Saturday, February 16, 2008

early days of arrival

it's d second day since my arrival in Brisbane this year. it's so tiring~~~~~~~~~~
i've moved out to a new place. new room. lots of things to b settled. unpack all the stuffs, arrange them in new places n positions. i've almost done doing all those stuffs n now i'm stucked in front of my laptop writing this. i want to have a chat with my friends yet my laptop is now being attacked by a stupid virus which i got from my pendrive. i'm transfering my important files n will b reformating my laptop after this.

hurmmmm.. i've nothing to say. not really in d mood. i feel lonely. i know tht i told almost everybody tht i'd no feeling of coming back to brissy. to think it back...hurm yeap, i havent shed any tears since my come back. eventho i was d only one who had nobody sending me in KLIA. not tht my family didnt care bout me but then i thought tht it was no point for them to go down all d way from kedah to klia just for d sake of sending me who is only away for 10months. so i ended up by wondering around d KLIA n lepak2 at d KFC alone. d journey back to brissy was fine. i met an old lady who is in her early 60's. we met in d line to d toilet n continued our talk for 2hours when we were in Taiwan. we then said goodbye to each other as i had to take my flight to brissy n she to san fransisco.

hurmmmm. i feel so homesick right now. so stressed out. eventho i have friends here but i miss the voices tht i used to hear at home. i miss mama, abah, adik, atuk, afiq, abglong, bangcik, rizq, kak razia... i miss my friends n i miss driving around wasting my feul.

what i feel right now at this definite time of 11.05pm (aussie time)
- i feel like having dinner with my family.
- i feel like chatting with my dad
- i feel like making jokes of my sister
- i feel like playing with rizq
- i feel like hugging my dear fluffy cat (poppy)

but it's alright. be strong fathiah. it's only a short period of 10months. u'll get used to this as previous. u'll like having ur privacy again, u'll enjoy ur classes n u'll enjoy hanging around with ur friends again. =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rizq Azfar ku cayang!!!

Rizq Azfar is the name of my first lovely nephew. or his full name is..Muhammad Rizq Azfar Muhammad Shakir. hehehehe. if u ask me to write an entry of him i might need more than one entry. but i'm here just to write a one particular thing of Rizq which is a list of words that he has acquired so far. i write this just for fun as i thought that it must b funny to read this back when i'm old or when Rizq is already grown up =)

ancin = kete kancil
buah oren = oten
angah - pakngah
ateh = makteh (me!!!!)
aken = uncle
acu = paksu
waja wan
acin papa, acin mama n acin ateh
uci = kerusi
akan aci = makan nasi
angan ingai = jangan tinggal
cucu = susu
ayannnnnnnn = sayang
akummmmmmmm = assalammualaikum

perkataan2 yg mmg out of tune:-

utin = sweet/chocolate
amon = rambut
akon = takut
utan ngongo = ulat gonggok

* Boboy is Rizq reference to himself. he regards his name as Boboy, not Rizq. if he see himself in the mirror, he'll say that it is Boboy. all the things of his, if u ask him whose things are those, he'll say that they're Boboy's.

* Rizq knows how to differentiate Kancil. When he sees Kancil, he'll scream out "acin!!!!!". Kancil is Rizq favourite car. we dont know d reason why (*^*)???

those above are the words that Rizq says everyday of his life so far. so cute!!!!!!!!!!! i gonna miss him =(