Saturday, April 5, 2008

masak itu best ok

dun u think that cooking is fun? to me it is. i started to like kitchen work first with baking. when i was small i loved to help my mother baking cookies for raya. then, the first thing tht i learned to cook was cekodok pisang. that's when i was 9. btw, cekodok pisang is my favourite. hohohoho. then i learned on how to cook fried rice when i was 10. when i was 12 i made all 6 different cookies for raya first time without my mom's help. gradually i learn bit by bit on how to cook n today, i'm still learning on how to cook n how to make food tastier. i cook when i'm bored. i make sure that i'll finish up what i cook. the result? i gain weight!!!!!!!!!! yet still the meat is not enough for me to achieve an ideal bmi. haihhhhh =p

ikan siakap tiga rasa. (first try)

hasil? (menjadi)

rupa? (agak tidak memberangsangkan sbb kuali x ckup besar so xleh nk deep fry sekor ikan besar. akibatnya? kepala ikan hancur)

azam? (nak buat lagi lenkali tp nk buat kasi lagi cntik n sedap)

getting addicted

muahahahhahaha. i'm back as d 15years old Fathiah. having so much passion in drawing n colouring. personally i like to mess around with water colours or poster colours coz i found that drawing can be much more smoother n faster to b completed with those materials. but now i have no intention to buy any water colour because afraid tht i'll get stucked in my room with drawing blocks n colours all around. rather have a small box of colour pencils n pencils which can be dragged along to anywhere.

was intentionally drawn out of endless boredom. hohoho. btw, picture taken by Akran's friendster background. without any feeling or intention ok. do not have a strike of gossip in ur mind please =p

Friday, April 4, 2008

pieces of art

i'm so bored throughout the day. keep on listening to the same songs in my playlist. don't have any courage to change the songs or add on some more. just bare with it. they're nice though. within an hour i managed to finish 2 drawings which were inspired by some randomly picked sketches in the internet. here are those:

it's been quite a long time for me not to draw anything. i used to be so much in love with drawing when i was in school but neglected it since i went to a science school. now i think that i want to rebuild the talent n sharpen the skill. am starting by copying others' drawing n hope to b able to draw my own pieces of mind very2 soon after. =)

payung oh payung

a confession to b made:

aku xde luck dgn benda bernama P-A-Y-U-N-G.

sebab n alasan?

tiap kali bli payung mesti ROSAK or HILANG.

aku mmg jenis yg x suke berpayung. sbb? rase menyusahkan untuk bwk payung ke hulu ke hilir. kalo pun payung tu bley dilipat2 n bley diletak dlm beg, still akan rase seperti amat sgt menyemak. tp i did realize one day tht ade payung amat perlu esp bile musim ujan. tp... i have no luck with any umbrella. since kt aussie, first payung yg dibeli x gune smpai la mse winter break last year. g canberra bwk payung. tp x gune. at last bile dh blik brisbane, bru sedar payung tertinggal kt canberra kt umah Auntie Yang. this year, bli lagi payung sbb queensland asyk ujan je. skali bru first time gune dh rosak sbb angin kuat sangat sampai payung terbalik n patah. nsib baik aku x melayang mse tu. hahahahahha

conclusion n solution:

x nak beli payung dah. x gune payung pn xpe. basah pn xpe. x sakit hati n x rugi duit. heheheh. hepi indeed =p

Thursday, April 3, 2008

a cliche it is

it's a cliche for a korean drama to have 4 main characters. with a quite similar storyline. starts with d heroin first falls for d hero but the hero has someone else in mind without he realizes that his true love is just next to him. n at the same time the heroin is being admired by the second hero whereas the second hero is desperately needed by the second heroin. that's always d basic idea for all korean dramas. even some may not b having d same storyline, but there must b at least 4 main characters.

apparently, i'm back watching My Girl once again. it's ultimately my favourite korean drama so far. klaka gile. x jiwang but still ade meaning, n hero amat tersangat kacak. heheheheh. [iklan iklan-------> [Seol Gong Chan amat kacak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chenta chenta chenta] but that's not d point of me writing this page up. i precisely would like to highlight on... will there ever be someone out there who is willing to mend a broken heart? like we always have in korean dramas. the second hero will always be so much willing to love the heroin even he knows that the girl has not even a piece of love for him. he knows that it will be hard for him to love someone whose heart is not his but still he wants to. n d girl... how lucky she is to have a guy that is so much in love with her n favorably sacrifice anything he can.

but will it be alright to accept a hand full of love when the strike is really isn't there? there's where rejection always come. once u fall out from ur love track, being abandoned in an agony bush of thorns, u'll b pushed to a very deep misery which love can b a thrill for u to feel. ur heart will be as cold as an ice n it may not be melted by love, but eventually break into pieces. here is where this phrase might play its part... it's freezing n afraid that it wont melt yet shatter

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

just wanna kill d time

i should b sleeping. gotta wake up very2 early in d morning tomorrow since i'll hve to catch up 2 buses to get to d school. owhh... tomorrow is the 4th school visit to Ironside. n i havent prepared anything due to my laziness. what i've been doing since the class started for the last 2 days? on monday after class my friend n i were busy preparing for Akran's birthday party. it turned out to be a great party with the whole Cohort 3 of QUT gathered together n we had fun there in Southbank. but it ended up not pretty well as i threw up due to overloaded of food in my stomach plus the dizziness after being swung on the d see saw with extreme frequency of speed. it resulted me to stay in silence until i got back to my room n got change. seyes bau masam n aku sndri loya. bluekkkkk (*+*)

tuesday? the class was canceled because Calvin had something he's up to. so i spent time in d city n crashed over at my friends' crib. n now. wednesday. i'm peacefully in my room waiting to hit d bed. but wait!! peacefully? NO! i dont think so. i'm so tensed up with a movie i've just finished watching with my other housemates just now. The Mist. seyesly cite tu x logik. tiada logika. amat sangat membuat orang sakit hati. if i would have known that it would end that way, seyes aku x kan tgk. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. tensi =p

muka-muka aku lepas muntah. control2 padahal kwn2 sume duk tahan bau masam. ahahahhaha. how pathethic =0

Monday, March 31, 2008

kegelapan itu menakutkan~~!!!

owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! tidak tidak!!! nggak nggak~~~!!!!

kenapa muka ini bertambah gelap? benarkah ini? benar muka ini bukanlah terlalu cerah untuk dibanggakan. tapi ia jugak tidaklah terlalu gelap untuk dilindungkan. but hey!!! seems like it's getting darker. i've just realized it when i browse through the photos taken in SeaWorld. yea~~ saya tau saya tidak terlalu menjaga kechantekan. saya tidak meng'apply' langsung apa2 suncream. beli tapi terbiar begitu saja. alasan? xde moisturizer. tiap kali kuar xnah ingat nk bli. lgpn... rimas muka bertampal2 dgn cream. rasa melekit. n takut jerawat naik. it really true that muka ini makin gelap? owhhhhhhhhh~~~~ it freaks me out =(

can u see d difference?