Friday, May 9, 2008


dah petang ok. tp x start tulis pe pn lagi utk asgmt. it's 4.17pm n kejap sgt lg nk mgrib dh.aiyoooooooooooo.isnin ni due ok asgmt tu.n siap kne present lg.x buat lg x buat lg.i'm too slow.haih.tensen =(


yesterday i really wanted to update as i was before that went around to stop by at my friendster for a while. approved comments n friend requests as they had been there for quite some time. d fact of doing that, which was something to do with friendster had really erased almost all my emotions of the night. i called my mom and expressed all those uncertainties of mine which has been disturbing me for so long. yes, i wasn't in d mood last night. i really adored the need of a shoulder to cry on. but to tell anyone the truth might be awarded with a huge bunch of embarrassment. the embarrassment of still standing, sitting and lying on d same misery ground. i'm surely digging my own graveyard. for that, i closed my eyes in the act of sweeping away the agonies and opened them up this morning in the act of welcoming the bliss. i wish to see the honesty and appreciation once again which might be salutary in persevering my sincere joy.

hurmmm...cheesy croissant with hot choco in this very early morning is a pleasure i must say. hehe =p

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the comical me

why is that all those funny things have to happen? hurmmm. to think it positively, of course it's a source of enjoyment. laughter is d best medicine to almost everything aite? but why that all those funny things must happen on me? me? an innocent girl like me? ahahahah ye ye je innocent. tipu la sangat ok.hehhe.

to start of with, the fact of me which u really have to know. everyday in my life, there must b at least one silly thing happen to me. at least one. which means usually the number will overbid the single amount.

yesterday... again i created another silly incident. not only one. but 2!!

kisah bengong episode 1:
smlm mase kat klas Jo Carr, kitorang ade presentation for our Action Research. so half of the class had presented. i was lucky to b one of the audiences. but what can u expect from an ignorant girl like me?of course laaaa i was day dreaming n wasn't paying enough attention on what everybody was talking.

it was Poney's turn to present and as she had just started, aku tercakap... "aaaaaa....." ngan pjg nye n Jo pn "Yes, Fath. Do you have anything to ask? u can ask because bla bla bla....". sumpah aku amat blur n trus geleng2 smbil senyum2. org lain sume tgk aku lain mcm dh sbb cam giat terlebih lak nk tny2.haha

kisah bengong episode 2:
time tu dah abis dh sume org present. Juliza was the last presenter and she talked about the positive reinforcement. bagi mereka yg xtau apekah itu positive reinforcement, mende tu cm pujian laaaa. so cam ade issue la skit kat situ. sampai bilakah budak2 nk bergantung kpd positive reinforcement utk ade motivation nk bljr. aku time tu cm duk pikir dh "yes yes nk abis clas dah!!". skali cm nk tnjuk baik la... aku yg time tu pakai ngan amat vogue nye (iaitu baju baru berwarna itam dgn belt coklat yg ranggi kemain), ngan duduk kaki bersilang gaya ala2 model, lalu aku pun berkata... "hurmmmm yes... i can see that the students seem to be very dependent. they wont proceed until they get the approval. to me, this is not good as they wont b able to stand on their own... so.... hurmmm... the question is, how long will they be like that?" Dush amik ko fathiah, satu kelas gelak cm nk mati ok!!!!!!!! sbb nmpk amat gedik and aku ngan amat pandai terlebih bijaknye g tanye balik ape yg Jo duk tanye. x ke terlebih cerdik namenye? ish malu!!!!!!aku ekceli time tu ade point lg nk raise kan tp dh org sume gelak n muke pun rase panas semacam, trus terdiam. duk la sengih2 cm kerang. eeeeeiiii!!! maluuuuu~~~ uhuk.

kisah bengong untuk ari ini:

episode 1:
td mase math class kitorang kne buat satu mende pelik ni. in pairs, we had to tie a string to each partner where we were both stuck together and had to free ourselves. so as usual aku partner ngan sue. n sebab excited nk kuarkan diri, kitorang pun try la mcm2 action. and last2 berjaya!!! so gelak2 la kesukaan. Calvin (our lecturer) tanyela cmne kitorang wat. ngan bangge nye kitorang jwb. "owh we had to hug to untie the knot". so kitorang pun demonstrated la aksi2 lucah yg telah dilakukan utk mem"free"kan diri kitorang. siap pusing2 la.peluk2 laaa. turun2 bwh la. skali tak berjaya la plak kalini~~~~ malu ok... org sume tgk. ish mengong....

