Friday, August 8, 2008

i didn't go out but i shopped

haha. what an achievement!!! i haven't been out to the city n most importantly i haven't had any intention of going out for shopping along this week. even for a movie. now i'm listing down the reasons why:

- i was fasting for 3 days in a row.
- i am currently trying to constraint my financial flow.
- i am mostly not in d mood.

but... i did buy something. ida went to buy a set of fragrance for her hantaran n i was cooking that time when she dropped by and let my innocent nose to have that sweet lovely scent which i fell for it and handed her some money to buy me one. nahhhh~~~

LAMB by Gwen Stefani. so pasni bau lamb laaa kot instead of my other fragrances. hehehe.

yeaaaa. actually i only bought 30ml of d fragrance since the price is considered super duper low compared to other bottles .dah xde duit ni kne la jd cheapskate kan...sadis okes =p

Thursday, August 7, 2008

devastated i am

tasty food wouldn't have been that bitter if loneliness wasn't the closest buddy at that moment. till just now that i realized, food wouldn't have been tastier if there's nobody around to enjoy it together.

since the moment that i learned love means hatred, loneliness has been apart of me which i couldn't see its withdrawn. being lonely for ages has indirectly brought me to what i am today. along the moment of being alone, i have come into understanding myself even though i haven't yet ultimately comprehended the real me.

u can say that u're sad. but will they believe it?

they might say, "u seem happy".

but seeming and being are not one, they're not d same.

try to be alone and tell me what it feels like.

can u see the meals up there? yea nasi lemak n spring rolls. being wasted when it was only me at the table. but i gonna finish them up later. kalo ade mood la. hehe =p

kesaikoan itu milik ku

ding dong. kul 1.15am. guess what am i doing? duk makan okessss. makan spring roll yg aku buat td. spring roll yg terlebih masin. besela orang puasa masak mmg x perfect pun. x ckup tu aku wat toasted bread. a can of soya bean. still lapar. xkan nk makan nasik ayam lg kot?

aku saiko okess now. sebab tu aku makan. lapar lagipun.

okes bye.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

analogy itu. relevan kah?

"okay. korang imagine eh. dulu korang dh bese idup jalan kaki. pastu korang dh pandai naik bus. lrt. dah ade license korang mule pandai naik motor, bawak kete. tapi tibe2 kete korang kne tarik. korang dh xleh bawak kete lg. n korang kne back to normal, jalan kaki, naik bus. korang rase korang boleh hidup?"

that's the analogy a guy friend of mine told me just now. about why do guys find for comfort when they're being dumped or their love relationship had just came to its conclusion. that's why i've told ya. guys just couldn't live without girls. bukan sumer guys camtu. tapi majority. so? kalo dah laki sendiri bagi aku analogy seperti itu. wajarlah aku bertambah yakin dengan apa yang aku percaya. get it?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a bittersweet escape it is

he used to put on a show as she had been deceived by the spark of faith that he lighted on his face.

she walked away and she conformed it was tough. it was a pain. it was no easy. but a bittersweet escape it is.


dear friend. i don't know how can i lend you my skinny shoulders for you to cry on. i don't know how would it be best for me to comfort you. but trust me. i'm more than concern that i always care. be strong babe =)

a short tiring day

hehe.why do i call it a short tiring day?because i was fasting today n it was just for a short while as i woke up late in d afternoon.intentionally okes.nampak sangat keji kan?kuikuikui =p

so i woke up, washed my body n performed my solat and straight away went to Valley for the meat hunting. i stopped by at the Chinese market and shopped for some ingredients (getting ready for Ramadhan. i like making traditional malay kuihs so gonna get my fridge occupied with all the important ingredients) =p

so i had a long walk in Valley n went back home to keep the heavy things first before i continued my day to Coles. again, hunting for food. so i was back home. due to d excessive used of energy throughout the day, i canceled my plan of cooking hainanese chicken rice as the meal to break my fast. so i changed it into something easier and faster to prepare, beef steak. i bought a ready marinated piece of beef and grilled it together with fries and prepared a bowl of instant chicken soup. owhhh. i also had the leftover of char koew teow from last night. conclusion? i was n still am so damn full =p

Sunday, August 3, 2008

festive week

owh. the whole week is almost over as i'll be attending classes tomorrow. however i had a great time throughout the week as enjoyment has been drooling yet after the class ended last Monday. lotsa movies that i watched. be it at the cinema, online watching, downloaded movies or rented dvd.

yea so yesterday my friends and i were busy preparing a little surprise party for my dearest friend, Jannah.

dear Jannah. sorry for not having anything special on your special day. yet i hope that the little surprise last night was up to ur expectation n satisfaction. it was kinda weird of not having birthday cake but various foods might had made it up right?hehe. we replaced the cake with pizzas n some other foods like fried meehoon n few kuih. yummy2 kan last night. hehe. so here again, i wanna hand in my wish for u.

Jan Jan. Happy sweet 22. U're a year older and i hope that maturity will grow fonder. i hope that this journey of life will be easier on u and i really hope that u gonna find someone that really worth u. Happy Birthday Jan!!!! love u. muahhhss =)