answer u with "i'm obviously happy to go home and see my parents, family, friends and all. but i wish that i can come back here and complete my final year in QUT".

but i know that what i'm wishing for might not b true. it's impossible as what's stated in the contract is that i have to continue my 4th year in IPBA.

i really don't know what's waiting me ahead in Malaysia. it's a land where people that i love are, and it's also where a person that i hate most is. but i'm just praying for the best and live my life in a better way there. i've planned for few things and am just waiting for them to be launched. hehe =p

there are a lot of things to be settled here. i haven't started with my packing yet. just now i saw a message by Izyan saying that if we want to bring back cash to Malaysia, we should go to the bank and meet Justus as soon as possible to prepare the cash. duhhhhhhhhhhh. i have to go but i'm so lazy to move.

hurmmm... yeaa... actually before this i was thinking of going away for a 10 days road trip with Ayu and Luqman. but after a long thinking, considering that the road trip will end on 26th nov and my flight ticket which is supposed to be on 30th is not yet confirmed, so i cancelled the trip. i'm afraid that there might be clash in date. so i'll just stay at home or go somewhere around here.

so yeaaa... i'm waiting to go back and at the mean time, i'm doing nothing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

when two "blur" are together

this is an old story which was supposed to be up long before, when i was stuffed up with mountains of assignment.

Salina and i was in charged in handling a gift for lecturers during our Farewell Party last week. Prior to the day of the event, we had encountered few little problems which was enough to add on to our misery.

1st: we had problem deciding on the available day that both of us were free to go out looking for the most appropriate present. (because we were too busy with assignments)

2nd: we had problem to go out n buy the present (luckily i had a very narrow space for me to go n grab that present. and it was about to running out of stock and thanks God that there was another one left in store).

3rd: we had problems collecting personal photos of our cohort. after few hours of bugging, we edited those photos and ran down to the city and had problems with the printing system.

4th: this is the climax. jeng jeng jeng.

it was the day of the event and we haven't had the present done. the present was actually a big round clock which was made of wood. we decided to paste up photos on each of the petal as there were 24 petals. cukup2 untuk kitorang nye cohort which consisted of 24 students. tapi dah semalam pegi kedai gambar takleh nak cuci sume gambar tu sebab the resolution was too low (sebab kitorang crop byk sgt), so arini pagi2 buta lagi kitorang dh kena kuar city sebab nak cuci gambar.

janji ngn Salina kul 7.30am jumpa kat city tapi Sal plak 2 kali tertinggal brg and patah balik umah n aku pun bus lmbt la plak pagi tu so last2 8.30am bru jumpe kt city. dah laaaa tuuuuuuuu. kat Australia ni nak cuci gambar bukan cam kat Msia. kalo kt msia sng je. pegi kedai cakap kt tokey, cuci gmbr brape2 keping then siap. tapi kat sini, kene cucuk sndri pendrive or external hd or ape2 la yg korang gune utk simpan gmbr2 tu sendiri kt computer2 yg berlambak kat dalam kedai. kiranya kami bernasib baik la pagi tu sbb smooth la jugak proses nak order gmbr tu. skali elok dh order kira2 balik rupanya2 ada satu gambar ter miss out tak cuci. check punya check rupa2nya Sal terlupa gmbr Putri. dah la gmbr yg 23 keping dh order n it took us 30mins utk tunggu n dlm masa 30mins tunggu tu kitorang punyela struggle cucuk external hd Sal kt sume computer tapi satu pn x detect. siap pggil org2 kedai tu tlg pn takleh gak. dah lambat sangat, so kitorang g kedai lai, which was Officework.

kat Officework kitorang kne beratur lak sebab ada satu pc je untuk fast print. dahla minah sorang tu cd berkeping2. tunggu around 15mins and sampai je turn kitorang trus cucuk hd n tgk2 x detect jugak. hampehhhhhhhhhh!! dahla kul 9.30 dah n aku ada practice kul 11. trus lari g Harvey Norman lak. lari cam org gile ngn pakai high heels 2inch, aku ni nasib baik tak tergolek je kt tengah2 Brisbane city tu. sampai je Harvey Norman aku cucuk la hd Sal kt computer tu skali tak detect jugak. aku yang hangin bagaikan hantu trus g tny pakcik kat counter.

aku: "excuse me. why can't the computer detect this external?"
pakcik: "owh. we've set the computers not to detect external hd because they may contain viruses. so you either use usb, cd or memory stick".
aku yang time tu penat tak terkata tanpa perasaan malu bertanya,
aku: "i have my own usb. can i use your computer to transfer the pictures here into my usb? i really need to print this picture now".
pakcik: "sorry dear. i'm afraid we can't allow that."

