Saturday, August 2, 2008

as being promised

i promised to post the continuation of previous entries of reminiscence and winter trip on 1st August. yeaaa. i know it's already 2nd August. a day later. n i'm truly really not in d mood of typing sentences to form a well elaborated entry of what i'd been doing last month. as usual. pictures worth more than thousand million billion n trillion words. nahhh =p

second day in Sydney. it was raining so so so heavily. tapi Amnah ngan bangga nye cakap, "alaaa.lepak la ujan lalu je ni.krg stop la". but u know what? sampai ke mlm ujan x stop okes. tp nsib x sjuk sgt. tp abis la photo session.ujannn!!!

Reez (Wan) and me. haih. damn so missing u Wan. thanks a lot for being one of my tourist guides and thanks so much sebab sanggup berhujan kuar same2 smpi demam n stayed late during my last nite =)
can u see the 3 girls back there? they're all my love. skali ngan Niza yg baru knal tu pn aku angkut skali jdik my love. from left, Ezat, Amnah (eskimo) and Niza. thanks so so so much much much sbb jdik tourist guide aku. thanks Amnah sbb snggup teman aku pagi smpi petang then trus g keje. Thanks Ezat sbb snggup ikut skali smpi sakit2. thanks Niza sbb even kite bru knal tp Niza snggup teman n bwk jln. sayangggg korang. muahhhsss

hujannnnnn. so xleh nk g jln dkt2 amik gmbr. sadis okes ngan tudung penyek sume =p

sumpah aku tatau ape motif Asyi nak gak amik gmbr ngn mende colourful kotak2 tu. seyes x paham. tapi ape pun sayang Asyi mase ni. sbb sanggup trus dtg dr tmpt keje and temankan smpi mlm. siap tukar uniform keje lg. test power camera baru lak tu minah ni. sempatttt =p

ngah tunggu ferry nihhhh. kecik kan kaki Achan. heheheh =p

Luna Park. it was raining. tp aku sorang je pelik x sejuk siap leh pakai cmtu je. hebat kan???

all of us in Bondi Beach

kitorang perempuan2 tulen di Bondi. hehe =p

Tihah was there too!!!! thanks so so so much Tihah coz sanggup dr Paramatha g Bondi. uhuk. sumpah aku terharuuuuuuuuuu. auwwww =p

last day jalan2 kt Sydney city.huaaaaa

sempat g church pe tah mase last day tu. right after that i stormed to Starbucks sbb lapar sgt2 nk mkn New York cheesecake. tp ended up shopping at few stores before g melantak. sighhh

Thursday, July 31, 2008

counting hours

yeay!!!it's 31st of July which means that after 12 midnight the internet quota will b renewed. yeyeye!!!

yeaaa. actually i'm supposed to be at uni as i was supposed to have an interview with my lecturer. but due to a specific health issue i'd canceled the appointment and just resting at home. diarrhea after a big glass of strawberry milkshake at 3 monkeys last night. duhhhhh. it caused few turbulences to my sleep which makes me a zombie.

hurmmmm... it's too empty. i mean the house. sue is away to uni with ida. i should be there but this diarrhea changed everything. but i gonna be meeting my girlfriends soon as we'll be watching "Wanted" tonight. yeay!!! angie is back on screen once again!!!n i might be sleeping in unilodge as we might be catching the last movie on show. since assignment is not yet playing it's murder role, so i'll b spending most of my time with friends. at the moment. pasni saiko sorang2 kt lab la as usual. hehe =p

okes.gotta get my ass back to the kitchen. masak2 n laundry2. haihhhhhhh

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


my bad for keeping this blog in silence. due to the exceeded internet quota at home i restlessly ending up ignoring this blog untouched.

current mood = hopeless

current academic condition = classes run only on Monday. boring!!!

current location = Gardens Point computer lab. "youtubing" Malay drama - Ezora. (uhhh ohhh. i really fell in love with Edrin? huh i don't know what his real name is n even his name in that series pun i hardly get it right).

current status = alone, lonely, sulking

p/s: i know i shall be writing my reminiscence and shall be updating on my previous winter trip. i started entries of them but i hardly keep them on track. it's all due to my snail motion internet at home and as an escape, i'll be spending my time out from home. i'll get back when 1st August is the date of the year. hence i believe that there's nobody around to care whether i keep this blog updated or not as people won't really give a glance on my boring life.