Saturday, June 7, 2008

guess what?

As i scrolled down my account yesterday i had in mind that i wouldn't be going to spend too much money on unnecessary things this month. Bear in mind that i'll be going to Sydney and Melbourne this coming July. Therefore i transfered only limited amount into my spending account as i off to the city this afternoon. I went out with my housemate Sufi and we were just having the intention of accompanying Jannah to buy mp3. As usual we went into almost every store along the Queens Street and as i saw Guess, i straight away asking them to tag along into my favourite place for a window shopping. It was stated at the entrance that "50% off". i wasn't still didn't aware of it as i thought that it will be only the men's attires being displayed at the front of the counter which the 50% referring to. as usual. daaaaaa~~

i really like this one cute little handbag and the price is not too much compared to d one i'd already bought recently. so i was thinking of grabbing it. yet i decided to just browsing around first and went up to the lady's department. goshhhhhhh!!! there were too many handbags and they were all 50% off!!!! i was hysterically searching for any bags which look good on me but my mind was still on the first handbag which i first saw once i entered the store just now. i went downstairs and asked the guess guy whether the handbag which i'd been admired would also be 50% off. and he replied, "Yes. Everything in this store is 50% off today". i was like... "what????". dushhhhh~~~ i ran upstairs and searched for more. hahahah. at last, i grabbed 2 handbags and a pair of jeans. the total amount? i better keep it secret but so as u know... i might have to restrict myself more after this of not buying anything else. haihhhh... still, i'm happy though. =)

so here are the things:

hahahha. tipu je. these are mine, sufi's n jan's

these are mine. ngengenge =p

ni aku muke hepi before shopping.hahaha. guess what. bwk 100aud je kuar.haruslah x ckup kan.skali swipe card, girl tu ckp, "sorry miss, but ur card is declined". aku lak, "what? let me try again." yakin je. second try pn failed gak so haruslah mksdnye x ckup duit kn. dah tu nsb baik la ade sufi.pnjm dlu swipe tp dh ganti blk la.hahah.thnx babe =p

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the ultimate freedom


it's finally end of the semester. eventho all my classes ended last week however this week has really been the toughest moment of my academic life. with assignments due almost everyday, which was on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday, i can now smiling happily as i've already done my last assignment which due tomorrow. actually i'm not pretty sure whether i've written this assignment as what's been required as i was desperately struggling myself to finish it up. hahahha. seyes kalini mls nk lyn. distinction ke x ke high distinction ke x ke. nk lulus je. cm amnah ckp. x kisah la grade ko hebat mane pn. tp krg jd cikgu je jugak. so sempena kemalasan tahap gaban tengah melanda, aku apply la prinsip hebat itu.

tp my dearie housemate sufi xde. pegi tdo unilodge sbb dh 2 mlm die berkampung kt lab. so die abis asgmt ptg td n mlm ni duk meronggeng ngn ida n jan yg mmg dh abis assgmt berabad lama dlu. so tggl la aku terkapai2 kt umah. kunun la xmau join sbb asgmt x siap lg td. tp ni elok diorang sume dh gerak tah mane2 aku bru abis. so..... tergedik2 la sorang2 kt umah. huaaaaaa!!!!xpe2.esok nantikan.aku submit je assgmt aku g merayau merantau tido umah org. dahla ahad ni diorang dh plan nk g harbour town. yesssss. shopping!!!!!!!

yes yes pasni xyah dh tido x lena igt assgmt x siap. pasni xyah dh asyk kne bli mknn luar sbb x smpat msk. pasni xyah dh kunci diri dlm blk. pasni leh bebas sebebas burung berkicauan. ish ade ke ayat jiwang ni? heheh. xpela. hepi ni hepi. sehepi bunga d taman yg disiram air ujan.

p/s: mood tringin nk jiwang tp couldn't find d right words to use. biarlaa. later aku tulis elok2. daaa =p

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

another memory captured

i've just got back from my last meeting with Jungmin. we went for a dinner at Nando's. Awan was also tagging along. after that we headed to Southbank n met Akran who'd just finished working and Ayie came along as well. We had coffee. eh no. not coffee. i had ice chocolate n almost everybody had d same as mine expect for Awan. i don't wanna say much for now. eventho i didn't shed any tears, yet i'm sad though... as i hugged her for the last time and watching her walking away from me... damn this sounds corny and u might think that i'm a lesbo.indeed i'm not.i'm straight n i'm normal. but u know... d feeling of losing a friend. hope that we'll just b physically apart but not to lose contact forever. so here are the pictures:

it's hard to say goodbye...

To my dearest friend, Jungmin...
It's so bad that at last you're going back for good. It's been a year that we've been friends and along this while you really have been a good friend of mine. I really regret the fact that both of us were busy lately which made it hard for us to meet up like previously. However, deep inside I really appreciate the fact that you're around. Honestly, I really gonna miss you... I really gonna miss the jokes you always make, the smile you always draw and I really gonna miss the presence of you... Thank you for being one of my best friends who adds laughters and smiles into my life. I love you and I really gonna miss you...

Above is what i wrote in a card which i'm going to hand in to Jungmin during dinner tonight. Jungmin is my friend from Korea. She's going back for good a day after tomorrow. So today will be my last day meeting her. She's really a nice girl and a good friend as well. Last year she was my close buddy as we always went out for lunch, dinner and shopping together. however the fact that both of us are fully occupied lately has really led to the occasional encounter between us. how much i regret the time which has been wasted without meeting her. it was hard though. when i was free she wasn't and when i wasn't free she was. i don't know when will i meet her again. i really would love to go to Korea but financial really is the real obstacle. Jungmin said maybe one day when she's married and when i'm married as well, so that we can make a gath to see each others' husband. but when will it be? indeed by that time both of us gonna b busy with work n family. hurmmm.. insyaAllah kalo diizinkan Allah i really want to meet her again. such a lovely friend. gonna miss u... muahhhhhsss...

