Saturday, October 25, 2008

a piece of dead meat

selepas ini aku mungkin akan menjadi hantu. tapi aku tak decide lagi hantu apa aku nak jadi. mungkin aku nak jadi hantu pocong sebab nampak sedap macam gula-gula. mungkin aku nak jadi hantu toyol sebab comel jadi budak-budak. gelak sepanjang masa tanpa ada apa-apa masalah.tapi, berdasarkan kepada cara ketawa aku yang amat fantastic, aku rasa aku lebih sesuai menjadi langsuir. aku yakin, kebangkitan aku sebagai hantu langsuir akan mampu membuatkan langsuir-langsuir yang sedia ada berasa tercabar dengan gelak hilai tawa aku yang menggoda. lalu mereka semua mungkin akan membuat keputusan untuk bersara. maka semua rakyat jelata Malaysia akan menyayangi aku sebagai satu-satunya langsuir di dunia. malah, dengan adanya hanya aku seorang sebagai langsuir di dunia, rakyat jelata dunia tak mungkin akan diganggu hebat lagi maka amanlah Malaysia. tapi aku yakin, bomoh-bomoh sekalian mungkin akan membuat pakatan mesra untuk memujuk aku menyeru kembali langsuir-langsuir yang bertukar menjadi langsir untuk kembali berkhidmat mengganggu rakyat jelata. tapi aku yakin, aku tidak akan termakan pujukan dan sogokan mesra dari pakatan bomoh-bomoh kerana aku mahu jadi the only langsuir yang gelaknya fantastic.

tapi aku jugak terfikir. nature seekor langsuir amatlah menjijikkan. rupanya buruk dan baunya busuk. lalu aku berpendapat, aku mahu jadi pontianak sebab rupanya lebih cantik dan baunya wangi memikat. maka tidak perlulah aku berfikir jika aku jadi langsuir nanti aku perlu menyerang kilang perfume-perfume di Perancis. tapi aku risau. kalau aku jadi pontianak, aku mesti akan perlu bersaing dengan pontianak-pontianak lain yang lebih cantik dan wangi. maka sekarang aku dalam dilemma, samada untuk menjadi pontianak yang perlu bersaing atau menjadi langsuir yang pasti menjanjikan kemenangan mutlak untuk aku.

readers, i might have to be prepared of being a ghost. this evening i'll have a trip with my lecturers and coursemates to St. Helena. it's a ghost trip. i know i'll be safe during the trip but what concerns me more now is my assignment!!! cehh. i'm surely a dead meat. i might turn out as a ghost. tapi i risau... kalau i jadi hantu Melayu, mesti kena balik Malaysia, maka tak berjumpalah dengan vampire handsome seperti Brad Pitt. hantu lelaki di Malaysia tak handsome. camne?

p/s: kenapa hantu Malaysia banyak hantu perempuan? hantu lelaki? eeeiiuuww...jijik memikirkan hantu raya dan hantu jembalang. hanya mereka sahaja hantu lelaki?

Friday, October 24, 2008

time management

two posts at time? haha. i'm surely crazy. yea. i talk more when i'm stressed. but i don't talk to people. i write everything up in here. so if u don't wanna listen to or read about my current misery, stay away. this is my blog. suka hati la nk tulis apa pun. if u consider this a diary, so do i. but this is not a personal diary. all i have here are things which i think fair to be shared. but i still have a lot in me which are my secrets that i never tell. xoxo. gossip girl. haha. gilo.

yea. talking about time management. i surely have to go for a course. early of this semester there was a free seminar about time management which i intended to go but i didn't. tapi if pegi pun sure masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan jugak. haha.

btw, when it comes to crucial days like this i really plan everything ahead. but planning doesn't mean anything when you don't launch what u've already planned.


Tuesday, 21st Oct: I planned of staying all day long in library but i stayed only for couple of hours. i arrived late because i was in the city buying some food. i went out earlier because i had something else to do. on d same day, i thought of finishing the written part of my assignment but i slept until 6am.

Wednesday, 22nd Oct: I planned of completing all the resources for my assignment but i didn't. i stayed in the library n layan facebook. i went back and celebrated sufi's birthday. then i slept. i woke up and continued with the assgnmt but i couldnt finished them all because i didn't feel like doing.

Thursday, 23rd Oct: i thought i could finish my assgnmt by evening but i didn't work on my assgnmt on that evening. i was in d computer lab downloading movie. hampeh gila. then i got back home and did my resources until night.