episode 2:
tadi pas abis clas Calvin i went to have lunch with Jungmin, Grace and Awan. so i went back to Westend alone. penat aku terlari2 kejar bus padahal bus tu duk elok je tunggu. so dh naik bus tu aku duk la sorang cm bese. smbil dgr lagu sebingit2 alam. smbil duk syok tengok pemandangan luar Brisbane River yg indah permai, tanpa disedari aku ternyanyi kuat. suara aku pulak sedia maklum la kemerduannye tahap buluh pembenci. i didn't realize until aku terasa pelik. apsal la couple jepun kt passage sbelah ni duk tgk aku semacam. skali bru aku perasan aku duk nyanyi. hua!!! maluuuuuuu. tula nyanyi lagi. ingat video clip ke ape la duk nyanyi smbil tgk luar tngkap. ish amat poyo. amat malu. amat bingunggggggggggggg!!!

so sebab terlebih bingung, saje je aku ngade nk tulis mende kt bwh ni. have a look. heheh =p

facts u really2 have to know about siti nor fathiah zulkafli:
- setiap kali jalan kt tmpt yg rmai org musti akan dilanggar org atau terlanggar org. especially in shopping mall.
- kalo x terlanggar org pun sure akan terlanggar troli.
- everytime when i'm on d road as a pedestrian, musti akan slalu nk kne langgar kete. musti nyaris2 nk kne nye. dah banyak kali sangat2. tp selamat gak. mksudnye ape? heheh =p
- kalo org ckp psl ape2. musti aku akan tertinggal xpun x paham org ckp pe. amat blur ok.
- amat dikenali sebagai lembab. diakui oleh abang terchenta, my second bro. lembab + bodoh mmg dh sinonim. haihhh...

okay enough of the list. i'll take years to list everything so i just write some of 'em.

ni la teman lesbo aku mase math class td. hehehe ;p

Jungmin said that she doesn't wanna take picture with me again as she looks so big when she's next to me. hurmmm. yeaaa. my face is too small i guess..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hahhaahahah. let me empty this laughing box of mine first. hahahhahaha. aiyooooooo. how could i'd been doing that thing? i mean... i browsed through some peeps' blogs and they're now really into this makeover thing in so i tried it out as my boredom had started to linger around. n nahhhhhh!!!! i had been totally plain without any makeup but after a little virtual touch up by chanel, there u go. amik ko gedebuk. hahah. buruk seyh. fake amat =p

moral of d story: jangan gatal nk buat lg dah. huuuu. eh yeke xnak buat dah? nak buat lg kot... sbb best la. klaka sgt. n just now Jannah n K.A. pun buat jugak. Jannah turned out to be like a cartoon. n K.A.? hahahahahha!!!! jadik drag queen!!wahahahhahahahahaah!!!! aku gelak sampai sakit perutttttttttt time tgk gmbr K.A. tp comel la. tp xleh tahan la nk gelak. ish K.A. maap laaaa. ko jgn marah okey. nnti aku masak nasik goreng kt ko k. heheheh. n Sufi is still doing it. she's laughing like hell in her room and i can hear it. definitely like how i was just now. hahahahha. fun huh =p

p/s: actually i did upload photos of the makeover. but i deleted them as i was not comfortable showing my photos without tudung to public. even i know i'm not an innocent decent girl... still rase cm x slese. hehe. k. till then =)

Monday, May 5, 2008

please go away

u lazy dummy mood. please go away as i have to make haste on my assignment. i haven't done anything apart of making time feels annoyed on me. Fathiah, wake up will u? u have to at least read the journals or whatsoeva for the citation. owhhhhhhh. u need a tittle for your assignment too. time is running like there's no tomorrow. wake up wake up wake up u love...

an inner monologue of a lazy lady..

takziah kepada yang telah pergi ='(

last night when d light was already turned off n d duvet was already drown me inside, my eyes were still remained opened as they were hardly closed n failed to sail me to any dreamlands. i heard the giggles of my housemates from d other side of my room's door. i pulled myself out of the duvet n dragged my feet towards the kitchen. i poured a glass of milk and sat on one of the chairs to join the conversation. then i went back to my bed and got overwhelmed again under d duvet. still, i couldn't get myself fall to d sleeping ground. then i scrolled down d name list in my phone n as usual, i called home. (note to be taken: i didn't call home a night before as i was busy with my friends who came to sleep over).

it was my sis who picked up d phone and she straight away passed it to my dad as there was something important to be informed.

abah: kakak x dpt ke msg abah? dh byk kali abah msg.

me: x dpt pun. awat? pasaipa?

abah: ni ha... ada bad news...

