Thursday, September 25, 2008

home sweet home

at last. i'm back at Princhester. i mean my current home at the moment.

i feel at ease to be at home.

i'm locking myself in room not that i don't want to meet my housemates.

but i just feel like having my private time.

hence, i'm so damn tired after 2 long tiring days. but it was fun though.

so today i went to Ida's choir performance. it was fantastic i must say. especially the girls who did solo, duet, trio n tah ape2 lg tah diorang pggil tu. suara diorang sume superb!!! mase dgr diorang nyanyi tetibe aku rase inferior time2 tu gak. sbb nape suara aku x best cmtu pun. hua!!! saiko saiko. aku selalu saiko n inferior sebab langsung takde talent in ape2.

i'm not pretty. i'm ugly.

i'm not smart. i'm stupid.

i'm not good at sport. nor music. nor everything.

i'm not good in anything. i posses no beauty. i posses no kindness.

all in all, i'm a bad bad girl. right? =(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Abah =)

Happy Birthday to my dear abah.

I'm at my friend's house so there's no photo of my dad that could be uploaded here. hehe.

So i woke up early in the morning just to wish him.

Hurmmm...actually there's nothing much to say but i'm kinda worried of how will my family celebrate my abah's special day.

aku sms abang2 aku td n both of them bz keje. diorang xleh nk blk umah bkk pose same2 ngn family. along bz ngn clas n kne bkk pose kt hotel die. acik lak ade dinner ngn bos die. kat hotel gak. sume pun blagak nk mkn kt hotel je. astu due2 pn tatau nk kasi adiah pe kalini coz ritu acik blk frm Japan dh bli byk baju kasi abah. so kalo x celebrate mlm ni esok la kot.

ape pun kalo aku kat umah harus aku kalut buat kek sume dah. hehe.

i went to DFO td. ingat nk bli something untuk abah tapi x jumpe yg berkenan. so later la cari lagi.

hurmmm... ok la. takde mende nk cite. later la.