Saturday, January 19, 2008

is there's a SECOND CHANCE in life?

one of my friends said to me that "in this life, u have to knw sth which is... there's no second chance". i'm thinking. is it true that there's no second chance in this life? can i say that.... i dont think so? DISAGREE. to me... humans make mistake as we're the imperfect creatures of Allah. If we're not given the second chance in life, how can we fix the mistake and improve ourself to the next level? even Allah who is the most Gracious will forgive His people, how can we who have no power in hand not to forgive our family n friends? if u ask me why will i give a second chance to those who do wrong to me? my answer will be another question [if i'm not giving them d chance, will i ever have a chance?].

when talking about second chance we can look it from many perspectives. in what category of mistake that the person has done which qualify him/her to get d second chance? is it in:
academic? sports? freedom of speech? politics? friendship? love?

when it comes to academic, i believe that there is a need of a second chance. but not only second, "ber-chance-chance" pn perlu!!!! hehheheh. this is because, throughout the process of learning strong motivation of standing up again when u fall down is a MUST!!! once u fail it doesnt mean that u'll fail forever. some of us might be succeeded straight away in his/her first try. some may not. some may be succeeded after the second try. yet, some may take more than that. this is because Allah test His people differently but with the equal intention which is to make us learn, realize n become better and better. in education, mistake is tolerable. But then dont take it for granted by having a sluggish idea thinking that... "Hey!!mistake is accepted in education. So that means eventho we answer it wrong in exm they'll still tolerate". huhuhuhuhu. whoever has that thinking is definitely s-i-l-l-y. Therefore, if u fail in ur stdies, dont feel down. this is life. there is d up n down of it. mistake is part of human life. we learn from it, so stand up n try again!!!

in friendship.... hurmm (*+*)???
will u forgive ur friend for his/her mistake? throughout my whole life, that's wht i do. giving chance to people. to my friends n family as well as to the people tht i've never known. i'm the type of easy to forget someone's mistake n not to place it in heart. i realize this when i was in form 3. it was when one of my friends got jelous at me because of sth n she wrote my name on d science lab's table saying sth bad of me. i was so angry to find it out but after few days, i could be good again with her. that time my friends asked me... "hey, dont u remeber wht she's done?". n seriously that time i didnt remember anythng about that n i replied... "a'aaaa la lupa!!!biarla". in that moment my friends told me that i'm too lenient n alwys forget wht people have done to me. yet sometimes, when i think it back...maybe that's me. that's who i am n that's how i live. d reasons which lead to that kind of personality are maybe:
1. saya agak2 nyanyuk skit ekceli so sng lupa.
2. saya paling x suka bergaduh.
3. saya malas nk pikir.
4. saya taknak susah2.

therefore, i always end up by giving chance to people. not only second chance, but third, fourth n so on =p

but then do u think that by giving second chance to people u'r teaching him/her to be better? sometimes yes n sometimes no. by giving people chances, we are actually giving them another wider space for them to reflect upon themselves n to improve. they may do that n they may not. sometimes when people are given too many chances, they'll have the mind... "alaaaa. nk riso ape. kalo wat slh lg pn still akn dimaafkan. lepakla". that's wht happened to me in one of my life stages. people may take u for granted if u'r too lenient.

so i rest my case by having a not so beautiful mind saying that... second chance is there, we need it and others need it as well. but chance of d other ordinal numbers...such as sixth, tenth, thirteenth, thirtieh n etc.... mb they're not necessary in some situations.

live life to d fullest. make it to the most u can as long as u still have ur chance =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

from d view of an "INFANT"...

I would prefer to call myself as an infant in the teaching arena. With only 2months experience of teaching in one of the private established language centres in Malaysia, while holding the title of 3rd year TESL student in QUT, i would rather say that... I'm just too NEW to this teaching world. Yet, to prepare myself as a good teacher in the future with a sincere passion in myself of educating our children, I'm now trying to understand some of the problems that we're facing in our educational field.

In my Elementary Conversation Class just now I had discussed with my students about one of the main problems that we're facing in almost every school in Malaysia. I walked inside the class with the topic entitled "The Irresponsible Attitudes Among Certain Teachers In Malaysia. Who Should Be Blamed? Students, Schools, Government or Teachers Themselves?"

When i first told the students about the topic of discussion, they straight away shouted "teachers!!!!teachers should be blamed~~~". I was quite surprised with their judgement. As the teacher I should had been shaking when they were pointing the mistake to the teachers. Yet, I felt more motivated to know more about their feeling as well as their opinions.

