Saturday, August 30, 2008

River Festival yg kurengggg awesome

yesterday, 30th August when Malaysians were all busy with Merdeka countdown, i was busy with other thing else. River Festival, Brisbane's annual celebration.

i woke up early in the morning as i promised Sufi to cook her laksa that she had been craving for a week. so the both of us went to Westend morning market to buy all the ingredients for laksa.

so laksa siap tapi tak snap gmbr pun laaa.

in the evening we went to River Fest that we'd been waiting for. yeay!!!!! disebabkan terlalu excited nak pegi coz from our last experience, River Fest was awesome!!! so tahun ni kitorang pun ngade2 laaa nk pegi awl bagai sbb nk dpt best spot. tapi still terlambat gak skit. hehe.

mls nk cite pjg. so tgk gmbr jelaa ehhhh... =p

punyela semangat mase awal2 tuuuu. x sempat nk kuar umah lg dh amik gmbr dah. luckily the weather was fine so xyah nk pakai tebal2. yeayyy. so the pic above was before i went out from home. (4pm)since Ida n Jan worked late until evening yesterday, so Sue n I went there first to book the spot. we planned to be on the bridge like the previous year but taktau nape we sat on the ground plakk. dalam sejam gak laaa tunggu dua org tuan puteri tu sampai. about an hour later diorang sampai n nasib baik tuan puteri 2 org tu bwk mknn idak nk hangin gak laaa sbb lame tunggu. hehe. so we had strawberries with choco dip. (5pm)

baru 5 lebih. ade lg sejam lebih lagi before 7pm and kitorang dah tatau nk watpe. nk bangun jalan2 xleh coz krg org lain amik tempat. disebabkan bosan terlampau, we snapped pictures. tu kaki2 cun kitorang. dari kiri (me, Jan, Ida n Sue).
disebabkan kebosanan masih bermaharajalela, aku snapped gmbr kaki sendiri dgn perasaan "waaaaaaa...sungguh artistic gmbr ini.". =p
still bosan gak lg? aku amik gmbr kawan2 n suruh kawan2 amik gmbr aku. i can't upload some pictures coz nnti marah lak tuan puteri tuan puteri sekalian di atas ke'candid'an gmbr diorang. hehe. so tu muke aku yg budget tembam.

around 6.30pm orang makin ramai and ade la makhluk2 yang datang lmbt tapi ngade nk duduk depan telah me'parked' bontot masing2 di depan kitorang. hanginnnnn!!!!!! sentap okes kitorang yang tunggu dari siang smpi mlm ni. d pic above adalah gambar sepasang kekasih omputih yang tak reti nk consider perasaan org lain. dengan selamba badak nye diorang telah berdiri menayang bontot masing2 kepada kitorang yang dh layu mata menunggu. tensi tensi.
ni lagi sekelompok makhluk2 takde sense of consideration. sekaum keluarga yang semuanye size besar2 tinggi cam galah telah berdiri di hadapan kitorang dengan perasaan tak bersalah dan bermuka samseng. btw muke ayah family ni serius cm askar america yang ganas2 tu. takut la nk tegur. takut kne tembak. hehe =p
7pm. River Fest bermula. and aku time tu dah takde mood dah nk excited2. what can i say is that; the fireworks were better than last year but other sky performances were not so good.. last year byk jet tp tahun ni skit je. last year ade communication between the pilots ngn audiences but this year takde. tak bestttttt!!! disebabkan amat sentap ngn ketidak'best'an River Fest, kitorang trus balik right after that. balik makan laksa lagi best. nyumnyum =p

p/s: Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 51 ebelibodi!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

random complaints

i can't log on to YM so here i am gibbering craps.

it's so damn hot tonight!!! changing season really cost me a fortune dealing with this heat. i know that i complained much about the cold but i don't like the heat either.

and the guys upstairs are scratching guitars and singing country songs like no end. yea i know... it's friday night. a night for you to loose up and mellow. as for me, i'm seeking silence as i really wanna read this novel in peace. not with the sound of laughters and screams from people that i don't know.


guys: can they really be trusted?

i'm not pointing finger to anyone.

case to ponder:

i'm having a hot discussion in YM (now) with a friend of mine. a guy. he's seeking advices upon his serious problem which is; "who to choose? old or new?". got it? yeaaaa. in dilemma between an old gf or a new gf.

in the case of his first relationship, they've been together for about 7 years which i believe it deserves to be considered as a very long period for youngsters like us. right? 7 tahun lama tuuuu. and they've gone beyond the limit. u understand me right? and this guy admits that he doesn't love his gf anymore like he used to and he feels like his gf doesn't really understand him and keep on placing control on him. hey u guy(this particular guy i mean). wake up! i know u feel controlled and u gain no freedom. but can't u understand the girl? she's seeking secure in u coz u've stolen "that" from her. yea u may say that it wasn't totally ur fault as the girl was willing to do it. u were too young back then and love was in the air. two homo-sapiens. girl + boy together in an isolated place and things happened which were all driven by lust and immature emotions + thinking. so both should be responsible. i understand u. 7 years u keep holding on this. and after that moment, it wasn't love anymore as lust took control over it. and u felt soooooo guilty which u did too much thinking. and at the same time the girl sought too much secure. both situations clashed together which led u to conclude that ur gf is way to demanding and has no trust in u and doesn't understand u. but ur too much thinking has made ur gf felt insecure and ur withdrawn has driven her crazy. u always talk about responsibility. the reason of u holding on this fragile string is just because of responsibility and not because of love. but think it deeper u guy. where did the responsibility come if it wasn't from love?

