Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Visit to My Long Left Shopping Paradise

I'm now safely back in piece on my bed. Safe n sound in my home sweet home =)

I went to KL on d 25th Jan a day after my mom's birthday. There's nothing special to write about my mom's birthday as we celebrated it as usual. Had a small dinner together with d whole family. I hugged n kissed my mom with d warmest wish..."hepi birthday mama~~". heheheheheh.


I arrived KL around 2.30pm on friday with a hectic traffic line of an everlasting phenomenon of KL. Awe (my friend) was waiting for me at Puduraya n we went straight away to Jalan TAR. I was so pleased to meet Awe n we were so excited to start our shopping spree of d day. Awe kept telling me her happiness of passing the exam which gave us d green light to celebrate our day out. Awe parked her car at Sogo n we stopped to pray before we went out from Sogo to Jln TAR, to search for my baju kebaya. hohohoho. Along d hunt of my kebaya, Awe stopped few times buying drinks n foods due 2 my picky dress code in choosing materials n colours for my attire. At last, after grabbed two pairs of clothes for my kebaya, we went ahead back to Sogo. But this time, Awe was d one who shopped till drop buying few tudungs n pairs of shoes in Sogo. Me? I was tired which made me lost my shopping appetite. We were then went to Times Square n had our dinner n watched d latest masterpiece of (Cuci) and went back to UPM. I spent my night there with Awe. Both of us were silent in d room as we were tired of talking n walking for d half of d day.


Awe n I went to have our brunch at Alamanda. We spent more than an hour there in McD, eating n chatting. Then we went out frm McD to just to hve a walk but who can deny this, when girls are in d shopping mall, can they just go out without nothing in hands? Of course not. So do us. I bought a pair of green heels while Awe, another 2 pairs of shoes after 3pairs of yesterday. hahahhahahaha. i told Awe.."brape pasang kaki ko ade babe? abisla pasni nk kne bli baju pn lima psg la since nk pair kan ngn kasut2 tu sume". which means, gonna consume more pennies =p
After solat zohor we went to Uniten to pick Syima n to UPM to pick Amar. owh my!!!! I was soooooooooooooooooo exicted to see them both especially Amar. We havent met for about 2years n there we were, in da same car walking together in d same mall. Hugs n smooches to all my girl friends. With those 3 old friends, I did my shopping in Midvalley n had my dinner with them. We kept revealing all d old memories in school which we can still recall. We laughed n smiled until we went back to UPM and continued our happy moment there for a little while more. Then Awe sent Amar back to her college n I followed Syima to stay at her room in Uniten. hehehhehe. In this second night, I slept with Syima. muahhhhhhhhhhsss. gosh. bf Syima marah lak krg kalo bace. But surely he wont since Syima herself pn tatau kewujudan blog ni. hehehhehe =p


I woke up this morning. Then tido balik. Then woke up again n siap2 nk g jumpe Firus. Diana had promised to meet me at 10.15am to send me to KTM Serdang. Yet as I expected, Diana terlajak tido. hahahahha. So I was late. Yet luckily Firus was either d same. So we met at KL Sentral n took a cab to Pavilion. Guess wht~~~!!!Lame dah x jmpe Firus n I was so hepiiiiiiii to meet this so talkative young lady. Firus dressed up in black with a pair of long boots which made she looked like a celebrity. Yet me? Hurm.. I was too simple I guess. With MNG body hugging t-shirt n Levi's jeans. But we enjoyed our day out. We straight away went to Madam Kwan's n had our lunch there. Firus had so many interesting stories to b shared right after we met in KL Sentral, brought forward to when we were in d cab n until we had our lunch. Firus told me... "Babe, apsal cam i sorang je yg excited jumpe u? u cam x pun".. Sori Firus.. it was not tht I wasnt happy seeing u right in front of my eyes, it's just tht I didnt hve anythng which is interesting 2 b acknowledged. Hence, I enjoyed listening to all ur stories. They were all breathtaking to my ears as my mouth barely open n insisted to just shut. huhuhuhuhu. We were then walked out frm Madam Kwan's n went around d Pavilion without any motive. We wanted to watch a movie but we failed to find d cinema. Both of us were still jakun with tht new mall. Then we ended up... shopping. hahahhaha. I bought another pair of heels n another baju while accompanied Firus to find her slipar toilet n tennis attire. But hey...this girl is soooooo brand conscious [Firus no offence please as we had already discussed this habit of urs. hehehhehe.]..That Adidas Bro which Firus n I met was sooooooo mean back then right babe? We can sue him if u want but I guess u'll consider his cute look will u? huhu. After grabbed all the things tht we should, then we ended up lepaking in starbucks. After a few rounds of each level, then we ahead back home. We shared a lot of beautiful moments tht day, but none of them captured in our camera. So we decided to meet up again before I go back to Kedah.


