Thursday, March 20, 2008

sudden interview

internet has started to slow down. REALLY REALLY SLOW. this is bad because Easter Break has just hit d corner so i might b spending most of my time in d room. it's not yet end of d month n we have exceeded the internet quota. aiyaaaaaaaaa. seyesla bosan cmni. nk stream tgk cite pn xleh. i think i gonna bck 2 d old me. read some novels. n mb have my daily routine as usual. go out to anywhere i can. there's still a lot more to do in brisbane n stil lotsa place to go. i wanna snap as many photographs as i can of brisbane so tht i can have a delightful reminiscence in d future flipping over my album.

hurmmmm. wht m i going to write for this entry? dun really have a concise focus. mb about myself being interviewed by a Griffith student last few days. it was on Sunday n i was busy cleaning up d house since we were to have a housewarming party on Monday. door was knocked by someone n as it opened there was a white young lady stepped inside. she asked for a permission to interview some of us (d Malaysian muslims). i asked for some time to get prepared bcause i was not in a proper attire n hadn't taken a bath yet. so the lady went to have lunch n sue n i got prepared. i got dressed up in a very simple n lazy way (kebaya yg x iron n selendang).

she introduced herself as Ruth, a 21 years old New Zealander. we started our interview with filling up some details about ourselves n i briefed her an overview of Malaysia n Malay culture. after a little photo taking session, she continued to interview sue n i about islam. her main focus was about Islam in contemporary countries. for example, Malaysia is a modern Islamic country which doesn't really apply d practice of Islam in a very strict way. she was asking us about wht do we think of tht. what was islam to us. during the interview few controversial topics had raised up. we discussed about d misconception of most non-muslims to muslims. they might think tht all muslims are terrorists. they might not really like to see muslims around their area esp to see those who cover their hair with hijab.

i tried to give Ruth d best explanation tht i could. i told her tht i knew some people might misjudged us but i wont mind it. i respect their view since they might not yet knw d truth. n in islam we're encouraged not 2 b enemy of anybody. i also told her some other thngs of islam which i'd just read in some blogs n book. luckily i did read sth currently. idak mmg xtau nk ckp ape. hurmmmm. shame on me.

all in all when i reflect back of wht i said tht day, i realize tht there're still so much thngs which i need to learn n develop. if a non muslim girl is interested in knowing islam n straight away went to Borders to buy some books of islam after d interview, then why dont i have d same motivation to build up on my own religion? my good non muslim friends are mostly those who're strong in Christianity. e.g. Jungmin. she's a religious Korean girl n everytime when we talk about religion i might sometimes failed to answer her.

Ruth asked me, what is Islam to me? i answered her. it's my guideline in life. its goodness offers no boundary. it guides me to b a better person. its fairness is eternity n its ugliness is invalid. may Allah shower me with His glory shine. alhamdulillah. amin... =)