Wednesday, November 12, 2008

should i go?


Lately I've been thinking about the road trip which I'd mentioned previously.

I've canceled it before as d initial plan stated that the trip gonna take me for 10days and it gonna cost me quite a fortune. But Luqman and Ayu had negotiated between them to cut down the days and cost and now it comes down to a week trip with a more reasonable price. Ayu texted me to tag along and promised that it gonna be fun.

It sounds cool as everything has already been planned. According to Ayu, they would like to cover as most as possible of the Queensland coastal area. They'll be heading to Noosa, Harvey Bay, Fraser Island, Agnes Water and Yeppoon/The Great Keppel Island.

Hurmmm.. should I go? I'm leaving Australia very2 soon and I don't know when will I be here again.