Thursday, October 16, 2008

as of yesterday

today i got few messages asking for my disappearance.

not that i'm drifting myself apart from this world. but i really mean it when i said i was busy. indeed, i'm still busy but i'm such a lazy bum to occupy myself with academic stuffs. i'm taking a rest for today. can i?

maybe i haven't mentioned this in here but i was busy for the past two days as my housemates n i were in charged in making and selling Malaysian traditional kuih for our event; "It's Malaysia Lah".

Australian system of selling out food can be said as too demanding and annoying that i found it as challenging. instead of cooking all the food at our home sweet home, we had to go through all the troubles in the world by taking all the cooking utensils and ingredients from our house to Uni's kitchen. it was like taking the whole kitchen as we needed a lot of things to cook a lot of food. luckily Princhesters were united enough to take all those things together. the evening spent in Uni's kitchen was fun as we helped each other in cooking all the food and went back with flat energy. here, i would like to thank all my friends who helped us with our kuih. jasa mu dikenang. hehehe =p

we made kuih buah melaka, kuih ketayap n apam balik and they were all sold out. other foods were also good and they were all selling fast as well. i really like the nasi lemak made by Iqa. yummy! (that was the only food that i managed to buy as i was busy helping out Alan with the apam balik).

after finished packing up and cleaning up, we waited for a cake to arrive as some of my friends had planned for a surprise to the birthday girl, Puteri. so we had a little birthday bash there. Happy birthday once again Puteri. or should i say belated? hehe =p

after that my girlfriends and i off to a sooooooooooooooo called "open house". haha. while packing up the things, Jan told me that she had an open house invitation at her cousin's house. the tired me replied her with a definite yes as Sue also wanted to go. but we had to go back to Unilodge first to get Jan's hp that had been left at home. on our way back to Unilodge, i got to know that it wasn't an open house but Jan was just wanted to hand in something to Mango (Jan's cousin). hua!!!!! Jan tipu. sampai ati. =p

so we took another bus to St.Lucia which is in Zone 2. to get to Mango's room in campus village was like having a jungle tracking in rain. yeaaaaa. it was raining. and by the time we went back, it was raining soooooo heavily. siap ada kilat petir lagi. still, i enjoyed it because i realized it had been ages that the 4 of us didn't have time like that. i love u girls =)

by the time i got back home i was; all wet, tired and hungry!!! i planned of having dinner at "Little Malaysia" as i needed something soupy but i was wet n tired that i decided to only have a bowl of instant noodle and slept right away. (hoho.i asked Mango for his Maggi goreng asli. that's my fav and i really had to ask for it. if not, mesti aku mengidam. weng weng) =p

today, i did nothing but cooking and sleeping. after raya i really hadn't cooked anything proper as i went out for open houses or just eating out. so today i had "ikan goreng berlada" and "sup fishball" with "air longan". while watching "Gossip Girl". note to be taken, i wasn't supposed to be doing this because i have tonnes of assignments in line. huaaaa~~~~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

boboy dah pandai

Boboy? who is Boboy?

Boboy tu Rizq laaa. my one and only nephew so far. tadi aku call umah borak ngn abah and adik. haha. recent update about Boboy.

1) Boboy pandai cakap KL. hahahah. ngade gile. baru2 ni masa adik tengah wat homework, tiba2 Boboy g kat dia n cakap;

Boboy: "kamu dah beli baju raye?"
Adik: "huh? kita dah beli baju raya. kamu?" (adik blur time tu sebab tetiba Boboy cakap formal ala2 comel ngn dia so adik layankan je)
Boboy: "kita tak beli lagi pun. kenape?"

hahaha. comel laaaaaaaaaaa. =p

2) Boboy dah ada sense of consideration. baru2 ni masa adik tengah study Boboy masuk bilik adik nak main ngn adik. sekali Boboy kena marah ngan papa dia la. then Boboy kuar jap. then dia masuk balik and cakap kat adik aku;

Boboy: "Acu... Boboy tak kacau Acu. Boboy nak duduk sini ja lukis-lukis".