Today, Thursday, Day of submission: i planned of submitting early in d morning and start off with the next assgnmt. but right until now i haven't submitted it yet. i'm done with this assgnmt so i have to start doing the next asgmt. but i'm blogging here in the lab. keji gila perangai. takde mood nk buat TEAL!!!!

so, amat terbukti time management aku hampeh.

1) konon nak habiskan written part by Tuesday tp tak habis sbb buat benda lain.
2)nak habiskan written n berjaya habis. nak habiskan resources tapi tak berjaya.
3) nak habiskan suma by evening tapi leh plak jalan2 n balik umah tgk cite. malam baru siap.
4) nak start buat keja tapi hampeh baca soalan pn belum.

killing moment

now people are all stressed out. maybe not everybody but mostly.

yesterday when i was buying my lunch in Oporto, there were another 2 girls waiting for their meals too.

A: How're u doing?
B: owhhhh.... i've been having a stressful week. i have assignments which are all due in line. i only have 3 days to work on all of them.
A: Yea. me too. and what makes it worst is i have examination coming up.

(muke dua2 poyo takleh blah. hopeless).

Me? i was in d same boat too =(

today i met War (a Brunei-an girl whom i met at Buranda' open House). She was rushing to class but we managed to catch up for a while.

War: Hey Fathiah!what are u doing here? i was thinking of catching up with you but i'm too busy.
Me: Hey yea. me too. i'm handing in my assignment now (while holding a big paper bag full of asgmt and resources). Hey. Did Tiff text you about the movie? Are you going?
War: I don't think so. too busy. i have to do my assgmt.
Me: Yea. too bad. me too. but i might be going if i'm too stressed working on my asgmt. i have to start it by today. if not i'm surely a dead meat. haha.
War: yea yea. but hey. i'm thinking of hanging out with u over d summer.
Me: owhhh...sorry bout that. i'm leaving for good next month.but i'll b free after next friday.i'll catch u up before i go back.
War: what are u gonna do over d weekend?
Me: working on my assignment which is for sure. but not for the whole week. at first i thought i gonna have the whole week to do my things but i'd forgotten that i have a trip with my friends and lecturers. which is tomorrow. Gosh!!! mati la i =(
War: we're all dying i think. me too. i wont have a good weekend.
Me: we really have to kill the assgnmt instead of having the thought of killing ourselves when the assgmt really gets annoyed. haha. ok la. i really have to go. my friend is waiting.see u around.kirim salam ur kakak yea =)


current mode = saiko. beep beeep beeeep beeeeepppppppppppppppppppppp!!! level up

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i am busy

i am so BUSY right now.

i am in the library busy downloading movie.

i have tonnes of assignments but i haven't finished them all.

erkkkkkkk. die (*+*)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

towards the end


yesterday was the last tiring day for this semester. hurmmmm. not really. but officially it was. because most of my classes are cramped on Monday. so as Monday has now over, so officially i have no more lectures and tutorials. oooooopppssss. i skipped my last lecture today because i had something else which needed my attention more.but tomorrow is my last tutorial and i'll definitely have to go as the lecturer will discuss about the upcoming assignment which dues this Monday.huaaaaa.and right after that i have an appointment with Erika. helping her out with her research so far. Erika wants us to help her with some interviews.

ok la taknak cakap. jom jom tengok gambar. heeeeeee =p

clas Jo yang terakhir.

with my dear friends melantak sampai kembung. hoho.

Emy and Ida were trying to flirt with me. sorry girls. i bukan lesbo. wakakakak. perasan gile.

The 4 of us: Jan, Fath, Sue, Ida. i love my girlfriends so very the muchy muchy. hehe. i know takde pun words tu. ignore ignore.

With Paula. i think it was d only time i could have a picture with her since she's just a part timer in QUT. that's why smlm amik gmbr ngn lecturer ngn die je.lecturers lain takpe leh jumpe lagi bile2. huhu.

With Blair Waldrof. bangga aku ada housemate pelakon Hollywood. featuring my dear girlfriend aka housemate aka teman tidur sebelah bilik aka Tyra Banks aka Rihanna aka Blair Waldrof n most importantly, aka Malaysian most beautipool. hehe. wajib aku kena panah petir atas doa Sufi pasni. auuuuwwww. takutttt =p