Saturday, November 8, 2008

i don't need a word for it =)

about my love history, neither my friends nor my family has ever raised the issue.

right after i broke up, first thing first that i told all those i knew was, "don't ever mention about him".

and that statement, is still applicable until now.

when i'm not fond of talking about it, doesn't mean that i'm still whining upon it.

when i'm not having someone new to replace what i used to have in 2 years back, doesn't mean that i'm waiting and not moving on.

i'm living my life as best as i could and i don't even need a word to shape it better.

things that i hope people won't say more:

- regarding my status. i just don't feel right to start a new relationship when i'm not yet ready. so why bother?

i hope that i don't have to approve any comments for this entry.

till then,

cheers =)