(dupp duppp dupppp... my heart was beating)

abah: toklang mat meninggal smlm...

me: innalillah.... biaq btoi.. sihat je kakak tgk dia dlu last year...

abah: camtula org sakit jantung..

Toklang Mat is not my real grandfather. but he's more like one to me as my real granfather (my dad's father) possess a very stiff attitude which he's hard to be approached. i hardly talk to him even though i'm d type of easy to click with the old people. deep inside i was crying when the news reached my ears. i was so discontented of not having the chance to meet him again after this. but i was much more discontented of not meeting him for the last time when i still had the chance...

when i was in Malaysia starting from November 2007- February 2008, i promised my Nenek Kiah ( Toklang Mat's mother in law who's now in her 100th age) to sleep over at kampung with her. but due to my career at that time, i failed to fulfill my promise. i was also too busy to drive back to Alor Star even for once a week as my Sunday off days were always fully booked by my friends. as far as i concern, there were only twice that i managed to catch up with Toklang Mat. first : when i went back to say hello after i touched down homeland. second: on d raya haji.

i regret the fact of not going back to kampung for d last time before i came here again. i was too busy and time was not on my side. i gonna miss him as he'd always treated me well and had always offered me good advices. he'd always been supportive in my study and had always made good jokes out of me. mom said that he was smiling when he last closed his eyes. i believe that Allah will place him to where he deserves to. Al-Fatihah... semoga roh nya dicucuri rahmat. I'll visit u when i arrive Malaysia end of this year Toklang...insyaAllah... =')

owhhh firus mmg sengaje tau!!

i've been tagged by Firus babe. sngaje la u Firus mentang2 i mls bab2 tag ni. i x ramai kawan yg bloggers okes. but this is specially only for you babe2. sure nk kne struggle nye ni. hehehe

Top 5 presents u wish 4...

i like this questions. hehe

  • the presence of my family and friends. so that i won't have to call 'em everyday lg dah.
  • a lump sum of money transferred into my account. so that i will have enough money to travel this coming winter. hehehe.
  • a car. i really wish for a Honda Jazz as my real intention is to own a Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet. haha gile tinggi angan2.padahal jdik cikgu je krg. tht's why downgrade kan to Jazz je. tp kalo x mmpu gak then kne downgrade to MyVi jela agaknye. huuuuuu
  • a full of tops, jeans, peep a toe (s), scarf , handbags, perfumes, wardrobe.
  • a true love to be true. a guy who'll b willing to accept me for who i am and able to respect n appreciate my feelings and minds. a guy who won't b hiding his secrets n senstives towards what i really care. n a guy who is able to guide me for not to be fell of track...
Person who tagged me..
  • Friend dearie, Firus.
5 impressions about the person who tagged you...
  • cute + elegant + classy
  • loaded with almost sufficient love from her babe babe, family n friends (i said almost sufficient because she hasn't had enough yet from her babe2 until they're reunited in d name of marriage. hehe.mksudnye saye mendoakan smoge awk n fieky cpat2 la kawin.ngengenge"
  • a wise thinker
  • observant
  • brand conscious yg amat sangat.
Most memorable thing done or given...
  • care and love of a friend. she was d one who opened up my mind n heart to how i'd been manipulated by my history. she was d one who made me realized on what i should be doing when things had reached to that extent. very much thankful... i love u babe =)
Most memorable words said
  • hurmmm... "babe are u there?"
If he becomes my lover, i would...
  • it's a "she" la. so we won't become lovers. we're besties indeed =p
If he becomes my enemy, the reason would be..
  • there won't be a reason for me to hate my bestie
8 people who i would like to know how they feel about me and 8 people tagged by me...
  1. amnah (a silent reader of my blog. she doesn't have one)
  2. syira (she doesn't own any blogs either)
  3. majiah (")
  4. deyna (")
  5. fahizha (she has a blog but she must be busy with her upcoming engagement ceremony)
  6. jannah (a new comer to blogspot. before this she was actively posting in other site. welcome jan.hehe)
  7. aizuddin (he's more to politics thingy. is busy with his thesis so won't give a damn on this i reckon)
  8. abg idham (he's busy with his final so wont be bothered with this either)
owh i've told you earlier that my friends don't do blogging. hummmmphhh... sori babe2.

