Friday, May 2, 2008

the flat line of mood level

i started up d day with a cup of hot choc n 2 slices of bread with peanut butter while facing my laptop n checked on my assgmt for d last time. at 11am i went to d campus n submitted the assignment. phewwww. relieved i was.

then i went around Queens Street with Akran to hunt for his mom's present. browsed through at David Jones and Perfume Connection. nothing had been purchased. got separated as i was looking for a new top but disappointedly, everything seemed to be so dull. then went ahead to Margaret Street with Akran but he turned back halfway to go back home. I made my way n bump into Acan. So off i went with him n reunited with K.A. n had Oporto. nyum nyum i had a meal of "bondi burger".

continued to buzz around Queens Street like bees searching for honey. but we were looking for a present (for K.A.'s sister). mission accomplised with a cute striped Roxy purse.

continued my way to Unilodge and browsed through the pink stillettos' blog with Jan n there we were, impressed and got jealous. then i entertained my sleepy eyes looking at Sue and Ida colouring their hair. Then got back to the pink stiletto's blog and got jealous again and again and again.

off back home n cooked "squid Thai fried rice". yummy!!!

owhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if i can diagnose my emotion with a machine, i'm more than sure that my mood is now equals to zero. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppp =(

Thursday, May 1, 2008

life is all about mixture feelings

okay now i'm stucked with my own feeling. i can't figure out of what do i have to exactly feel at this moment, 5.04pm (aussie time). aiyoooooooooo. how much i feel guilty towards my lecturer. to make it short, d reply for my first draft was so much positive n i was flattered. but i was a bit confused with the suggestions which i didn't follow them and just wrote more to finish it up. then i sent my final draft n d lecturer (lecturer who's assigned to be our helper in checking drafts) got cranky in words as she was not satisfied with my decision of not following her edition. haihhh. i got so confused with her lately. she nagged us to send her drafts but when she had buckets of it, she got screwed. then now when she said it's okay not to follow her suggestion, she was actually wanted me it makes me feel bad indeed, as a student... u know what i mean right? even though i'm not a good student n bukanlah jenis yg kaki bodek, still i'm not that bad to push people down.n now i'm down myself. i can't focus on editing my assgmt n got screwed up!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yeay!!!almost done =)

heheheh.i can now draw a wide smile as i'm writing my assignment towards the end. after i finish with the conclusion, then i'm done. hehehehe.first time ok siap asgmt awal. hahaha.awl la sgt. luse i haven't gone through with the reference yet. haih.... buat reference list la yg paling x suke skali. n yeap. almost forgot. i haven't transcribed the interview extracts. huhhhhh. malasnye~~~

okes okes. lepak2. blogging2. hehe. again, i'm in d lab. am sitting at the end of the edge but next to me, there is this couple. a bald white man with a japanese girl yg amat gedik. yea.. if u realize the pattern. when an asian is partnered with a westerner, she will be extra gediksssss. serious. kalo x caye observe la sndri. maybe diorang bangga kot leh kapel ngn org yg x bermata sepet tapi bermata kaler2 biru, ijau, hazel, cokelat, or ape2 jela. okes enough kutuk. karang mamat sbelah ni bace mati aku.dahla die baru said sorry sbb diorang bising.sedar pn diri tu bising. hahahaha

so just now after i finished class at 10.30am i went to have lunch at KFC in Indropilly with Didie, Zaera, Alan n Awan. I was about to have lunch alone in the city as i rejected Jungmin's invitation to have lunch in my Kelvin Grove's campus. i didn't want to have any meal in my campus. the food which i can eat is very2 limited. no halal food. only tuna sushi, vege sandwich, wedges n chips. that's all. haihhh. i dun wanna eat all those stuffs. dah muak. n KFC? this invitation i couldn't reject it. actually all of us just know that KFC in Indropilly is halal. tu pun sbb sape tah ckp chicken provider dia kununnye provide daging halal. since sume org ckp halal so kitorang pun g la melantak.ahahahah. aku siap tapau zinger lg bwk balik.nmpk sgt la kebulur.ngengenge.

