Monday, June 23, 2008

the untitled

for every failure, be it examination, job interview, love and etc u'll tend to blame others but not yourself. as for me, i gradually develop the sense of judgment as i slowly understand that in this life, the root of every happening is ourself.

if the examination seemed not to show a positive spark, i used to blame either the questions or myself. but all in all it back to me, the one who failed to answer. when i failed in job interview, i blamed none but myself. and when it comes to love, i blamed none but the guy. despite i know, to think it back i might be the one who led to the failure.

every spouse will blame one another when the relationship starts to crack. the guy will blame the girl and as the hatred grows, other girls will also be victimized as bad. the girl will blame the guy and as the hatred grows, other guys will also be victimized as cruel. but is it true that guys are bad and girls are too? no... it depends on individual la babe.

to think it back, everything happens for a reason. i have no right to place my judgment that he was the one who was at guilt. yea he was wrong and he is wrong. he is not an innocent, nor do i. if it is destined that i will not be happy, then maybe that's the punishment that i should agree. as i walk this path, i will learn how to forgive and i will learn how to forget. and as i walk this life, i will learn how to love as i has only taught myself how to hate which resulted to be failed. and to learn that, i might need to walk that path once again and erase the thought of being selfish.

delete that fake smile. delete that fake laugh. tears... do come again as u might be helpful in drawing the sincere smile and laugh.. don't u think so that u need tears too?