Saturday, June 14, 2008

j.e.a.n.s. = l.o.v.e.

sentences in red are what written underneath my Guess jeans:

Jeans are like men!
It is really difficult to find someone you really love and that fits you really well with your body and your soul and when it happens you want to keep them with you for your whole life!

i agree with this as i believe that it takes you years just to find someone who really fits you well. it's not an easy life task to find your soul mate. so once you find him u'll definitely want to treasure him for the rest of your life. at first you'll find yourself flying high up in the air and you wouldn't care of anything else.

Perhaps jeans are even better than men. They never tell you that you speak too loud or too much... They protect you and keep you warm in windy days. Without asking for it! They are like your second skin. They still fit you even after that wonderful slice of cheese cake you had with that creamy cuppuccino!

however, when the time comes you may find that he's not the one who is right for you. especially when he starts complaining on how talkative you are and how depressing he is listening to your never ending stories. he may not be the right one for you when he starts to hesitate of having you as a partner especially when your physical starts to change negatively. thus, it is even worse when he starts not to care of your problems as he may say, "it's your problem. not mine. so solve it yourself. don't you ask me to help you". it may seems harsh when the one that you love says that to you. but believe me. it may happen and it had had happened. i assure you that's when you should make your move off from him.

jeans = men = love. that's the formula that i come into conclusion with. since i'm a girl so how could i compare a pair of jeans with a woman aite? haha. so... as it is really2 hard for me to find the right jeans to fit my skinny legs, i found it is also difficult for me to find my mr. right aka my love. since my biggest failure in love matter years ago, i started to develop this weird feeling in my heart. i found it hard for me to trust another guys. i found it hard for me to give chances to another guys. even i have the little tiny feeling of liking someone, or quite a large spot of liking someone, yet i hesitate to start loving him. i know it won't be fair aite to just proceed to the next step when i'm still hesitate and confused. i know it is also hard for guys to let me gain trust in them. it's not that i'm prejudicing every guy in this world that they cannot be trusted. it's just that i myself am afraid of trusting any other guy and afraid of loving someone as i am really2 afraid of losing again... am i at fault for having this weird feeling? am i selfish? that's what i'm dealing of now... is it okay just to let d time determine everything?

Friday, June 13, 2008

hari drag sedunia

life has been soooooooooooooooooooooo bored without any intellectual events. cewah ye ye je. tipu sgt la kan kalo cmtu. lg best yela xyah g clas n xde assignment. hahahah. tp seyes bosan okes bile duit dh xde nk kuar n cuti lame sgt duration nye. so i end up duk dlm blik duk bace blog org lain. latest blog yg dh membuatkan aku addicted is blog meriah uolssss. it really entertains me sampaikan aku gelak tergolek2 bace. bangun pagi je bace. before tido je bace. smpaikan bdk2 umah ni igt aku gile gelak sorang2 dlm bilik. tp smlm kuar gak jap g tgk "the hulk" ngn akran, awan n aim. sue ajak tgk 'the happening' tp x minat so sue g ngn jan.

rini lak boring amat laaa. bgun awal g coles ngn akran then siang lak gi mane cube teka cuba teka. hahahhahahaha!!!!! gi photo shoot!!!!!!! maklum la dh jdik artis dh skrg ni. bkn artist yg lukis2 tu even aku tau lukis. tp ni celebrities terkenal. sufi kan dikenali ngn nama jolokan manjanya iaitu Tyra Banks. so haruslah dia nk angkut aku skali jd model kn. dah tu ni laaaa hasilnye. dr siang smpi ke malam kitorang duk m'gedix snap gmbr. zaim antara photographer utk rini selain dr org2 kt tepi jalan yg lalu lalang. hahahah. trimas2. jasa korang amat dikenang =p

pose kaki angkat sbelah ni pose wajib ketika menggedix.

sufi n zaim ckp kne tgk tmpt lain. so aku tgk la tmpt lain. tp diorang ckp aku salah pose sbb muke x ngadap cam. aku pening okess~~

aiyoooooo. ni amat perasan tauuu. biar la situ. bak kata kak reez, ade aku kesah? wahahahha =p

without any reason, aku suke pic ni. sbb aku rase cam aku ayu even aku tau aku x ayu tp kayu. hohoohoh =o

akibat photo shoot yg melampau, sampai mlm la kitorang wat penggambaran. hehhee. ekceli ade la byk peak stop kan. merata singgah siap singgah borak ngn emy n putri smpi sejam lg. hahaha.

pose gedix harusss demi mengakhiri sesi photo shoot utk arini. muahahahah =p

Thursday, June 12, 2008

when she knows...

The truth is too hard for it to land on a piece of a soft heart. The reality is too harsh for that little spirit to face with a brave heart. How cruel the destiny is to lead her way chaotically. Without a stable mind of guiding her paddle of life, she has nearly given up upon moving on. She has expected that the fact is that cruel fact. She has expected that this will happen. Yet, she still chose to choose this way and now when she gets it, she doesn't know who to blame. Definitely it's herself that should be blamed upon presenting this heartache. She wishes to cry as it might somehow vanish her misery and bury it in the deepest ground. Nevertheless, her lake is too dry which fails her to shed even a drop of tears.