in the case of his second relationship. he was two-timing his old gf with this new girl. yelaaa. that new girl is prettier and even sexier. but he realized it and got back on track. again, it was all because of responsibility. but then he stood on an imbalanced ground as he didn't know which one to choose. then again, got back on track. again, sense of realization played its role. but not because of responsibility. but chemistry. the new girl found to be having greater spark than the old gf does. so decision has been made. tolak yang lama amik yang baru. still, seeking advice but everything i told sume pun nak bela diri sendiri je. hey u... orang salah je yang takleh terima pendapat org and orang salah je yang asyik nk side diri sndri. believe me. the same thing might happen again but if it won't pun u'll still be chased by ur previous mistake.

p/s: sorry that i fail to be a good friend this time as there's really no comforting soothing word for u to erase ur guilt. and thank u for successfully adding up to my reason account of doubting guys. but one thing for sure, we remain friends. =)



it's been more than 2hours since i arrived in this so stuffy computer lab of Kelvin Grove campus. but i did nothing accept from chatting with my friends. either virtually or for real through my mobile phone.

btw i don't have the intention of writing the assignment pun. i'm here just for the sake of briefing my silly brain with what should i be doing for my assignment. owhhh yeaaa... anyways, this is the assignment which i mentioned last time. the assignment which was supposed to be due on today (Friday). however, luck is by my side that i got the extension. not only me but the whole class did and it's now due on 5th Sept. hoorayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

since it's been extended, i lagi lagi laaaaaaa malas nk buat. i know half of my friends or should i say, majority of my colleagues are already on their way of accomplishing it. but the ignorant silly milly poyo moyo me is still procrastinating. see. i'm stealing time writing this crap. dummy!

okay okay. positive thinking fathiah.

thinking... thinking... thinking....

ting!!! got it!

so i've decided upon...

just get the rough idea of what should i do. decide on the task, plan the extension, have the focus.


p/s: if u don't understand me, don't u ever bother. btw, i'm losing focus with my assignment as i'm more concerned with "The Rules of Saying Goodbye". a novel which i'd just bought recently. so for the mean time, i'm off to youtube.

oooooppsss. nak gak ckp. smlm g tgk Hellboy 2. best but not so good tp best. tht's it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

no no not my fault

yes yes it's my fault. my bad for having this so hideous attitude of wasting money. now when i think i'm broke i really have none in mine to blame other than myself. boooooooooo! serve u right fathiah.

right after tutorial my friends and i went straight to KFC in Indroopilly. greedy i was, nah amik i ordered 10packs wicked chicken wings. only at the second piece of chicken wing, i felt like throwing out as i can't consume too much oily food. so i sold another 5 pieces of the chicken to Ayie. huuuuuu =p

i really didn't have anything in mine to buy except for *** as i felt like my old ***s have already worn out of size. so i half heartedly bought two ***, and accidentally 1 top or whatever it is which i don't know what it's called.

i really have a bad financial management. i buy things without thinking and little have i remembered that i have to save up. save up untuk masa depan. huh? can i? yaaaaaa right. we'll see how much will i be able to save up.

at the moment - fathiah, u better just stay at home-

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

productive day

muahahahah. senyum bangga senyum bangga.

at last i managed to contribute something on the Wikipedia. owhh by the way it's one of my assessments in Digital Media course. i have to contribute at least 15 facts (if i'm not mistaken) and just now i contributed only 2-3. why 2-3? because out of 3, 1 of them isn't yet confirmed as it doesn't have any reference. i took quite a long time to think of what i was going to write. yelaaaaa. berbulan cuti kan so otak dah berkarat la nk wat academic writing. huaaaa!!! tak suke tak suke.

owh yeaaaaa. nk gak mention. i kat uni ni. hehe. semangat kan lepak uni? so not me. wahahahhahaha. actually it's all due to the none internet access kat umah la. if not i would have been meronggeng di rumah masak2 n makan2. not like now. chewing Rafaello secretly in computer lab. haihhhh. lapar =(

i'll be going to the city right after this. nak bli something. hehe. then balik n masak!!! salivate dahhh. lapar. nk msk chicken curry laaaa rini.

p/s: sekian saja post gedik untuk hari ini. wasalam. =p

Monday, August 25, 2008

hari sentap sedunia.

arini mak sentap nokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. hahaha. that's what pondan will usually say right?

major kesentapan of the day:
i coloured my hair out of the endless boredom while jalan2 in the city just now. not in the saloon but ida coloured it for me. both of us bought the same colour but different boxes definitely. i last coloured my hair last 3 month and today i coloured it again. but it didn't turn out to be the colour that i wanted. so i'm damn pissed off. not to anybody but to the colour itself. and for sure, sentap dgn diri sendiri yang amat terlebih pandai ini. to fix it i think i really have to seek for the hairdresser. i was intended to cut my hair n now i'll have to invest more because of the colour. haihhhhhhhh (*+*)

minor kesentapan:
possum kencing atas aku. huaaaaaa!!! sampai hati. aku selalu puji possum comel. tak nah pun wat jahat kat kaum2 possum se-Aussie tapi nape possum nk kne kencing atas aku mase aku jalan lalu bwh tiang lampu itu? never mind dear possum. u'r forgiven. i hati mulia harini. auwwww =)

super duper major kesentapan for the whole week:
my home's internet is being suspended. not formally suspended but indirectly it's been agreed that we only on the router from 12midnite until 12noon. it's due to the nearly over accessed internet usage. this is all because of the new housemates from the upstairs. they're not used to the situation when the internet is over used and it becomes super slow. so they think it's better to only use the internet at the very very late at night with average speed. aiyoooooooooo. i'm the minority who protest the idea because i really can't live without internet. i can compromise with super duper slow internet speed but not with none internet access. time run faster please so that i can have new internet quota n back online as i used to.

at the time being = jiwa kacau saiko tak tenteram =(