Thursday, December 25, 2008

i'm not yet there

Today I helped Syafwah with her wedding preparation. I love seeing everything about wedding. Be it the flowers, dresses and even the food. Just now after drove Syafwah to the boutique for her wedding's accessories, we went up to few florists to look up for the "bunga tangan" (hand flower?). It was sooooooooooooo lovely to see all the flowers, laces, nets and ect. Owh yea. By the way, I have a plain dream since I was a teenager which I wanna go to sewing class learning about making the "hantaran" thingy. But I could just learn that from magazines and even from the "hantaran" themselves if I have free time. Just now, when I was looking at the florist decorating the flowers, I had my own idea of doing mine next time in the future. Haha. Tak boleh blah giler siap dah ada future idea. Or maybe I'll do it for my friends first. =p

By maghrib, I was at home for dinner with my other friends (Awan, Azizi, Akran n Adha) who came over too. Now it's already 00.06 and by 11pm just now I had just gotten back from sending Shue back to her house.

I really have to sleep now thinking that tomorrow I'll have another long tiring day. Tomorrow's afternoon I'll be at Syafwah's wedding. At the evening I have a date with Majiah and Deyna. Deyna is coming back from Uniten tonight so we'll be meeting again tomorrow. Yeay!!! And I'll be leaving to KL tomorrow because I have a flight schedule to Indonesia the next morning. Owhhhhhhhhhh. I haven't done my packing. Luckily just now I managed to steal some time to the money changer while they were busy with the flowers. So tomorrow I could again steal some time to pack up my things. Aiyoooooooooo. Now you understand right why do I always say that I ain't have enough time? I really do. Huaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Am I?

Hurmmm... lately I've been thinking about a statement that my friends have always told about me. "I'm too choosy". Do you think so? Last night Airsah told me that, and it wasn't my first time being labeled as choosy by most of my friends.

Honestly, I never think that I'm choosy accept for clothing. Yep... when it comes to appearance, I'm quite picky. That's why my parents stop buying me clothes since I was 15 and they just gave me money and asked me to buy everything myself. However, when it comes to food, I eat almost everything as long as they're halal. hehehe.

But when it's about life partner, people say that I'm too picky. Airsah told me, but not only her, but some of my other friends also told me the same fact that I'm too choosy and I hardly give a chance for someone to love me. Though sometimes they have the chance, yet I have always been the one who refuse to feel the same. Do I?

Hurmmm... I think everybody deserves to be choosy in picking up the best life partner. And I'm not excepted for I also deserve to be happy, don't I? Let me make it clear. I'm not choosy. I've never stated any specific criteria for my future partner. But maybe, I haven't yet found the right guy. Being single doesn't mean that I'm not happy. At this moment, I'm honestly claiming this with all my heart that I'm happy, and am contented enough with what I have though it's not an ultimate happiness. Someone told me that, "definisi bahagia kita berbeza". Yep... To some of you, being happy means that to have someone by your side, having a substitute no matter you have to break life promises. But to me, being happy doesn't mean to have someone by my side. I'm not saying that I oppose the idea of marriage. I myself am looking forward for that event (but only when the time comes). I can't say it's not today nor tomorrow. It may be today and it may be tomorrow. I can just pray for the best and for that, please stop all those speculations.

Monday, December 22, 2008

1. Snap picture of both inner and outer side of your wallet.

2. Introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it.

Brand: Guess
Price and Place Bought: I can't really remember the price due to massive shopping. But I can still remember where did I get it from. It's from Victoria Station, Harbour Town, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

3. Take out whatever is inside your wallet.

Sori laaaa. Banyak sangat cards la, malas nak keluarkan. Baru semalam Airsah cakap wallet aku semak. Seyes tak sempat nak kemas. Asyik ada hal je bila masa la nak kisah pasal wallet pun. hehe =p

4. Snap a picture of your wallet with yourself.

Sori. Zaman cam-whore amik gambar sendiri dah berlalu ye.

5. Tag 5 people.

Taknak =p

Goodnight Goodnight

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal / blog.

1. If someone says, “Is this okay?” … you say?
Till I Get Over You (Michelle Branch). That's not what I'll say.

2. How would you describe yourself?
If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys ft Usher). Yea. I might be a better person if I'm alone.

3. What do you like in a girl?
Permysuri (OAG). Girls are all queens.

4. How do you feel today?
Rooftops (Lost Prophets). Yea!! I feel so high after meeting my old friend from Convent, Lydiawani, whom I haven't seen for 2 years.

5.What is your life’s purpose?
Over My Head (The Fray). Haha. My life purpose is always wanna reach the highest level that I can.

6. What is your motto?
All I Want Is You (Barry Louis Polisar, Juno's OST). Hurmmm... "You" here refers to studies, career and family. I wanna strive for glory in my studies and establish a stable career where teaching is not only the end of it.

