Wednesday, February 6, 2008

another few steps

sigh~~~~is it just tht which i can do in diz last few days in Malaysia? of course not. it's nearly maghrib. i shall b doing something with my parents this hours as usual. cleaning up d dry leaves outside as i alwys do while chatting with both of them. yet here i am. sitting here n typing this up.

supposedly today or tomorrow i shall b having picnics with my convent friends but i cancelled it up since diyana is not in espie yet..n kelly is having fever. so i guess tht i'll just have a day out with them as usual.

there's no point to be rising up in here actually. just to say that..i'm having mixture feeling of flying myself back to brissy. before this i felt like really wanted to go back to aussie. to b occupied with classes n assignments as usual. n to plan my next stops for d winter vacation. really wanted to go back. but now?

now i feel like my heart is divided into 2 halves. one says "yes!!!balik aussie balik aussie!!!". and another one says.."huaaa!!!malasnye nk blk.mlsnye nak gerak.mlsnye nk settle sume mende bfore blk.mlsnye nk packing". n d most importantly...mlsnye nk tinggal family. i mean..sedey. bukan malas. huhu

but when i think it back right now... hurm... i want to go back. it's been 3months that i've been spending my time at home. better get myself on nerve before d boredom air starts to suffocate d galaxy n push me down underneath d dark zone.

i dun regret to come back as i think that i'd used my time wisely. lotsa thnings that i have learned during diz summer hol. i got an experience as a teacher. i got to spend my time with family. had a vacation with d whole family. met my long curtained friends. met new friends genuinely n virtually. n to think it's a good thing to fly back there. i feel closer to my family when i'm further than them. why? because i called back home almost everyday when i was in aussie compared to here. insyaAllah..i'll call my family as usual like i did last year n i'll alwys on my webcam for them after this.

fathiah!!! get urself awake n start buying all d thngs n do d packing job. chaiyok2

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

girls just don't knw how 2 read a map

when u give a map to d girls, not all of them can understand it well. they just dun knw how 2 read it correctly. do u agree with this? me myself says YES to this statement. i'm saying ths based on my experience. lol. hohohoohoh =p

when i travelled to sydney n canberra with my friends, i let all d map reading job to d boys. when they handed me d map 2 see, i could just read d name of d places n not further more. seyes x phm. pening!!!!!

today i went to penang with maziah n both of us had no idea of how could we get to Sunway Carnival (a new shopping mall in sbrg. prai) and Pacific (an old lame shopping mall in sbrg. prai). we were just too bored 2 hang out in SP. so we spent some money on fuel n tolls. majiah took d lead as my co-pilot since i drove my car there. we managed to get 2 d Sunway Carnival but we got lost on our way bck 2 Pacific. We went till d ferry port to d island. majiah called her bro n d instruction was clear. i was pretty sure tht i should take d left junction yet majiah told me... btol2 kiri. tp eh kanan kot. n i got distracted n i took right. n it dragged us even further to get bck 2 d right track. i dun knw how to put my experience just now in words but it was horrible n wht i can simply say is tht... otak aku mmg x reti nk mapping2 dlm mind ni. seyes x reti~~~ abah penah ckp, when u drive, u need to draw ur own plan in ur mind. but i alwys fail 2 do so. i can easily remember d way esp in complex building like Sg.Wang Plaza but i fail 2 hve any idea on d unfamiliar road. mmg x reti n x reti. if u r about 2 travel with me, dun let me read d map coz we'll get lost for sure. hehehhehe =p