Diana n Niza went out to class n I was left in d house, doing my own thngs. I did my laundry traditionally n waited for Diana to pick me up for lunch. We had lunch in Uniten's academic cafe together with Niza. Niza is Diana's roomie which I had once met her in KLIA before my departure to Aussie last year. Glad 2 hve Niza as my new friend as we both share quite a lot of thngs in common. We were then went around Uniten to do sth which Diana had to do. hohohoho. x sangka kawan aku skrg sudah aktif. Then we went to Cheras n there, in JJ still i did my shpping. Couldnt resist. baju itu terlalu unik n cute!!! We walked n bila perut berbunyi we bought some bakeries. N there witnessed a comedy chapter which I used to have in my teenagers period. Kena mengorat, with the guys asking my name, number n without any answer to them n tanpa pandangan sebelah mata, I was left with a piece of paper with few numbers on it. Sori bros.. cara itu sudah basi n saya tiada hati. That night, I went out to have dinner with Diana n another Uniten fren n sorry fren... to me u'r just friend n u shouldnt ask for more. If it's time tht u need to reorganize ur heart, i let u to hve it. But if it's my heart tht u ask for to be organized..i'm sorry. i cannot hand it to u... =)


uhuk sedey~~!!!after ths tatau lg bile leh jmpe =(


We went out to eat in Midvalley before I went back to Kedah. I intended to buy lunch for both Diana n Niza, paying for their kindness in sheltering me during my stay in Uniten. Yet Niza couldnt make it at d last moment. So there were only me n Diana, had our meals in Carl's Jr. with giant size burgers tht filled my stomach to its fullest capasity. When we went out frm d commuter frm Midvalley to Serdang, we straight away went to d parking lot where Diana parked her car. We were chatting while walking n up 2 our nerves, we we soooooooooooo shocked to see tht the car wasnt there. Diana was about to cry n I was stunt. [In Diana's shoes = keta aku!!!! huaaaaaaa~~~!!] [In my shoes = keta diana yg bru beli ilang? huaaaa. bersalahnya coz aku yg ajak diana g mid. uhuk....n tiket bus aku dlm dashboard keta diana. how m i going bck home? dahla tket mmg dah xdak jual sbb tket hbs. huaaaaa. cmna nk blk umah!!!!] Luckily there were guys there asking whether we're looking for a car. They told us tht few hours bfore the MPSJ had taken all d cars which had been parked along tht line since it is a forbidden parking line. huhhhhhhhhh. nasib baik bkn kne curi. then we headed to d MPSJ to find d car n my~~~~~~the taxi fee was sooooooooooo expensive. Alhamdullillah d car was there but we couldnt take it tht night because it had passed d office hour. nsb baik tiket bus leh amik. The penalties to tke bck the car is expensive so i paid half to Diana.

Diana's friends sent me to d bus station n luckily I got a seat next to a makcik yg baik mse dlm bus. The incident tht took place few hours before I got in d bus was sooooooo tremendous as it was only Diana n I who felt it. It was in d middle of rainy night, two girls who knw nthng had searched for a car like crazy n spent enourmous money on taxi fee, penalties n all. phewwwwwwwwwwwww. tiring. yet enticing when recalling all the beautiful moments with lovely girlfriends.muahhhhhhhhhhhsss. xoxo

it's 3.30 in d morning... i feel like sth is missing...which makes me barely sleep n typing this up after d entire reading just now.but i guess i have to... zzzzzzzzzzzz =p