3) Boboy dah pandai observe sekeliling. baru2 ni Boboy masuk bilik mak aku n tetiba dia cakap;

Boboy: "eh? cadar baru? sape beli?"
Mama: "atuk la beli".
Boboy: "hurmmm... cantik. kaler kuning. pandai atuk beli".

hahahahah. ngade gile Boboy cakap cam orang tua =p

4) Boboy dah pandai tanya soalan2 dewasa. Adik cakap Boboy suka makan dodol. ada haritu Boboy nak makan dodol tapi tak cakap. so Boboy yang budget dewasa n berdikari pegi la dapur and naik atas kerusi and amik bekas simpan dodol tu sendiri. tapi Boboy masih tidak ada konsep grip yang baik lagi so dia terkial2 la nak tarik dodol yang liat tu. Adik ternampak so adik tolong la Boboy. sambil makan dengan rakusnya, Boboy cakap;

Boboy: "hurmmmmm!!!!! sedap dodol ni. sape masak?"

hahahah. i can't imagine all those conversation came from him. when i left him early of this year, Boboy was still struggling in saying out words. But now he can already draw good talk with people around him. siap leh cakap lain2 slang plak. ngade gile.

i really can't wait to see him again.

Boboy: "Boboy sayangggggggggggggggg ateh".
Me: "Ateh pun sayangggggggggggggg Boboy jugak".
Boboy: "Boboy rindu ateh!!!".
Me: "Ateh pun rindu Boboy jugak".

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm not that kind

sometimes being too generous and kind might actually giving a way for manipulation to take place. up until yesterday, i consider that i had been manipulated by people whom i hardly known for quite several times.

current incident:

it happened just yesterday when i was alone in my uni comp lab. my pure intention of getting my ass all over d hardship of taking two buses just to arrive to my uni was mainly because i wanted to watch a movie at youtube. i know that i could just stream it from my room but the internet quota is limited. so being considerate towards my other housemates, i rather just stream online movie from the uni.

when i was about to enjoy the first part of the movie, suddenly i heard a knock from the door outside. an aboriginal middle age woman whom i assume in the age of 30s, was knocking a door to get inside as she forgot to take along her uni card with her. so i woke up and opened the door for her. then i continued staring at the screen when the same lady walked ahead of me.

she asked whether i'm an education student and whether i've done any unit of work. definitely my answers were all yes. she asked me to have a look at her unit of work to see whether she was on the right track. for that little favour, i really didn't mind of leaving my watching for a while and had a look at her work. after a little check, i got back to my seat.

i hadn't even started playing the movie when she came back to me with her miserable face.

Lili: I'm all stressed up. Do you mind helping me out forming some questions?
Me: Constructing questions? Yea sure.Let me have a look at it first.

So i got to her place and left my computer unoccupied.

I had a glance of her unit of work and started looking at her first lesson plan. The first lesson was about human body parts whereby teacher will use a big book to teach students about the topic. So yea... i helped her building up some questions but the main problem was, sometimes she just didn't agree with my opinions and kept asking me what if she did this and that. What made things worst wasssssssss... she was so stressed up that she couldn't have a grip of typing her words correctly. i had to spell almost everything for her. There was the part where i didn't understand. her English is far way better than me with accent, slang and all. But she just couldn't spell and construct sentences properly.

so we spent about 15 minutes just to form few questions. then she asked me to help her with her 2nd lesson plan. i really still didn't mind but i was quite confused since the lessons were all not connected to one another. imagine, her 1st lesson plan was about human body parts. then her 2nd lesson was about family and community. i really couldn't see the link so it was pretty tough for me to help her out. i really wanted to tell her about the connection but she was too miserable that i was afraid to burden her with that. so i just helped her out with the questions. again, another 15 minutes had been spent on just that.

suddenly, her phone rang and she picked it up. she spent about 15mins on the phone and i could hear almost every single thing of her conversation with Sarah. see. i could even get the name of her friend. her friend was another miserable thing in the world. Sarah was stressed up with her ex boyfriend. she had just broken up and here are some bits of the conversation:

Sarah: Lili, when are you going to Melbourne? can i go with you?
Lili: Sarah, let me being honest here. I'm going somewhere in December.
Sarah: Lili, can i go with you? i really wanna go away. i really need to get out from here.
Lili: owh Sarah... don't be like this. Listen, i'm also stressed out here in school. i have assignment due this monday. it was supposed to due last week but i got an extension for it. but i haven't got halfway to it yet.
Sarah: Lili... you know what.. i feel like dying.
Lili: owh Sarah, Sarah... no no don't say that. It's not worth commuting suicide over David. You have to be grateful that at least now u don't have to suffer anymore. and you should be thankful that you're not pregnant.
Sarah: But i just couldn't live with it... i really need to go away...
Lili: Owh Sarah... listen. i really have to go. i have a killing stupid assignment here. i'll call u back if u want me to. around 6 or 7 maybe?
Sarah: yea... that would be great. thank you Lili..bye.
Lili: yea bye.

