Saturday, March 29, 2008

what is money when u have nobody

Easter Break is coming to its end. i didnt go out any further. just went to Harbour Town n Surfers Paradise on Tuesday n to Seaworld on Thursday. By the time i arrived home from Harbour Town i checked my account n to my surprise, the money had decreased so rapidly!!!!huaaaaaaaaa~~~

still i had to go to Seaworld since i'd already promised my friends. the weather wasnt any good that morning but we still stuck to our plan n went there with all d hope in heart that the weather would turn good. however the one hour journey by train to Helensvale really made me down because it was raining so heavily with thunderstorms dancing on d cloud floor. that time, i realized that we ought to change the plan which was to cancel going to Seaworld n just go to somewhere else which wont require much outdoor. but we kept our mind clear n just went with the flow hoping that the rain would stop n the thunderstorms would be erased. luckily by the time we arrived at Seaworld, the rain started to shower breezily n the sun started to show up.

the luck of the day started to be better. we got 50% off for the entry ticket which was only for 33aud. the sun started to smile n we were so eager to see the wonderful view of Seaworld right in front of us. when we were about to start our journey inside the theme park, i saw an old couple of husband and wife. the makcik wore a brown tudung of Malaysian style. i smiled at her n she replied it back. makcik started to walk towards me n i went to greet her. she asked where am i from n we started to have a small conversation there. she was so friendly n nice. n cute as well. hehehehhe. owh~~by the way, they're from Singapore. Pakcik works with the Singapore Airlines and it's their routine to travel every year. and their destination for this year is Gold Coast.

the first thing we did in Seaworld was riding on the Sky High Skyway. i saw that makcik n pakcik were quite blur where to start from so i asked them whether they want to ride that thing together with us. they agreed to follow us which were then made them stuck with us for the whole day in Seaworld.

I was not really at ease when makcik stared at me differently. i thought there must be something in her mind, which i was almost right. she said that i looked alike with someone she knows. then she started to ask me about my family. i discovered that she has no children. hurmmmm... no wonder she's so friendly towards me n my other friends. she must be lonely in her life. therefore, once she has kids or youngsters around her, she'll be delighted. i guess so. hehehe.

during the lunch hour, we stopped to have a break. since i brought 2 containers of fried rice, so i gave one to makcik n pakcik. when i was walking to go n buy some drinks, suddenly makcik came from d behind of me. makcik wanted to pay for my drink n insisted me to use her money. of course i didnt want to. but then she asked me to get more drinks for my friends as well n reluctantly, i had to let her pay for those drinks. during the lunch, pakcik who was quite silent at first started to talk more n to divergence in what i thought, pakcik was friendly as well =)

makcik was so sporting. she rode on almost every ride that we were on. she was more brave than i did. after rode on the Pirate Ship, i gave up to ride on the roller coaster. makcik was also had the same thought as me and we let the others to ride on the rollercoaster. i waited for my friends together with makcik n pakcik. when they went off from the rollercoaster, they told us that it was not scary at all and i started to have 50/50 thought in my mind of riding on it. makcik was then said to me. why not give a try n she would ride it too with me. so i went up there with makcik, akran n jannah. n hey!!! my back was screaming once i got off from the rollercoaster. eshhhhhhhh. takutttttttt n menyakitkan. (*+*)

before we went our from Seaworld, we stopped by at the souvenirs shop. i wanted to buy a full bag of 3 teddy bears but it was quite expensive for me to afford. makcik was there next to me that time. then i walked away towards the other racks to have a look. suddenly makcik n pakcik came towards me and in his pakcik's hands there were 2 full bags of teddy bears which i wanted before. they asked me whether that was what i wanted n said that pakcik was going to buy it for me. i insisted them not to buy it for me because it was expensive, but pakcik still went straight to the counter n made a pay. they were not buying it only for me, but to my other friends as well.

it was sad to bid goodbye which i'd nearly cried. but the couple had already given me their contact number n hope that i can go to Singapore next time to visit them. eventhough it was only for a while, yet i feel really close to them. maybe during the day in Seaworld i regarded them as my own family n their friendliness and kindness really made me feel at ease. I know that they're rich. but looking it back, what is money for when they dont have children to spend their money for. i could see how lonely they were in heart n how much they were delighted to have us around them. i pray for their healthiness and may them be blessed by Allah. amin... =)