Wednesday, September 3, 2008


everything went well except for my health. i'm not in a good piece as i'm starting to feel the heat inside my body. my throat is getting bitter and my head is getting dizzy.

i don't like it... =(


because i haven't completed my assignment which is due on this Friday (a day after tomorrow). i haven't finished the written paper and not to mention, i haven't generated the resources yet.

uhuk... i miss home... how nice would it be if mom is around to cook me a bowl of rice porridge.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Salam Ramadhan

1st of Ramadhan which was yesterday. nothing much had been done to celebrate the beginning of Ramadhan as most of us were having class since morning until night. (penat okes)

like most other Malaysian overseas students, we were excited of posting up our picture and wishes to Malaysian newspaper for Salam Perantauan. which therefore, we gathered the whole Cohort 3 for a group picture and all of us dressed up in our own traditional costumes.

above is the picture of my girlfriends and i. from left, Sufi, Jan, Ida n me =p

gambar di atas adalah bunga2 di taman larangan Cohort 3. waaa gitewwww. hehe =p

above is the picture of "The Princhester".
All the pictures taken in front of QUT were all taken after Jo's class. i don't have the group picture with me as most of the pictures are with Azizi. After the photo session we had 2hours break before we went out for an excursion to Brisbane Police Office and Art Gallery.

above is the picture of me in the Art Gallery.

above is the picture of.... aku la sape lagi. huaaaaa. semalam mase tgk balik sume gmbr aku saiko. saiko sbb rase cm pipi tembam sangat. cmne niiiii. huaaaaa. kalo kuruskan badan krg kurus sgt. huaaaaaaa. i'm not fat but my cheeks are. why why why???? tensen tensen tensen =(

okes menu berbuka semalam was nasi tomato yang dimasak bersama2 housemates terchenta. btw it was my second try in cooking tomato rice so excuse me for the kelembikan nasi itu yeaaa. sori guys =p