Who is no. 7 having relationship with?
  • haha. none. he's actively hunting for a girl. desperately i can say. hahaha. very sori aizuddin! u jgn mrh i ok ;p
Who is no. 8 having relationship with?
  • none. he said tht he'll get married by **. we'll see ;p
If no. 8 and no. 1 is together, would it be a good thing?
  • tidak!!! amnah is so much in love with Auz so she won't get drifted.hehe
What bout no. 1 and no. 5?
  • erkkkkkk.... xleh kot. berhubungan dgn kaum sejenis Nabi x ngaku umat krg.astagfirullah.... xleh2.
What is no. 3 studying?
  • material surveying ke ape eh diorang pnggil mende tu? degree kt UiTM shah alam.
When is the last time u chatted with no.6?
  • now at this moment of completing this tag thingy.
Does no. 4 work?
  • no. she's in her final year of electrical engineering in Uniten.
Any of them has any cousins in their school?
  • hurmmm... i'm not sure. i don't think that they have one
Would u be with no. 8?
  • huhu. he deserves someone greater.definitely not me =)
How bout no. 5?
  • die nak bertunang dahla.if she's still single pun it will take world to turn upside down for us to b together.dunia akhir zaman la kalo makin ramai yg in a relationship ngn same jenis. eeeeuuuwwwwww

Does no. 2 have any siblings?
  • yerpp... both of her sisters are doing medics in Russia and her youngest bro is still in school.

How do u get to know no.2 and no.4?
  • No.2 knal mse kat IPBA. No.4 kwn since kt Convent dlu lg. love them both.muahhhss

Where does no. 1 live at?
  • Taman Sejahtera, Sungai Petani, Kedah.
How do u get to know no. 8?
  • Friendster. hehe
Is no. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
  • hehhe. i guess so. wink wink ;p

p/s: rase best plak jwb towards the end. hehe. i hope tht u're satisfied with all my answers Firus. have a good day peepss~~~

Sunday, May 4, 2008

having fun

i ended up the day of my moody day last 2days with a sleep. haha haruslah tdo kan.

so started fresh yesterday with waking up early n did my laundry and room chores. busy x busy aku spjg previous week smpikan bju2 aku yg dh smggu kt luar bru aku bwk masuk n lipat. haha.

after a simple lunch i went out to d city n stopped by at unilodge to give d order of chicken tandori to Ida then went out with Jan to Queens Street. i bought 2 tops at Valley Girl n 1 belt at Elle Would. they're so simple but nice. 1 black long sleeve top n 1 pale green long sleeve top jugakkk. different design. actually i was thinking of grabbing another colour of d same pattern with d black top, but i called it off. karang x psl lak org ckp aku ni xde fashion lain ke. dahle suke baju suke ok nk buat cmne. huhu

owh owh. i managed to eat my favourite snack. if u've ever known this, there's this one Rocky strawberry sticks being sold in almost every stores. kalo kt msia la. imported from thailand kalo x silap. haha gile cheap brand ok faveret snack aku ni. tp sedappppppp. i was lucky to bump into d strawberry sticks at this one Asian store in d city. but the brand is different. it's Pocky. hahahaha. klaka kn name die. product of thailand jugak la tp. sedap lollllll. moi loike =p

then Ida n Jan followed me back home to West End for a girls' sleep over. We watched Pirates after dinner n i slept halfway of d movie. besela. kan dh ckp skrg ni kul 9mlm je aku musti ngntuk dh. then they woke me up when Jeepers Creepers was on show!!! i struggled to stay awake and managed to watch it to the end. even i'd watched it before but i just couldn't help of watching it again.

this morning sue n i followed ida n jan to their dance practice. i like watching people dancing. suke tgk je nk nari x reti. then we went back to westend. ida n jan went back home so there were me left with sue. back to our normal life. we gotta think of d assgmt due this friday. malas2 so i cooked simple lunch then stranded in my room until now. bored. x buat pun assignment. haihh *=*