shittttttt!!!!!! penat tau takkkk. then Sal suggest kitorang print je gambar Putri kat uni then laminate. so kitorang pun rush la pegi King George tunggu bus and dalam bus aku terkapar2 penatttttt. penat la asyik lari ngn heels. tu nasib baik aku tak pakai lg kain batik kebaya aku. nasib aku pakai jeans dlu.

sekali dlm bus masa 1st stop, ramai la plak org naik n it took us quite a while tunggu sume org naik. so aku pun igt nk belek2 la gmbr yg dh cuci. sekali aku tengok2 tangan aku kosong???????????????

aku: "Sal. u nmpk tak gambar??????"
Salina: "tatau. ade kt u kan tadi".
aku: "takde dah skrg. i rase i tnggl kt Harvey Norman"

bengongggggggg!!! aku tertinggal gambar yg dh cuci tu sume tah kat mane. but i was pretty sure that i left those pics at Harvey Norman. trus aku n Sal turun dr bus n pegi d other way tunggu bus balik city.

sambil tunggu bus

aku: "sorry Sal. i taktau cmne i leh tertinggal gmbr".
Salina: "takpe. i pn taktau cmne i leh terlupe gmbr Putri".
aku: "i rase cm nk nangis".
Salina: "i dr td lg rase. i dh speechless"
aku: "i pun".
Salina: "tula kita dua blur jd mcm ni".
aku: "tula. u blur, i blur"

sampai je King George aku trus lari naik esclator and pegi the other side and tertonggek2 tunduk tengok bawah kerusi takut2 aku tertinggal kat situ. tapi takde. aku lari naik atas and cakap kat Sal jom pegi Harvey Norman. since Sal time tu pakai sandal, so die volunteer nak pegi sorang. Salina pun lari pecut cam nak gile and by the time aku call die ckp dh jumpe dh gmbr tu.

then kitorang mmg yg cm dh nk give up ni pegi la tunggu bus n sampai uni,

aku: "Sal. jom kite pegi print dkt comp lab yg akt library tu".
Salina: "tak boleh. external i tak detect kt sane. jom pegi block S".

sampai comp lab S block, hampeh takde org so kitorang bkk aircond n aku potong gmbr and Sal print gmbr. tapi elok dah abis potong 23 gmbr, sekeping gmbr nan ado yg di print lgsg tak kuar2. so aku suggested, jom pegi comp lab lain. tapi Sal ckp jom pegi print kt library trus sbb leh laminate trus nnti.

tapi nasib malang lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. kat library takleh lak print sbb Sal tekan print kat lab lain then die pegi sign out mmg la ilang sume file. cehhhh. trus kena trun pegi lab lain then print kt sne. then pegi balik library n laminate gmbr then potong.

sebabkan time tu dh lmbt, and event lak kul 1, so kitorang rush pegi tmpt event n lekat gmbr kt sane n ikat ribbon sume kt sne. time tu aku n Sal cm org gile dah. ckp pn dh tak betul sbb penat gile.

Salina" "Fath, kite kne celebrate".
aku: "yea we should. after this."

because of the time we spent together, there were few things that we discovered. Sal and I share certain things in common. purse kitorang sama cuma kaler je lain. handphone pun sama tapi kaler je lain. and both of us were from convent tapi negeri lain2. time tu aku and Sal came into conclusion, tah2 orang2 blur mmg camni kot. =p

another year older?

i've just woke up. really? not actually.

i slept at 9pm last night and i woke up at 4.30am.

since it was too early for Aussies and Malaysians to stay on9 in the middle of their sleep, so i was on YM with my cousin whom i regard as one of my brothers. he awakes when i'm asleep and vice versa because he lives in the other part of this globe.

if you know me well, u'll definitely know that i own 2 real brothers whose blood that running in their vein is of the same blood as mine. and i own another 2 brothers whose blood are in the same colour but of different composition? i don't know how to tell when it comes to scientific discourse. but yea. they're my cousins who're also my brothers.

so just now abgjam asked me:

abgjam: "dikfai nak hadiah apa birthday kalini?"
aku: "dikfai nak handbag and baju".
abgjam: "dikfai pilih la abgjam tatau taste n size dikfai".
aku: "uih.boleh eh? org demand ni".
abgjam: "haha takpa.nah p kat website ni

abgjam: "topshop ok?".
aku: "okkkkkkkkkkkk."

so i flipped over and searched for what they have in store.

then i came across this one under the boutique section by Unique:

and this one under the brand in topshop by Alice McCall:
and another one which is on sale:
abgjam left me hunting for the dresses with this sentence; "dikfai pilih la mana yang nak. takpun u can look at other brands that you like. bg link and size nnti abgjam order".

yeayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best best best i lap u bro! =p