Thursday, May 29, 2008

why can't i be one?

why can't i wear skinny jeans and high heels? i do have quite few pairs of high heels and stilettos but i hardly wear them. especially here in Australia. Aussies are too casual. they wear thongs instead of high heels and they wear skinny jeans instead of bootcut and flare. yea i know that skinny jeans are really in trend. but i can't wear any of them. i've tried few skinny jeans. just name the brand. i've tried many. but they're all just don't fit me well. the only jeans that look good on me is straight cut. and i'm searching for a new jeans. i really desperately need a new jeans. not that i don't have any other jeans with me but i just desire to have one more and a brand new one. i want levi's. another levi's.but it's too limited. as in the design and size. i really feel like flying back to Malaysia and stop by at any levi's store and fly back here and finish my course. hey i'm not a levi's freak ok. but other brands just don't fit me well. u know laaaa... i kan kurus. haha. my friends hardly see me wearing other shoes other than my old gold peep a toe. dah nk pecah ok kasut tu tp aku pakai jugak. sbbnye? i couldn't find a new one which suits me well. i was wrong for only brought heels and stilettos when i went back last summer. i shouldn't had bought them as i'm not a high heels girl. i can't walk in high heels. it hurts. but i still bought quite few of them. and now? they're all being displayed on my shoe rack and are totally brand new.
yeahhh... just now while i was browsing around the city, there was this one blue stilettos. it really struck my eyes!!! it is gorgeous. i can't imagine myself in it and even the ugly fathiah might look good in it. i really want it. but... when will i wear it? and where? here in Brissy? u must be kidding me. with the mad weather of daily rain, boots will be more relevant. hurmmmm... thinking thinking and depress depress of not having any catch. haha. i'm surely crazy am i? haha. daaaa

not as stressful as i used to

blogging has always been the way for me to express almost everything about my life. It's where I record and keep my memories. but due to some reasons i just kept a distance from it for about few days previously. haha. actually it was without a reason. i just didn't feel like writing. especially after been writing too much on my assignments. so i enjoyed more on reading others'. but today i'm back!

generally, the statement to be highlighted is... the assignments are still chasing me. but i don't know why can i still lepak2 like now. yea... i had been through a hard time for the past few days. i just couldn't cope with too much stress. i stayed at Unilodge for quite sometimes and after finished the slides for my presentation, then was when i came back home and had a good sleep. a day before my presentation, which was yesterday, i didn't work hard on my assginments. i just wrote few simple diaries for my portfolio and rehearsed for my presentation. i could still went out with my guy friend from UQ as he really wanted to eat Malaysian food. then when i came back home, i could still watched Oprah as the topic last night really attracted me.the old ladies of sex and the city!!!i can't wait to watch d movie.

i'm so happy today. again, for no reason. maybe because i'd already finished my presentation. it went well i can say. but i'm not sure how will it b when the result comes out. just pray for the best. i still have another 3 big assignments and 1 simple assignment to go. i really can't wait to be free again as how i used to. time.. please fly faster...

but i bet u that after this i'll keep on nagging of being bored. wait n see. haha