Saturday, March 1, 2008

running out of breathe

hardly catching up my breathe since i arrived here. there's always things to do in my every single day. i'm busy doing nothing. just catching up with friends n places. this year i'm aiming on travelling all over australia while i still have d chance. i think tht it's only today tht i'm wholeheartedly staying at home. since d 15th feb d day tht i arrived here, i've been going out eventho it's just to d Westend small town. haihhhhhhhh. am culculating those pennies tht have been spent during all those days (*+*)

last 2 Friday i went to Sunshine Coast with my friends n the other 3 juniors which i just acquainted with. i've never had d idea that Sunshine Coast is tht far which took me approximately 8hours of travelling by train n buses. i thought tht it's just nearby as i always saw the signboard along d way to my campus. nevertheless, we managed to get there. with d help of the map n transportation schedule printed out from d internet, together with my willingness to ask all way round throughout the day, we managed to have a great fun there. here are the pictures on tht day:

on our way heading down to Sunshine Coast. The train was terminated so we had to get down from it n waited for another train to Cuboolture. At Cuboolture we had to change into another train to get down to Towoomba

Sue n I. The idea to come all way long down here was our idea. At first it was only Sue n I who were to come here. But then we thought it would b better to have more to join. So, we invited Jannah, Ida, n d rest of the vogue guys to come along =)

The four of us. Most of my life in Brisbane is coloured by them. I love u girlssssss =)

3 vogue juniors. hahahhaa. budak2 ni seyes klakar. sakit perut gelak.

K.A. = mulut plg xde insurance. i believe tht i gonna sue him one
day =p

Acan = Jewel. plg vogue antara suma. kununnye Miss Australia. he
can give u d greatest pose of a model ;p

Zaim = "I wonder laaaa cmne ko nk travel". hhahahahah =p

hurmmm. d semester has just started over again n have a lot of readings to be done. assignments are all queuing up orderly in their respective line which demand me to have a look on them when d due dates are ringing. n at d same time, i'm trying to spend my last year in australia as good as possible. coping up with the studies n enjoying every corner of queensland as well as australia if i can =)