so here again, blogging tanpa arah pathetic.korang musti eran why do i always alone? actually i like it this way. Sue, my housemate, has been sleeping over at Ida n Jan's house for days. Sue asked me to go to CLV that day n had an overnight there but i refused to. i like to work alone especially in working on my musti korang eran lagi kan?kat lab lagi2 la ramai makhluk. tp leh plak aku stay sini. but it's different. i don't know people they won't give a damn on talking to me. n i won't have to talk as well. heheh. don't get me wrong. saye bukanlah seorang yang pendiam tp saya suke bersendiri. tp not all the time. gile ape spjg mase nk sorang2.
indeed, u can see i'm all alone most of the time.i like to walk alone coz i have my own freedom.i like to shop alone so i can go back to the first shop which is at the end of the road. i like to eat out alone coz i won't have to rush in finishing my meal. sbb aku mmg makan amat sangat slow n lembab. sian la nk sruh org tunggu kan. hehehe

tp i like having friends. i like to off for a shopping with my friends esp when advice is needed.i always waste my credit on calling my friends coz i need friends to talk to. owhhhh. dear friends. jgn terasa. i need u girls n guys but sometimes i just prefer to be alone.

muahxoxo =)

owh half happy day!!!

okey. before i go any further. actually this is an entry of yesterday. due to my enthusiasm in working on my assignment yesterday from afternoon till night, i had no time to scroll over my blog. n by d time i was at home, the internet was extremely slow. so i gonna post 2 entries today. bare with me u you dare. ngengenge =p

29th April 2008.
i was so stressed up with my assignment which due on Friday. I didn't have any focus n i was floating. that was what i think. so i went to d library n stayed in d computer lab for hours searching for anything relevant. then i went back home with a very vague mind. luckily Amnah did bump into my blog and learned that i needed someone to talk to. we had a warm chat and thanks to her that i was again drawing my smile then.

9.30pm and i was already asleep. then i woke up at 1.00am n listened again to my interview and sorted out what i was looking for. yeay!!!! i had a focus. then i told Amnah of what does she think of it and it was approved by her. then i slept again at 4 in d morning n woke up at 7am. i went to d class until 12 n went straight to d lab in main campus. i had to take a bus to the other campus. i don't like my campus' computer lab. it's too open. i like Gardens Point's lab. it's more conform to my privacy needs. ngengenge =p

the assignment went well. i managed to complete 70% of it. it was so much easy this time as i was not floating anymore. eventhough my draft before was approved by the lecturers and they said it was brilliant, yet they might not realize that there was sth wrong with it or maybe they just didn't want me to worry too much. hurmmm. never mind. at least i feel at ease with this one.
another good news popped up!!! the book allowance was in!!! hehe. 700++aud.gotta save it for winter.hehhehe.

happy day. muahxoxo

Monday, April 28, 2008

double da tensi

yea i know. it's my second time posting an entry for today. i'm in d lab. again. working on my assignment? huh now i feel like changing my topic. elok la. bru smlm anta soklan kt my school teacher regarding student-centred learning. kunun la nk focus on students' literacy development while learning collaboratively n independantly. skrg ni bile dh duk bace byk psl literacy skills skali rase cm better focus yg tu je.kalo nk ubah topic mksudnye kne tipu la krg utk interview extracts since x byk pn ulas psl tu mse interview ritu. haihhhhhhh. tensennye!!!!

kt luar dh gelap dh ok kul 6ptg.dahla sunyi kt luar tu.nk balik sorang2 ni yg x brape nk brani xkanla nk berkampung kt sini kan.hurmmmm... otak blur ni can't think of anythng. really really really need someone to talk to.just now tiffanie was here but she's already gone.i can't wait for her to might be too late.i hafta go first.

ishhhhhh.balik ni nk kne alter sotong seyes x slere nk makan trus buang je thinking of turning it into sotong msk lemak.sng xde mood ni.mkn roti jela.sigh =(

why am i so stressed up? here u go!!!
- assignment due on this friday n still xtau nk buat. sounds schematic la plak since xnah pn start buat keje kalini x confident ok so nk gak buat awl.
- keje x dpt ok. dahla duit makin menipis.cmne nk idup???isk seyes nk nangis.
-tetibe rase lonely tatau nape. uhuk.

