Monday, April 14, 2008

can't wait for tomorrow!!!

omg!!! i can't wait. time!!! please run faster. my best girlfriends are coming. tomorrow ok. which means very very soon!!! yeay!!! i gonna meet amnah, asyi n ezat.

can't wait to hug 'em all, can't wait to sleep together, can't wait to eat together, can't wait to get dressed up n walk out together, can't wait to do everything together n one thing for sure, can't wait to share laughters and tears together. again like how we used to.

i miss them all. but i won't b able to allocate all the time together with 'em when they're here. assgmts, presentations, classes, school visits. those are all d obstacles for our gathering. but never mind though. i've already had a schedule for that. really hope that we can have fun. muahhhhhhhsssss. xoxo. =p

Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's really not my world

it's already half past twelve in d midnight. i can't sleep for sure as my sleeping hour usually starts at 2am in d morning.

phewwwwwww~~~ i feel relief. to make it short. we're having party in my house. owh before that. actually i'm living together with few foreigners and they're living upstairs. upstairs n downstairs are 2 separated houses but in one building. most of them are Germans but there are 1 Canadian n 1 European. the party is being thrown by the people upstairs and we the Malaysians who live downstairs are definitely invited.

i thought it will only b a normal birthday bash but until i asked Anya yesterday whether we have to buy any present for Natalie, Anya said that we don't have to and just b aware that it gonna b a big wild party with a lot of drinking n musics. (so i decided not to go).

however this evening as i was having dinner, Anya handed me and Sue some flowers n asked us to wear it to the party. note to b taken. the theme of the party is "Hawaiian Night". So Sue and i got dressed up n dragged our feet to go upstairs. (we didn't show up as d hawaiian girls at all =p)

owh.... i really couldn't loosen up myself n mingled with the other people. i got stuck on my seat with coke in my hand n just had some chat with Andrea, Matt, Anya n Evonne. and with the other Malaysian housemates.

as time passed by the party started to be wilder, people got drunk, games started to be crazier, music became louder n people started to lose control n screamed out loud of their lung. i wasn't at ease but kept trying to smile and laugh.

Those Germans who were with us before went off to mingle with the other guests. People kept coming and they're still keep on coming because it's their culture to just have a stop to someone's party even they're not invited. like tonight we also have a group of motorists who stopped by because they heard that there's a party here. no wonder they're not dressing up according to the theme. It's too loud and just now one of the neighbours came by n snapped some photos to b sent to our landlord. hhoohohooh. i wonder whether d old good Ron will scold us =p

As usual Andrea will always b one of the lovely foreign housemates to give us a company. it was d same just now n to my surprise, Andrea ask me out tomorrow. it's kinda funny i think because i've never thought that an English guy will really ask me that. my friend had already notified me that Andrea is putting his eyes on me but i didn't believe it as i thought it might be his friendliness which made him that way. however, we're just friends and there's nothing wrong to go out with friend. but mb not tomorrow. not at this hectic period. mb when i'm free =)

i sneaked out from d party n went inside my room. rather have myself being locked up in here. i don't like d smell of alcohol n d splash of it on my jeans. i wish that my landlord Ron will give them a very strict warning so that there won't be any wild party again after this.

d picture that i had in mind just now was: felt like the atmosphere was trying to squeeze myself inside a very small box which certainly doesn't fit me in. it's not my world. it's really not.

bisingnye kat luar!!! cmne nk tido ni (*#*)