Thursday, April 24, 2008


wow. it's been 10days that i last posted my previous entry. how much i miss blogging~~~~huhu (damn this is so corny) =p

owhhhhh i'm soooooooooooo crazy. since amnah, asyi n ezat came to brissy last week i've been having a very hectic not blaming them ok. instead i was happy having them around. was happy. so now i'm not really. ok fyi, i've just got home. back from school. since i'm so tired n not in d mood, therefore i didn't teach anythng at school. i told my class teacher that i was only going to observe. hohoho. jahat2.

so... here are all d things that i've been doing recently:

15th April 2008.
friends from Sydney were coming so i woke up early in d morning to get prepared:
- went to Coles to buy some stuffs.
- got back home n tidied up d room n house.
- cooked keowteow tomyam.
- had a chat with amnah, asyi n ezat.
- cooked fried koewteow and had dinner together with friends.
- went out to d city for pancake n hit on pool.
- went for a karaoke.
- got back home n met with friends from Wellington who were just arrived.
- chatted until late at nite.

16th April 2008.
friends were in Brissy so gotta b a tourist guide though.
- went to class early at 7a.m.
- got back home before lunch to pick up all the guests.
- went out for a lunch at Little Malaysia with budak2 Brissy, Sydney n Wellington. (sort of a gath i can say)
- off to the city n did some shopping, bowling, photo session, rode on d citycat (damn tired n fell asleep in the ferry on my way back home).
- at home: last preparation for the teaching materials (had to teach on d next day). finished up all the colouring, cutting n pasting.
- watched horror movie with everybody in d hall n fell asleep.

17th April 2008.
- off to Ironside State School. as usual, helped the teacher out, played with the kids n managed to teach d kids for a session.
- went back n did a discussion with my groupmates regarding our project n presentation.

18th April 2008.
- off to Dreamworld, Goldcoast with amnah, asyi, ezat, sufi, ida, jannah, k.a., acan n zaim. really had a great fun!!!
-got back to Brissy n went out again until 3a.m.

19th April 2008.
i had to leave amnah, asyi n ezat to go out on their own. (they went to Wet & Wild in Goldcoast)
- overslept due to a very exhausted day last nite.
- off to Kelvin Grove's library n stayed up late until midnight to finish up the assignment. ( x siap buat pun lagi mase ni)

20th April 2008.
- off to Kelvin Grove's library from morning until night. worked on the assignment. extremely exhausted. =(
- went back to the city to catch a movie with friends from Sydney + other housemates n some juniors.
- walked back home from city to West End since there were no more bus service after 11.30pm.
- at home: worked on Jo's assigned tasks which failed to be completed. slept at 2am.

21st April 2008.
- woke up very2 early in d morning n forced my eyes to stay open n scanning on Jo's readings.
- met up with groupmates to get started on the slide presentation.
- off to Jo's class.
- went to the city to meet amnah, ezat n justin. walked them along the Victoria Bridge for a photo session.
- rushed back home n worked on the materials for the unit of work. edited the rationale, reflection n lesson plans.
- worked on the materials. luckily amnah, asyi n ezat were here so they helped me out to cut n paste all the cue cards.
- finished up the slide presentation with my group mates.
- compiled the assignment together since it's a group project.
- prepared for the presentation.
- chatted with amnah, asyi n ezat until 2am since it was their last night in Brissy.

22nd April 2008.
- woke up very2 early in d morning to check on the assignment.
- practiced with the group mates for the presentation.
- bid goodbye to amnah, asyi n ezat. uhuk2. sedey... =(
- off to class. rushed out to Woolies to buy a file for the assignment.
- presentation went well.
- submitted the assignment. phewwwww. relieved.
- off to Unilodge to help ida n jan with their science assignment.
- fell asleep n went back home when it was already night.

23rd April 2008.
- wasn't feeling well in d morning so i skipped the Math class. (first time tau ponteng class this year. huhu).
- off for an interview in Ormiston. it was toooooo far in Zone 6. luckily the interview was good n really can't wait to work. money is decreasing dengan banyaknye so kne gak keje!!!!!

24th April 2008.
- off to school from 7.30am - 3pm.
- now back in piece at home.
- am going out after this to celebrate Acan's birthday. gonna catch on a movie n sleep over at unilodge with sue, ida n jan

tomorrow is Anzac Day n i wanna join the parade. huhhhhh. penat penat penat. but that's life n i love it. owh yea... there're so many things which i would like to share here but i don't have enough time to write. so maybe later. n there're lots of photos as well which i wanna show. maybe next time.

till then