Saturday, August 16, 2008

ice. can u go away?

i'm cold.

i'm freezing.

it's nearly end of winter.

can it just go away?

i mean the winter.


it's not that cold actually.

i'm just exaggerating.

because i hate cold.

even the degree drops only for a Celsius, heater is always on. taking shower? still as i always do. but with very2 hot water. walking out home with only a piece of cloth? yeaaa i did. just now. but i regretted it. damn (*+*)


hampir setahun u teman i.

ikut i ke hulu ke hilir.

pada awal nye i tak suke u sangat.

sebab u x rapat dengan i.

u baru.

i rase tak sesuai dengan u.

tapi bile i dah kenal u betul.

i rase kite ade chemistry.

i bawak u tak kire ke mana atau untuk occasion ape sekali pun.

i tetap rase u'r the best for me.

sebab u pandai sesuaikan diri dengan apa saja situasi.

makin lama i makin sayang u.

even ramai yang approach tapi i tetap jugak setia pada u.

i taknak cari pengganti.


tanpa i sedar i hampir menghancurkan u.

sumpah bukan niat i.

tapi i tak boleh resist keinginan i untuk sentiasa bersama u.

sekarang, i terpaksa cari pengganti.

kerna u tak mungkin lagi mampu bahagiakan i seperti dahulu.

maafkan i...

i janji akan ingat u selagi i mampu.


bye u... (see i've told ya. die dah almost hancur)

ini pengganti-pengganti u yang baru. tapi i janji akan tetap ingat u.

ini sume kawan2 lama u. i tak sayang diorang macam i sayang u.i x suke sangat diorang. i lagi suke u. lagi sayang u. sumpah.

p/s: if u couldn't comprehend what i was saying above, basically it was about my kasut yang sudah lama and rosak. hehe =p

a tribute to my old golden peep-a-toe. =(


eh? it's been a while gak la eh i x update my blog?


yela kott. sebabnye dh tukar la plak blogspot nye dashboard tu.

haih... i've got nothing to say.

eh takkk...actually i have plenty to say. but then i can't express it here. it's too public. karang sume org muntah lendir ngan luahan2 perasaan aku yang amat syahdu. auwwwww.

hurmmm. know what? i'm thinking of having another blog yg anonymous.

thinking thinking thinking. do it do it do it.


maybe soon. eh nope. maybe now. eh tah. i tatau. =p

Monday, August 11, 2008

i dun wanna rise any speculation

i deleted the previous entry as i believe it might be fishy.

anything regarding my feeling is best kept personal.

unless i really feel like it's right to be displayed.

if you really concern with my current feeling, if u really care, ask me and feel me. eeeiiuuwww. cheesy =p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

free eating day!!!

yesterday i had been eating only free meals. yada yada!!! what a good bless from God huh? hehe.

nope la. my breakfast wasn't free as i had it at home. so i went to Malaysian students' gathering in the afternoon. due to my personal well known ignorance, i thought it was a barbecue party as we always had. yet, it turned out to be Malaysian makan-makan with plain rice, sayur campur, ayam masak merah, karipap n roti jala. since i was craving for barbecue meals so i didn't eat much. kuikuikui =p
i met Tiffanie and we were caught up in quite a long conversation as both of us were consciously updating each other. Tiff invited me to her graduation day next week but i'm still thinking of it as i don't really know her friends until yesterday. and her parents are coming too. and yeaaa. yesterday i met some of Tiff's friends and they were all Malaysian Chinese and were all friendly. accept for one lady, an Indonesian. she's in d same age as Tiff (24). yet has been so successful by holding a position as a lecturer in QUT and is doing PHD and everything is sponsored by QUT. i know she deserves to be proud of it and be boastful of herself for she will be sent to various countries (i couldn't remember them) to present the papers but hey.. there was something about her which i didn't like. u know.. the patronizing look to those who cover their hair?

so right after melantak, my friends and i (Sue, Ida n Zaim) went to catch the citycat and headed to the city.

as usual there's always performances being held at Queens Street so we stopped for a while to watch an astonishing performance from Indonesia's youths who were promoting their upcoming event of Pesta Rakyat next week.

then i headed back home as i had to unlock my door since Jannah left her belongings at my room. Jannah invited Sue, Ida n i to have late dinner at Otoman (a restaurant where she's working). so again, free food!!! yummy2. =p