Saturday, April 12, 2008

just loving it =)

i don't even know this guy. accidentally bumped into his blog while randomly viewing others blogs. d first single step to his blog served my ears with a very catchy song "Get Filled". i thought it was a song from any international rappers but then as i scrolled down i discovered that it's a song he made together with his rap partner the IRV. i really love the background music. owh i'm not a music expert which i can comment more on the song. but i know that he really has d talent n can go even further. good luck to u- the Rhymeweaver. n to ur friend as well- the IRV. cheers \(^+^)/

here's d song simple private sharing

Friday, April 11, 2008

frustration =(

saya amat sedih hari ini =(

it's all because of:

that day i followed Jungmin to Bardot. she said that she wanted this one green blouse. when we stepped inside the Bardot, she showed me the blouse. n owh my~~~ i felt in love with d blouse. however it's in size 10 n quite loose to my skinny body. after we tried it on Jungmin decided not to buy it. she said that she doesn't like d idea of having ribbon on waist. but i like it. i wanted to buy it but... i didn't transfer enough money to my card n i was afraid that Jungmin might change her mind since she had been aiming for d blouse for quite a long time.

when i got back home i kept thinking of d blouse. it's quite expensive n it's not in my size. so i decided not to think of it anymore. but i couldn't help it. i kept thinking n imagining myself in d green blouse. so i decided on buying it but it was 2 weeks later after i went out with Jungmin. (one week was wasted due to d busy outing Easter Break). So i went out to grab that blouse even i know it would not b there anymore. n yea i was definitely right. i wasn't there anymore n d clothes we all changed. so i went out n went to other stores.

n i found another blouse in Valley Girl which was quite similar to d green blouse but this time there were 2 choices of colour; black n blue. n it was in my size. it was cheaper. but... i didn't straight away grab it since i was that time looking for green.

then i went out n got into Sport's Girl. there was this one colourful stripes top which i wanted so much last month but i didn't buy because it was too was 60aud. i'm not going to burn 60aud only for a very simple top. however, this time the price had been reduced to 40aud. (equals to rm120). i knw it's still expensive but i'd liked it for ages. so why didn't i just grab it this time? then i tried it on, took it 2 d counter n made a payment. =)

then i went back home happily. but d same thing happened again. i kept on dreaming n thinking of d black n blue blouses. i imagined myself in blue since i haven't had any clothes of that colour yet n i decided on purchasing it. but........ d same thing happened again!!! i went to Valley Girl just now n there were too many girls n d blouses were not there anymore!!!

i was so frustrated. i was so hungry. i felt like fainting but i didn't have d heart to eat. so i went to buy some groceries n sushi n went back home. frustrated i am. really. amat sedih... ='(

now i'm in love with this new arrival Guess handbag. am thinking of purchasing it but i'd just bought Baby Phat that day. if i buy this Guess then i'll b afraid of looking at my account. i gonna need some big pennies next week because my friends from Sydney are coming n i'll have to take them to Gold Coast, Dream World n etc. Those will demand quite a big amount of money. for food, transportation, entry ticket. so.... nk bli ke xnak Guess tu? huaaaaaaaa. this is all because of the winter break. kalo x g holiday kn sng. bley shopping. isk isk isk. nk g keje la pas abis assignments sume. uhuk. saiko (*+*)

p/s: i think i'd mentioned it before that if i like something esp clothes, leggings, handbags n shoes, i'll b dreaming of it until i get it. however as long as i'm in aussie i wont ask even for a single penny from my parents. that's what i promised to myself before i came here. not gonna ask for money esp if it's only for d sake of satisfying my shopping needs. i really wont. unless if i'm broke to death due to something serious. saya nk jadi independent =)


ouch ouch!!! feel like my right foot is trying to step in another different world. a world which i'll have to be in later. i don't wanna go. seriously i'm not yet ready. ouch ouch trying to pull out my foot back to my current world.

ahahahhaha. over acting =p

can u guess what world is i'm talking about? here's some clues.

a 22 years old student ---------> graduate ---------> work ---------> ??? (^=^)

so... what's supposed to be in the question marks area? getting married n having family isn't it?

of course everybody would like to get married, having lovely supportive husband n adorable children around. but not in this while. i mean... that's what i've been thinking. now isn't d right time to commit myself in that situation n not even d right time to think of it.

but why did i say my right foot is trying to step in that world? am i being proposed 2 b a wife to someone? nope. nope yet. not being proposed as a wife lol ;p

so why do i have to bother bout d marriage thingy? hurmmm... sebab...

my friend is getting engaged!!! Fahizha is getting engaged to her sayang this June. it's very very soon n i'm not gonna b there. Fahizha is one of my best buddies eva since we were in school. i've never thought that she'll b my first closest friends to tie d knot. yea she's not getting married. just n engagement. but still, after the engagement what else can b followed? -marriage-

n that day during my friend's birthday bash, one of our friends failed to attend because she wasn't feeling well. she's married n we had the thought of "maybe she's pregnant?".

see!!! we're now talking about engagement, marriage n having babies. i'm not saying that they're too young to get themselves in those thingies. i respect their decision n am really delighted seeing they're happy of having someone who really loves them.

however.. like for me i think that if i'm about to step in that world right now in this 22nd of age, i have too think thousand or million times over. there're still a lot more to do. right now study is my main priority. then after that gonna think of working n saving up money. n at the same time, figuring out something which i'm still unsure.

to Fahizha who's getting engaged... sorry dear that i wont show up on ur special day. but i promise u tht i'll b one of ur besties around on ur real special wedding day. am really praying for ur happiness and u really deserve it. semoga bahagia. amin... =)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the degradation of morality

an idiotic act by 4 lifeless girls. jeng jeng jeng!!!

hahaha. ida n jan are staying over tonight which makes sue n i not just having our privacy time in room. we're sick of watching movies n eating, so...... we decided on doing something exciting.

mission: to attack those who're desperate n lack of dignity.

motive: to see how do cukcoos behave when there is a slut ;p

so we gave a shot by... hit the chatroom n acted as a bitch.

the 4 of us really didn't know how to deal with those cukcoos so we were just messing around and what a shame. there're so many desperate guys out there looking for a virtual companion of lust. n what makes it worse is... there're so many malays who're desperately seeking for that.

moral of the idiotic act: do not approve webcam invitation
do not act as a bitch when u're not one

slap my face n wake up

i'm all tensed up. just finished get reorganized on all the 4 subjects n get hold of myself to not running away from assgmts anymore. i realised tht i was doing nothing n didnt have any attempt to get started on my assignments . i thought i was doing fine because my other housemates were and are doing d same as mine. we're bersuka ria mcm la esok raye. they're playing x-box, ps2 n keep on changing the dvd in the dvd's player. we're all having our good time but hey!!! we need to wake up. no more dreaming n get started. assignments are all gonna due subsequently in a very2 limited time duration.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

i love trees

i love trees. authentically or inauthentically. i love to see real trees right in front of my eyes regardless of what colour of leaves that they have. i love the marks that they have on their trunk, branches and roots which form a very mysterious design that might underlies some meanings. i love big trees. i know they may look spooky sometimes. but they have more marks on their bodies with various fascinating designs. that's why i love to draw trees since i was in school n until today. suke conteng2 buku lukis pokok bile cikgu/lecturer tgh ngaja kt dpn. n suke jugak tgk gmbr2 pokok yg dilukis.

do u know what's the other reason that makes me like to draw trees?
sbb bile lukis pokok u can run ur pencil on the sketch book haywirely. u can feel freedom n u can put your stress on it.

try it if u like =)