7. What do your friends think of you?
Love Like This (Amy Pearson). Haha. They know that I love them. Definitely YES!!!

8. What do you think of your parents?
Cinta Antara Kita (taktau lagu sape. there was someone who dedicated this song for me). I think this song suits my parents well. They're always in love to one another. SWEET!!!

9. What do you think about very often?
Cater To You (Destiny's Child). Yea!!! I always think how can I best cater the needs of my future students.

10. What is 2 + 2?
Ku Tak Sanggup (Kris Dayanti). hurmmm... I've no idea about this.

11. What do you think of your best friend?
The Potential Breakup Song (Aly and AJ)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Resentment (Beyonce). Erk... maybe. My life today is shaped and impacted by the deepest remark.

13. What is your life story?

Lil Star (Kelis ft Cee-Lo). Hehe. I might seem small and weak to some of you but deep inside, I'm so strong and not as weak as before. Try me and you'll know how hard it is to make me cry.

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Semusim (Marcell) This song has nothing to do with what I wanna be.

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Other Side Of The World (KT Tunstall). Yea!!! I'll definitely think of the other side of him. Usually guys will blind us with the best of them. Therefore we have to scan them beyond their beauty and see the worst of them. But bare in mind that in this world, there are not even a single person who is perfect. If we love someone, we have to love the best and the worst of him.

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
With You (Chris Brown). Hehe. Cute song that I like. Yea... it might be played on my wedding but we'll see how okay ;p

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Tanpa Kekasihku (Agnes Monica). Ouchhhhh. This is one of my favourite songs. Yea it can definitely be played, especially from my future partner. kuikuikui =p

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Hate That I Love You (Rihanna) Ish. langsung takde kne ngene

19. What is your biggest fear?
Biarlah (Nidji). Huh? apakah? biarlaaaa. i really don't mind =)

20. What is your biggest secret?
Right Where You Want Me (Jesse McCartney) Adala secret. kalau gitau then it won't longer be a secret, though.

21. What do you think of your friends?
Stand Up For Love (Destiny's Child). haha. What I know is that my friends are all supportive and most of them are all in love. so... yea... they might be standing up for their love. but what i'll say, just stand up for the love that u think worths every single drop of ur sweat. don't u ever stand up for someone who doesn't know how to appreciate u, and especially to those who don't know how to stick to their promise.

22. What will you post this as?
Goodnight Goodnight (Maroon 5). haha. ok la tu kan. selamat malam!!!

Now the lucky person i wanna tag are :
anyone who likes to tag themselves =p

P.S: Tagged by Kdee. This is all I can do. hehe =p

Asyimomo's Engagement.

As being informed, I was away the last weekend to Perak. Hey hey hey, I wasn't there with the same purpose as I used to have few years back. I was there this time because my dear girlfriend, Syima got engaged!!!

For the whole weekend spent in Perak, I laughed sooooooooooooo crazily that now I'm so exhausted and my jaw gets locked.


My parents sent me to the Butterworth bus station and we arrived there at 4pm. So bad that the bus ticket available was only at 8.30pm. So my parents sent me to Taiping since it takes only 1hour from Butterworth-Taiping. That evening I spent with Amar at her house and we waited for Awe and Airsah to arrive from KL. Okay. Here is the funniest part.

At about 9.30pm, Airsah atau lebih mesra dipanggil Air, gitau kitorang yang diorang dah sampai Taiping tapi taktau camne nak g umah Amar. So Amar pun kasitau la directions sume and suruh diorang tunggu kat depan Tesco. Amar ajak la aku ikut g amik diorang kat Tesco. Memandangkan Tesco dengan umah Amar amatlah dekat maka aku pun tukar seluar tido je ganti ngan jeans. ngan selambanya berpakaian tidak proper, aku ikut la Amar pegi Tesco naik motor. Bila dah sampai sana Awe ngan Air tak gak sampai. Lama tunggu tak sampai gak. Air message Amar tanya direction and bila Amar nak reply balik, skali "message not sent". Amar kehabisan credit and Amar suruh aku call diorang. Tapi apakan daya, aku tak bawak phone time tu. Dah kata dekat nak gi amik diorang je dah tu aku pun pergi sehelai sepinggang jela.

Nasib baik la Air call and last2 skali Amar cakap takpela die g amik diorang kat mana diorang ada time tu. Skali, perempuan2 cantik dua orang tu ada kat depan library??? ceh. Baca buku malam2 ke ape la makcik dua orang ni sampai sesat ke library. Then Amar pun apa lagi merempit la pergi sana. On da way tu dah la pakcik2 polisi bermotosikal beriringan dengan kitorang. Then Amar cakap, "wei, aku tak bawak license ni. IC pun tak bwak gak". Aku plak, "huh??? aku pun sama. apa pun aku tak bawak. duit pun tak bawak". Kitorang time tu memang tawakkal jela. Then...