Situation: "Okay good morning students. Today we're going to learn Unit 5 of Biology. You can read on your own first because I have other work to do and I'll be back. Please do your reading and don't make noise". [30mins later] "Okay students. Have you finished your reading? So now you can turn to page **** and do this exercises as your homework and pass up to me tomorrow".

So, how will you feel if you have this kind of teacher? Have you ever thought why do we have this kind of teachers?

Some say that it is students attitude that makes the teachers become like this. Why? Because some of the students are not showing respect towards the teachers. They dont have sense of commitment toward the teachers by being reluctant to learn. How can the teachers deal with students' negative behaviour such as throwing the papers on the teachers' back while they're busy writing on the board? How can the teachers deal with the studetns who just walk out from the class when the teachers start talking? I'm not writing this based on my imagination, but then this is based on the real experience of one of the Malaysian teachers. So, when the students are out of control and when the teachers as well as the school itself cannot do anything more to eliminate this problem, they end up by just maintain the situation that they're having now and not to let it become worse. Yet, until when do we have to let it be like that? We're maintaining the problem but not preventing it. There is a very high possibility that it will be worse. So, do we have to wait until we come to the most risky stage then after that we think of the solution? The answer is definitely NO!!! But, what can be done?

Why do they say that it is government's mistake who makes the teachers become unmotivated to teach? Because teachers are being placed with tonne of workloads which lead to tonne of stress. Teachers will have to chase the syllabuses to be finished before time and at the same time they will have to do extra works such as in co-curricular as well as in other office works like handling the school fees, students reports, and etc. They are teachers who say that their work in school can be in the ratio of [60% = extra work, 40% = teach]. When teachers have too many works to be accomplished, they end up in an exhaustion and stress. Therefore their teaching performance will get affected and who gain the impact? Student...(because they're not learning anything from teachers who are not teaching).

There are also majority of our nation who're putting the blame on the teachers. Why? Because they say that teachers should know their main priority of being a teacher. Teachers should know that their job is to teach. So, even how occupied they are with other stuffs, still they cannot neglect their main responsibility. Teachers themselves have to think of how to manage their work. Yet, some of the teachers have this kind of mentality:-
1. I go to school and get inside the class without teaching, yet I'll still get my pay.
2. Oh...I'm teaching in a good school. The students are clever enough. Some of them are smarter than me. So they can learn on their own. I dont have to teach them anymore.
3. students are too slow. If I teach them I'll need to double my effort. Even so, some of them just dont want to study. So, why do I have to bother? Just let them be.

If we look in every perspective, I believe that everybody should be blamed. However, if we keep on blaming one another by blindly pointing the finger to others and not to ourself, this problem will not be solved.

For the students... I think that if we can control the students' misbehaviour then mb we can overcome this problems. My students said just now..."How can we respect the teachers if they dont respect us". Maybe we need to get to know the students' needs and psychology so that we can guide them toward the right path.

For the government side...hurmmm..maybe they will have to come out with a new system of solution for example increase the number of teachers and divide them into the specific scopes. There were some students said to me that most of the teachers nowadays are teaching without passion which make them low in quality. So, maybe the government will have to produce more teachers who have the passion in teaching, not to produce more teachers for the sake of completing the empty column in schools. Here I would like to give my opinion about the KPLI. No offence please. Based on my thought, most of the KPLI candidates are being teachers just for the sake of having job because some of them cannot serve in the field that they're interested in due to unavailable positions. Some of them just dont want to serve in their professional field because it's harder compared to being a teacher. Those situations will just produce teachers who don't have sense of awareness in teaching and it will just bring bad effects to the students. Still, there are some KPLI teachers who're giving their full commitment as teachers so I believe that this may also lie in the individual attitude of human as well.

For the teachers, maybe we need to be stronger. If this is the situation that we have to face to be teachers in Malaysia, so I think that we have to take this as a challenge. No matter how many workload that we have, yet if we are smart enough in managing our time, insyaAllah we can still give the best to our students. Eventho some of the teachers will say that students nowadays go to school not to learn because they feel more comfortable and they trust the tuition more than school, so why do the teachers have to bother? But then...think of the poor students who cannot afford the tuition fees. We're their eyes to guide them the way in their studies. So do our best. Scaffold our students, stimulate their potential and push them up to be on top of the world.

I believe that if we put our head together and think of the solution everything can be settled.

hope to be a good teacher in the world...i'm still learning...eventho there're lotsa hiccup in my journey...i'll go it through =)