*%&*%%^$%^#$^&%^&%^&%^&%^& rase cm nk je cursing. eeeeeiiiii -(*$*)-


eeeeeeiiiii. tensi tensi tensi!!!!

pgi ini tidak jugak productive. i slept very2 early last nite after i called my mum back in Malaysia. i slept before 10pm as how i used to be recently. i woke up very2 early. tp still gak tersolat subuh yg dh dkt2 nk cerah. haihhhhh.reason solat lmbt tau x nape? hurmmm. sbb smlm kn censor light kt blkg umah ni menyala even xde org lalu pun. pastu berkelip2 pelik je cm dlm cite antu. so aku takutla nk bgun g toilet takut krg jd cm smlm. dh la pagi2 buta penghuni umah ni sume membuta. so tnggu cerah skit bru tergedik2 lari g amik wuduk. astagfirullahhhhhhhh

then sentuh2 skit on my assignment which the progress is too slow. seriously i'm lost with this assignment. i don't know what to focus. huaaaaaa!!!! aku saiko =(

so disebabkan idea tidaklah membuak2 utk meneruskan penulisan, so aku berpindah position ke dapur utk memasak. menu for today? hahahhaa. kununnye sotong msk sambal n sayur buncis goreng ngn telur la. skali? what did i cook? hampehhhhhhhhhh. uhuk. kununnye2 nk buat spesel2 la sotong besar2 xnak potong nak biar nmpk cntik je ats pinggan. time basuh xde pun kuar itam2. mule2 msk sambal tu elok je merah bau pun best. skali dh lame skit sambal tukar jdik itam!!!! dakwat melimpah2 n sambal jdik pahit. bluekkkkkk. gave up. nk msk blik mls dh sbb xde mood. so xpela krg mkn je sotong x berkuah tu ngn sambal terasi. senang abis cite. mood arini adalah ialah amat tidak ber'mood' okey. ish. ni nk kne g clas plak. ape tah reading rini x bace pn lagi. tengok tengok amat x productive. (*=*)

p/s: recently i write more in my first language. Malaysia boleh!!! heheheh =p

Sunday, April 27, 2008

picca picca pikachu!!!

unproductive moment

haihhhhhhhh. tau tau x baik kan mengeluh? but that's the only word which is simultaneously circulating around my mind at this moment. i can't articulate it out of my mouth. people might think that i'm crazy. i'm alone in the computer lab. haihhhhhhhhhhh~~~~

i'm all alone in here only with the companion from the unknown people around me. i'm sitting at the hidden corner of the lab running from the unwanted attention. hahaha. like people care giving attention on me. still, a guy next to my left, selang 2 computers from me duk gedik2 kaki lak kat atas line meja ni. abis bergegar. ingat die ade kuasa buat earthquake ke ape? dahla td he annoyed me with his mushy2 talk on the phone with a girl he's just known. hahah. yea yea i know. i was wrong at peeping my ears listening to his conversation. but his voice was too loud n i wasn't accoupied with my mp4. so?obviously la gelombang bunyi yg dihasilkan mampu menembusi telinga aku tanpa sebarang halangan melainkan tapisan ear wax. ahahahahhahaha \(^+^)/

so.... what am i doing in uni time2 weekend cmnie? study? definitely not. i don't have any exam this year so xyah study. then? yea!!! haruslah buat assignment. tp buat ke? ni duk blogging ni ape? nmpk sgt off task. i did write a half page for the starting but i gave up. xde idea. i spent almost 2 n a half hour searching for the resources. productive la gak kirenye kan. now i'm finishing my download for the "Gossip Girl". i'd watched it before but i want it to be in my laptop n mp4 so easy to access skit. heheh. smbil2 tu duk upload pics kt friendster. facebook? hurmmm. mls nk edit. tau ade byk friend requests tp x gune sgt la facebook. too complicated for my small size brain =p

okes. enough babbling for this entry. gotta upload some photos as promised. c ya!!