Amar: "motor ni bukan elok sangat".
Aku: "yeke. ala takpe. yang penting ada minyak. ni ada minyak ke tak ni?".
Amar: "ade. cukup je aku rase".
So kitorang pun teruskanlah merempit and dengan jayanya dah dekat nak sampai kat library, tanpa sebarang sekatan dari pihak berkuasa, sekali motor berhenti secara tiba2. hua!!!!!!!!!! minyak abis!!! Amar try start balik engine and yeay!!! Hidup kembali tapi 5 saat kemudian... stop balik. huaaaaaa~~~!!! dah la malam, wallet lak tak bawak, licence, identity card, duit sume takde. Aku dah gelak bagai nak gila time tu. Nasib la kitorang dh smpi depan library. Then diorang call and kitorang pun suruh la diorang datang cepat depan library sebab kitorang xleh nak gerak dh. Sampai2 je kete makcik berdua tu, punyela gelak macam nak mati!!! Memang la sadis keadaan time tu, ngan motor habis minyak nye, tapi seyes kelakar. So tinggal la aku ngn Air tunggu motor and Awe gi beli minyak ngn Amar. eeeeeeiiii. Bengong gile. Dah tu balik la umah Amar, minum2 and siap pakai baju tidur sume, trus g umah Syima. Ada patut kitorang sampai umah Syima dah kul 1 pagi. Amat sopan kan, pegi umah kenduri di pagi2 buta berpakaian tidur. Malam tu kitorang tido lambat gile duk borak gelak2 sampai lebam.


Hari bersejarah bagi Syima. Yeay!!!! Kitorang pun sibuk gak ritu. Sibuk menyibuk. Sebabkan sume mende pun dah orang lain buat, and dah banyak tangan sampaikan kitorang takde mende nak buat. Awe jela jadi mak andam Syima. Aku, Amar and Air duk la menyibuk itu ini. So the theme of the day was purple. There were 22 hantaran all together from Syima's side. After the evening tea, kitorang gi tengok movie kat Taiping Central. tapi Syima tak ikut la. Sebab malam tu kitorang ada bachelor's night. Syima dah tunang takleh la ikut. kuikuikui =p


Balik umah masing2. Before balik ada je lagi drama. Bus aku kul 11, tapi perempuan2 cantik tu sume bersiap punyela lambattttttttttttttttttttttttt. Kul 10.40 baru gerak dari umah Amar. Nasib la sempat sampai before bus gerak. Kalau tak ada gak yang kena drive sampai Kedah anta aku balik. hehehe.

Dear girlfriends: It was nice meeting u girls after a long time that we've been seperated. Especially to Airsah yang dah 4 tahun tak jumpe, at last jumpe gak balik ngan kau. Pasni everytime gathering kalau ko tak datang siap ko kitorang majuk taknak kawan. hehe.

Dear Asyimomo: Congratulations for the beautiful engagement darling!!! You look so lovely on that day. You were the first among us all that get engaged. It's not following the birth date though you are the eldest among us all, because I won't be the next follower. Tak kisah la korang sume nak langkah bendul pun janji nanti kasi aku sepersalinan baju cantik ok. hehehe =p

my disappearance equals to 5

hohohoho. I was away for the whole weekend and after I came back, I checked that I have 5 friend requests in Facebook and 5 comments in here. What a coincidence for I also have another things equal to that digit. ngengenge =p

Friday, December 19, 2008

soli laaa... i tak leh...

Fahizha amoi cantek. soli laaaa. i tak boley buat la u punya tag. dua2 tag pun i tak boley buat. i tau suda lama u suluh i buat tapi i tak ade masa. i manyak bizi. tag u yang itu pertama punya aaaa...yang suluh amik gamba sendili masa sikalang tah payah sikat lambut, tak payah tuka baju, i tak belani buat wooooooo. sebab nanti ada olang tegur i tak elok tunjuk aulat. malam2 ini macam panas2 u tau la aaaa...

itu tag dua punya nombot aaaa... i tak leti buat sebab soalan pertama dia suluh refer dekat satu olang. dalam otak i aaaa dah lama tak ada sapa2. jadi i tak boley buat. i manyak soli aaaaa. depan punya masa kalau ada lagi tag i buat. kalo tag itu suluh buat name tag pun i buat. hah. u jangan lisau aaaa.

saya mohon maaf

Di Facebook, sudah dua kali saya dapat friend request dari seseorang. Maaf. Saya terpaksa reject. Bukan saya sombong. Bukan saya takmau kawan lagi. Kita masih berkawan. Selama ni pun kita tak pernah rapat dan saya harap kita boleh kekal macam itu. Saya ada alasan saya sendiri untuk tidak mahu rapat. Kerana awak adalah pintu untuk masa silam saya. Saya tidak lagi hidup dalam sejarah. Saya hidup untuk masa hadapan. Maka pintu sejarah terpaksa saya jauhkan. Kita masih bersahabat. Tapi caranya lain. Untuk itu, saya mohon maaf.