Deep inside, she is now clear with what she should be doing. She is now clear that her life is no longer hanging. She is now clear that she should not be indulging herself reminiscing on her cruel past. So... she is now free!!!! Free from any doubts. Free from any quests. Free from anything. but... she might find it hard to once again plant her bud of trust. She's not acknowledging that love is meaningless. That guys are unreliable. She realizes that love can be meaningful and some guys can be trusted. So she is once again starting fresh and confidently walk her way with a wide smile on her face =)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lembab giler

arini je dh 2 kali aku tukar layout blog ni.kunun la nk kasi nmpk sweet2 cute2 n kebabom ala2 skali jejak nk jejak at last aku terpaksa pasrah ngn ke'bengong'an tahap super gaban yg aku ni mmg la amat lembab bab2 teknologi ni. otak aku xleh nk digest ape ke mende tah html la css la ape sume tu.aku pening. so last2 aku amik blik layout hodoh frm blogspot. nnti rajin2 dh jmpe yg best aku apply layout tu. ni sume pn nmpk cmbest skali sumbat msuk dlm blog aku jd serupe ape je lg. ish saiko okes. daaaaa.

p/s: nmpk sgt buhsan thp kucing mengandung smpi duk godek2 layout je dr pgi. gilos =p

when she's about to know...

She has been spending a quarter of her life devoting on something which she used to treasure much. She had been entitled as the happiest girl in this world. Yet, as the Malay popular saying usually acknowledge; the sky is not always smiling as the tears might sometimes drop. So her life had once been stained with the immortal pain which she might carry along throughout her journey of life.

She has never forgotten of her solemn memoir which she secretly reminiscences upon her past misery. Guys come and go and the answer is always NO. Except for someone which she could see the potential of pulling the smiles onto her face. But the unstable heart of hers keeps blocking the way of moving forward. She has gained the courage of revealing the truth and knowing the answer. She called few times for the sake of learning her position with a very fragile preparation on comprehending the truth. But as it has been destined from the earlier, God is granting her wish of not knowing the truth as how she used to wish at the very beginning. The reality is being so cruel by hindering almost all the possible ways which she can think of in finding the key to the mystery that she had never intended to reveal.

Nevertheless, she realizes that the act she has been doing and the decision she has been making are actually making her a coward who lives in denial. And the denial is in a way making things harder to be digested. Therefore, she decided to face the reality but not with the help from others. She chose to face it alone so that no one will ever witness the diluted points of hers. She hopes that people will just keep in silence as how they used to before and just let her lead her way as how she wishes to. She agrees to the fact that a stubborn girl she is. So just let us pray for her happiness in resolving the jigsaw puzzle of hers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

am having fun

i know this won't be fair to Firus as she's still struggling finishing her semester with abundance of examination papers. instead, i'm here enjoying myself with a heavy flow of money splitting out from my account. sorry babe. your time will come n even ur winter break might not be as long as mine yet u gonna b enjoying urself with ur other half by end of this year. so u better be looking forward for that babe. hehe.

so let me proceed with my entry of today. i went to DFO with Akran, Sufi, Jan n Zaim. while being the fashion adviser of Akran, i was as well hunting for my stuffs. so i bought a trench coat and a pair of boots. i'll show u when i wear those stuffs. i'm not having the intention of snapping the pictures of my shopping deals. there was nothing much happened today n everything went well. i'm not in d mood of updating any of my life issues. maybe tomorrow.adios muchochossss =p

p/s: nmpk sgt x ikhlas nk update kan? xpela lenkali. hehe

Monday, June 9, 2008

guess what again?

hohoho.i'm now at home after 2 nights of overnight at Ida n Jan's crib. so Sufi n i were there after the crazy shopping day. that evening we headed back to our house to keep all the things and packed up our clothes n dragged our bags to Unilodge. that night we were off for a movie. Narnia Caspian. owhhhhhhh~~~i was so much in love watching the charming Prince Caspian. after the movie we straight away went back to Unilodge and did some research on the actor of Prince Caspian. hahaha. gile gedix. i was intended of dreaming him that night but the night was too short as i was too tired and dreamt of nothing.

so yesterday we were off to Harbour Town (a shopping paradise near Gold Coast). and there again witnessed my promise which couldn't be believed forever. i kept saying that i won't make my spending exceed 50aud but i was. but not too much. i only grabbed a Guess purse, 1 black top n 1 black bell cardigan. a good bargain actually for the Guess purse. another 50% off. and my Roxy purse was that time giving me a sign to change to a new one. so i really2 had to. the surrounding was forcing me. hahahah.

This evening Sufi, Jan n i went to Kelvin Grove and sat together with Acan, Zaim and K.A. to book for our accommodation in Melblurne. nasib baik ade lg accommodation. idak merempat laaa tido bwh jambatan mse winter trip krg.heheheh. n this evening i went for a movie, Sex n d City with Akran. i lurveeeeeee d movie so muchhhhhh. i nearly cried when Mr.Big canceled the wedding. or... did i cry? hehehe. wasn't really sure as i haven't been crying for so long. ok. i better off to bed now. i gotta b early tomorrow as Sue, Jan, Akran n i are going to DFO. another shopping paradise with lotsa branded factory outlets. but i'm going for nothing.just to b a loyal shopping partner of Akran. a fashion adviser like he said. but still, i'm afraid that i might buy something. goshhh. better not!!! hehehe. ok. pen off. fluffy duvet is waiting. daaa adios.