Monday, June 2, 2008

suara cm katak ok

hahahahaha.instead of sleeping i'm singing. bengong laaaa. sure sape2 yg knal aku gelak gile bile bace ni. ye aku tau suara aku x sedap gile mse nynyi. mase ckp sedap laaaa. sbb manje kan.muahahahahahah.gile x leh blah. sila la muntah. tp pastu pndai2 la mop lntai sndri. hahahahah.

owh yea... just now i called one of my besties back in msia. fahizha. she's getting engaged this saturday. really2 soon kan? i'd posted an entry bout her previously. she acknowledged me just now that some of her friends esp our ex-convent knew bout her from my blog. aiyoo? since bile plak aku publish2 blog aku n tak pnah plak aku tau ade org bce. kecuali my friends yg mmg gile blogging la.heheheh.

okes. i should b sleeping instead of singing. ni mmg off task gile. mmg la dh abis dh wat assgmt yg nk submit esk tp lg 2 assgmt tu x abis lg ok. yg satu lg tu buat pn blum. haihhhh... ni duk fight ngn minah amnah lak kat ym. haaa. just now i got a friend request from a sex maniac in my friendster. dlu penah dh sorang girl which is lesbo added me up. mne aku tau die lesbo. dh pmpuan aku approved without pikir pjg la. kalini mmg eeeeeeiiuuuuuuuuwwwwwww. geli ok primary photo die. ni ade ptut amnah ckp muke aku pn gile sex tu psl org2 gile sex add aku. mengong ko ammmmmmmm!!!muke ko la ptutnye attract lg ramai kaum2 cmtu sbb ko lg cun n sexy horny corny sume. diva haruslah kan. heheheheh

hey guess wht. aku nynyi lagu poyo sape tah. dh berkurun aku transfered from K.A. nye lappy msuk mp4 aku. ni bru dgr. best la plakkkk. tp bile aku wat research tgk sape tah nynyi. taufik batista? sesuatu janji? huhhhhhhhh. amat poyo ok lagu aku dgr ni. tp best. i loike so x kisah la kan. medan kutuk dibuka seluas mungkin kalo nk kutuk. aku ksi green light since mlm ni aku switch on mode poyo aku. hahah

gloomy day it is

it's too gloomy with the never ending rain since last week. the land is all wet and the sky is all dark. it's chilling cold as usual and i barely touch the water to clean myself. but i have to right? hygiene it is to wash ur body everyday. i have to go out and hand in my portfolio but i'm all heavy to drag myself and get ready. i woke up at 7 and straight away landed my butt in front of the laptop. like an old train running on the railway, i struggled to finish the assignment even with the slowest pace. i'm still not done with the assignment as the conclusion has not yet drawn. luckily it's due on thursday so i can take my time to finish it. but i still have to bear in mind that i have another assignment due on friday which i haven't started on anything. maybe tomorrow as i'll try to finish this one first by tonight. but i have another assignment due tomorrow and it's a big assignment i can say as it shall be submitted as a unit of work. with five detailed lesson plans accompanied by task sheets and handouts, they are still insufficient as it demands things to be displayed which have to be interactive and engaging. i'm almost done for that but i will have to do the final touch on it. hurmmmm. seems like my life is pretty managed currently. maybe the fact that friends are all struggling and some of them have already completed everything. which therefore, i automatically get my ass on the assignments. hurmmmm... it's still raining and i really have to go. but i don't have an umbrella to cover me up from the crazy rain. thinking... how can i escape myself safely from home and straight away get to the campus. of course there's no easy way for it. i'm not a harry potter after all. so i will have to go under the rain n just pray to God that i'll be fine. u must be confused. why don't i own an umbrella especially when it's winter and rain is the loyal friend. if u scroll down my blog n see a picture of a red umbrella, u might find the answer. but u don't have to bother much about it. there's nothing fun about me which u have to know. okay. boring lady is ready to drown herself inside the bath tub. daaaaaaaa....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

winter is here!!!

yeay!!!finally it's's raining everyday and u really have to put on your trench coat or bring along your umbrella when u're out there. and u have to be extra careful with the wind too. they're too strong and might push u down. hahahha. those are all the advices which should be practiced by me. especially since i always neglect all those things when i'm out of my house. kunun laaa aku kental tahan sejuk n kalis ujan. hehehhe.

eventho it's now winter but i'm not yet in d holiday mode. i still have four assignments to be submitted this week. they're all due this week ok!!! how cruel the fact is right? huhhhh. luckily i'm done with 2 assignments n there're still 2 to go. last night Emy came for a sleepover since her internet has been suspended. so we stayed up until 5am but please understand how do procrastinators like us work. we were not only working on our assgnmts, but we were as well busy working on our mouth. we reminiscence on our good old days in school and about our old lovey dovey things and it really chilled the night out. we slept around 5am and emy intended to wake up at 6.30am as she still had a long way to go. however as expected, we were overslept n woke up at 9.30am. hehehe.

since i need a glue to finish my display, i rushed to the nearest 7-eleven and went back home to continue my work. Emy as well. Now i'm all alone since Emy has gone back to her crib. so i'm relaxing for a while before i violently force my eyes to stay awake tonight. haihhhhhhhh. amat lah tensen ekceli tp buat2 x tensen. siapla abis je submit sume assgmt aku nk g shopping. self therapy paling mujarab. hahahahah dengan jahat n chicky nye aku gelak sambil terbayang2 diri sendiri tergedik2 mencarik baju2 cantik n kasut2 cantik utk dibeli. sungguh gumbira =p