See!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could remember almost everything about the conversation which lasted for about a while. and for Lili's assignment, we had just arrived at the 2nd lesson plan. after the phone call, Lili became more and more strees up that she was about to cry. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. how could i left her at that state aite? so i stayed there until the last lesson plan. the 8th lesson plan. can u imagine???? 8 LESSON PLANS. towards the end i did all the typing because she was too slow by making too much mistakes.

i spent about 2 hours helping someone that i didn't even know doing her assignment. and my assignment? huhhh.... i only had done half of it. and my youtube watching? none. i was too hungry because it was already 5 in the evening and all i had up until that time was only 2 toasted bread n a glass of milk for my breakfast. so i just fast forward the movie and got my ass out from the lab. it was raining outside and i did't bring neither my umbrella nor my trench coat. i was cold and hungry and when i thought of it in the bus, why did i do other's assignment but not mine?

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh~~~ bengongs (*^*)

pernah pikir tak?

kamu kamu kamu. pernah tak mempunyai pemikiran seperti aku?

tanpa aku sedar aku sentiasa mengaplikasikan analogi-analogi bodoh dalam kehidupan aku.

sejak kecil aku akan buat semua benda dengan aplikasi "Konsep Kanan".

apa yang aku maksudkan dengan aplikasi "Konsep Kanan" adalah segala perbuatan aku harus dimulai dan diakhiri dengan anggota kanan.

aku tanamkan kepercayaan pelik dalam diri aku, everything should be started with right and it should be ended with right too. so that i'll get all the best luck in the world and i'll always be leading a positive good life. and if everything starts with left and ends in left, i'll be burden with only bad luck.

since i always have that belief in mind, apa saja yang aku lakukan adalah berhubung rapat dengan anggota badan kanan.


1) aku akan keluar dari bilik, dari rumah atau dari mana2 dengan kaki kanan.
2) kalau aku tersentuh seseorang dengan tangan kiri aku akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk sentuh dia kembali dengan apa cara sekalipun dengan tangan kanan aku. (aku pernah tidak berjaya menyentuh kembali sesetengah orang dengan tangan kanan maka sepanjang hari itu aku hidup dalam kerisauan samada aku akan ditimpa malang atau tidak).
3)kalau aku terpijak kaki seseorang dengan kaki kiri aku akan skip jugak sedaya mungkin untuk catch up dengan orang itu dan menyentuhnya dengan kaki kanan aku.cukuplah walau sedikit sentuhan aku sudah puas hati untuk lari dari nasib buruk.
4)aku makan dengan mengunyah hanya di sebelah kanan sebab aku percaya makanan yang dikunyah di sebelah kanan akan membawa nasib baik untuk aku.tapi sebabkan terlalu selalu mengunyah makanan di sebelah kanan,kini aku beralih ke sebelah kiri.maka aku percaya nasib buruk aku asalnya dari kunyahan kiri.untuk itu sekarang ini aku sentiasa memperbanyakkan perbuatan kanan aku.

selain dari "Konsep Kanan" aku jugak mengaplikasikan kepercayaan pelik "Dunia Fantasi".


1) setiap kali beli sedozen telur yang dalam egg carriage tu, sebaik sampai rumah aku akan susun telur-telur itu di dalam egg cases dalam fridge dengan arrangement yang sama seperti egg carriage itu. aku berpendapat, kalau aku pisahkan telur-telur itu mengikut susunan berbeza, aku mungkin akan terpisahkan telur itu dengan pasangan mereka. aku pernah tersalah susun dan sepanjang hari aku hidup dalam rasa bersalah.

pelik kah aku kalau itu pemikiran aku?

aku taktau orang lain pernah atau tidak mempunyai pemikiran yang sama seperti aku dan aku selalu wonder, ke aku sorang je pikir macam tu?

dunia ini penuh dengan manusia pelik kan? dan aku salah seorang darinya =)