Saturday, July 26, 2008

staying numb

uhhh ohhh. i'm all numb in my crib. nothing much to do. i'm done with my cooking. plain white rice with ikan bawal msk sweet n sour + sayur ape tah digoreng bersama ikan bilis n pati belacan. half of the meal had been consumed and is actively digested in my flat belly. flat belly? yeaaa... i'm skinny n my belly has never been in other shape. flat is it since forever. unless if i get pregnant. only if i get married. as for now, marriage is something that is far-reaching as i place it beyond my logical thought.

if i continue this act for another an hour, i might be dying numb in this room. gotta get myself out from here. but it's chilling cold out there. i hate winter. i hate rain. i hate being suffocated in gloomy air. hurm. i better rejuvenate myself in the bath tub with fragrance warm water and have a slice of cheesecake right after.


quick update

little had i thought that this last semester will be this boring. i'm supposed to have 3 days classes in a row. tapi secara technically nya, i will only have class on Monday until Week 4. goshhhh. kamu boleh kata aku skema sebab aku tak suka dengan fact yang kelas cuma sehari seminggu. aku bukan skema. tapi aku bosan dengan kehidupan yang tidak ada apa mahu buat.

Sue and i tido kt unilodge for 3 nights sebab kitorang bosan nak balik rumah. lepak rumah org lagi best. lagi pun rumah kawan sendiri jugak. sebulan winter holiday baru2 ni, aku jarang jumpa ida n jan. so kalini aku lepas rindu dendam tido lama2 at their place.

hari ni hari jumaat. but it's already 12.36am, maksudnya sudah saturday. friday night. orang keluar bergumbira. aku? i'm not in d mood to have a night out. aku bukan jenis suka clubbing. aku rimas dengan bau arak. asap rokok. music yang bingit. n d fact that i don know how to dance. duhhhhh. aku malas segala.

aku telefon adik aku Afiq tadi. he updated me about his gf. not to my interest actually. tapi aku dengar je. as usual, Afiq pesan macam2. ingat kakak keje cop duit ke adik oi??? we'll see how okes. if i have extra money i'll buy u something.

aku call rumah. i spoke to mama, abah and atok. mak aku masih dengan cerita abang cik aku ada gf n dah tunjuk tanda2 nak kawin. alhamdulillah. at last abang aku yang sorang tu pikir gak psl kawin. abah pulak updated me about our planned holiday nak g indo. aku nak bandung. abah nak padang or palembang. aku nak shopping. abah nak scenery. tapi aku nak scenery jugak. tak kisah. aku ikut parents. anak baik kan? hehe. i spoke to my atok. hurmmm. sah atok aku makin nyanyuk. twice that she asked me d same question. 1) kakak makan apa mlm ni? aku dah jawab. kakak makan nasi goreng je malam ni. few minutes later, atok tanya lagi. 2) kakak masak lauk apa hari ni? aku jawab lagi. kakak masak nasik goreng je hari ni.

hurmmm... aku rindu Rizq. esok aku call lagi.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new sem has started

The thought of last semester in Australia has finally approached has merely made me down. Frankly, i'm not really happy to have the idea of going back to Malaysia for good by the end of this year. Not that i'm forgetting my family and friends back in homeland, yet i just think that it will b better if i can continue my last year of degree here in QUT. But the contract had been agreed and this is just a twinning program which requires me to go back and finish my degree in IPBA.

Why do i think that it's better in here?
- resources for my study are easy accessed. they're abundance of them in QUT library.
- currency is higher and prices for groceries are cheaper. (cooking makes life easier)
- living apart from home offers me wider room to equip myself with the knowledge of life.

What are the things that make me worried about stepping homeland?
- recession. prices are all irrelevantly increased.
- limited resources. lecturers in IPBA are way too demanding.

Yet, a part of me is still excited with the thought of going home. To meet a family that i miss. Honestly, i miss my parents, granny, brothers, sisters and rizq so heartedly.

By the way, yesterday was the first day for this very last semester in Australia. The schedule is pack in every Monday as my classes run from morning until night. But i only have 3 days classes and the rest 4 days are free. yeay!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

tensen tensen tensen

can u see the title above?that's my current YM status.


because i'm so pissed off.

because of what???

my wardrobe is too small. yes it is. and my stuffs are too much. and it makes it even smaller.

since morning until evening i tried to reorganize the arrangement in my wardrobe because the amount of my garments has increased and i had to swap the way i arranged my things to fit everything inside.however i have so many jeans,sweaters,teddy bears,clothes and handbags to all be fitted in one small wardrobe.yea i wish a wardrobe like Carrie has in her new house with Mr.Big.but it might be too much for me lol =p

i guess d trouble i caused is now safe for a moment as i threw bulky2 things like extra towels,extra bedsheets,pillow cases,blankets and winter coats inside my luggage under d bag.phewwwwwww.mind it more shopping ;p