Saturday, September 13, 2008

hepi birthday Firus babe =)

Happy Birthday Firus dearie.

Hope that u'll be happy forever.

Hope that u'll achieve everything u want.

Hope that u'll be happy with Fieky forever.

Hope that we remain friends until the day we disappear.

Sweet 22, I Love You... =)

happy birthday dear sis =)

Happy Birthday adik!!!

Hope that u'll strive for the glory in ur studies n in every aspect of life.

Stay cute as always.

Jangan menggatal okesss.

Kurangkan gosip.

Jangan asyik tanya bila kakak nak ada boyfriend coz it seems like i still have to endure a long journey before i really find someone who is right for me.

Hadiah kakak bagi balik Malaysia end of this year okes.

I really miss u... and the rest of our family....

I really feel like flying back home...

Happy Sweet 16 adik...muaaahhhhssssss =)

it might have just been a mistake

for everything that had happened. for every speculation that had risen. for every action that had taken place. i'm deliberately believe it was all due to our immaturity and loneliness.

Friday, September 12, 2008

sometimes it just happens...

  • have u ever faced a moment when u really need someone to talk to but u just don't know who that someone might be.
  • u just feel like u really have nobody to care for u.
  • u just feel like there's nobody who loves u (other than family n friend la).
  • tears fall down without u realize it and it's really uncontrollable.
  • u type a message but u delete it then.
  • u dial a set of number but u hang it up before u hear the beep.
  • u type a message but u don't know who to send it to.
  • u say hello but u didn't dial a number.
  • u feel like screaming.
  • u feel like crying.
  • u feel the anger but u ain't no reason.
  • u're mad but it's out of question.

demam assignment bahana presentation

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

bukan bunyi nangis tapi bunyi batuk.

takde connotation lain yg sesuai aku pikir.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

tekak rasa geli. kalau ikut hati nak je hulur tangan masuk dalam and garu2 kasi ilang.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

jiwa tertekan. otak terpenyek. sume nye assignment nye pasal n presentation nye pasal.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

dekat kul 2pgi dh ni tp x tdo lg.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.

nak sahur tp kenyang.

uhuk uhuk uhuk.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

to Miss F =)

Dear Miss F...

Sorry that i'm not by your side when you really need a friend to turn to. Despite everything that happened, i pray for your strength. Be strong and believe me you're not alone and you'll never be alone.

Although we're afar, i remain a friend of yours.

p/s: Ignore those cold look and ignore those inconsiderate mind. buat taktau je k =)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how time really changes

reflecting on previous years, life had never been this way. in terms of age, physical and maturity, everything has never been like this.

i might be considered as childish when i was in my early 18 and 19. yet i felt that i was mature enough to be plucked and placed in a bucket of love. until then when i realize, i'm too young to be involved in that lovey dovey thingy. how funny it is when now i think that it's too early for youths of the age of 18-19 to get committed in love. which i've almost forgotten, i'd once similar. but maybe what i think now is true that getting committed in love at the age of 18-19 is early. haih... i have no right to declare the most appropriate time to get involved in love as love is something undefined and it may happen to anyone at anytime.

how time really changes the norm that i used to live in. the weekend which i used to spend. the night which i used to have. and the day which i used to live. i mean when i was in love and having that someone in heart. i used to be waiting for weekend to strike so that i could go out for a date. i used to be waiting for the night to end so that i could get that sweet lovely message. i used to be waiting for the day so that i could start a new chapter and reducing countdown for the union of two hearts.

now? everything progresses in a totally different way. there's no more weekend for me to wait. there's no more night for me to be excited. but there's always a day for me to eagerly welcome as i believe a new day might offer me a new hope and destiny.

i know and i realize that i'm always complaining to my friends and family that i'm single and there's nobody to love me. i always say that i might end up as a spinster as the guys i know are mostly occupied and the guys i know are definitely limited. and i know some of my colleagues really can't stand my endless grief as i own no right of whining upon being single. my friends said that it's my choice to be single as the only thing i know is rejecting people. but have u ever wondered why did i always say no? because i just couldn't be sure that there's still someone on this earth that could offer me the greatest love. i don't dream of Taj Mahal nor mountains of money to rejuvenate myself. but i desire only for an earnest heart which could accept me the way i am and guiding me back on the track which i had once left.

to answer the most popular question that people have always probed on me, i am obviously single. i own nobody who could i label as my boyfriend. is that a problem to u? do i seem pathetic to u? i don't care if u think that being single is pathetic. i'm just happy with the way it is and when the time comes and when there's really that "someone", i'll be more than happy to let u know.

as for now, i'm not searching far from waiting. but i'm learning near to understanding. =)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

room fragrance

okay. enough said i'm officially pissed off with my room fragrance.

by the way i'm using electric Ambi Pur Evolution which has a socket that can be plugged in and has refill of 3 small bottles that release 3 different scents every 45mins. At first i thought lagi canggih lagi bagussss. so i purchased it. the smell was nice until i realized that the refill costs me too much. tapi dah beli dah so gune jelaaaaa. tapi last month i bought another refill n saje je tukar bau lain. sekali bau amatttttttttttttttttt memeningkan. bau cam bunga melur basi. eeeeiii. geli tak suke. rase cm nk muntah duduk bilik sndri. so tak gune. n baru2 ni beli la bau yang biasa guna tu. dah la mahallllllllllll. skali ni tumpah la plak. dari 3 botol tnggl satu botol je yg still ade fragrance. mane tak hangin??? dah la duit takde dah ni.

sumpah rase cam nak nangis. isk. saiko.... =(

Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm like a bird!!!yeay yeay yeay!!!

suke suke suke.

nape nape nape???

sebab assignment dah anta!!! but i'm not confident with this assignment. as usual. buat keje last minute.and kalini x phm sgt soklan. n tulis tah hape2. mase submit tu aku tengok assgmt kwn aku tebal nak mati. mine was wayyyy too nipis kalo di compare kan. haihhh sakit otak aku.tapi xpela. dh anta dh pun. tawakkal2. insyaAllah ok. aminnnnnn... =p

suke suke suke.

nape nape nape???

sebab xde sebab. but this happiness is believed to just be a temporary.


because after this i have to get myself stress up with presentation and assignment. hua!!!!!!!!!