Saya tau awak mungkin taktau awak lah yang sebenarnya saya maksudkan. Kerana bukan awak seorang yang saya iktirafkan sebagai pintu sejarah silam saya. Awak bukanlah kisah silam saya. Awak langsung tak ada kena mengena dalam apa-apa hal dan awak langsung tak bersalah. Tapi melalui awak, jalan ke sejarah saya adalah cerah. Saya terpaksa gelapkan. Saya tau awak mungkin tidak akan dapat penyampaian saya ini. Tak ramai yang tahu kehadiran saya di helaian ini. Satu hari nanti, kalau takdir kita berjumpa, saya akan terangkan. Saya bukan sombong. Tapi prinsip hidup saya sudah lain. Maka segala cara saya sudah berubah. Saya harap awak faham suatu hari nanti.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

insufficient time, pening2

Malays usually say, "masa itu emas". Yea I can't agree more on that fact. Nowadays I really feel like I ain't have enough time. I've been busy for the past few months, since October and it's been dragging even until now.

I thought that when I'm home I'll have all the time in the world. But due to all the agenda that I'd already fixed when I was still in Australia, now I'm living with that fixed schedule. Before last 2 days, I'd been busy catching up with my dearest girlfriends Majiah and Deyna. We'd been going out for almost everyday. The last day Deyna was here, we went up to somewhere out from here. We went for our friend's sister's wedding and it was in a small village. A day before that, I tagged along with my parents to two weddings but I liked the village wedding more (the one that I went with Majiah and Deyna). U know why? Because I found that Malay traditional cuisines are more appealing to me. I'm sick of nasi minyak, ayam masak merah and kurma daging. But not to kari daging campur pisang, kari ikan masin campur nanas dan kerabu taugeh campur perut. Yea I know they might sound weird to some of you who haven't tried masakan kampung. It wasn't my first time that day, but it's been years that I haven't found those dishes.

Okay, enough babbling about food. Let us concentrate more on my current issue. Yea I really feel like I don't have enough time. Although I wake up very early in the morning (I don't sleep after subuh) and I sleep very late at night, but I really feel that time is really insufficient. Today is the only day which I think I can have my own private time since my nephew is away with his parents to their new house. I just decided not to follow since I have so many things to settle.

Hey!!! Do you like having options? That's the hardest situation that I hate most. I don't like having options because I'm so bad in making decision. This evening I went to look for a bus ticket because I need to to go to Kemunting this weekend. But to my disappointment, there's no bus from Sungai Petani to Kemunting or Taiping. I need to go to Butterworth first and get a bus from there. Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ I'm so lazy to take a bus. I know it's easier to drive but I don't know the way. I mean I know I can just take the highway but after the exit? I'll surely get lost. I don't mind driving, but there's nobody here whom I can bring along because I'll be spending two nights there. My other friends are all from the south part and it's only me from the north. aiyoooooooooo.... bus or car? Which one huh? My parents are fine with both but they are worried if I get lost. hurmmm.... (*+*)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

saya memang macam ni. huaaa!!!

Last week when Majiah and I were on our way to Permatang Pauh, Majiah told me that her father had been driving for a year with an expired license. He'd just realized it when he was about to renew the license.

Concerning that the same situation might happen on me, I quickly checked my licensed and yea!!!! It's already expired 4 months ago. Ish laaa. tah apa2 gile sebab aku dah bawak kete pegi tah mana2 tapi tak sedar lesen dah expired. So esoknya before g Penang aku pun singgah la post office sebab nak renew license. Tapi ramai sangat la plak org sampai ke luar queue. Dah tu aku g plak post ofis lain. Kalini susah la plak nak park kete sebab sempit. Dah dapat parking aku masuk2 post office tgk ramai gak org. So aku give up sebab dah lambat and drive je kete ngn lesen yg dah expired. Nasib takde road block sepanjang highway tu, idak padan muke aku.

Aku ingat esok aku nk la g renew license sebab esok nak gune kete g mkn kenduri ngn Majiah and Deyna. Skali tadi Majiah cakap auntie dia leh tlg renew so esk g amik je trus. Aku pun check la license aku sebab nak bagi details. Elok aku tgk je kat tempoh, aku rasa pelik. Uik? Apsal 22/8/2006 - 21/8/2008? Apsal lak tahun 2006? Then aku korek2 lagi wallet aku and jumpa la license kosong without gambar terselit kat belakang. Huh??? Dah ada license baru dah pun rupanya. Penat je aku rush sana sini awal2 pagi nak g renew license. Nasib x sempat untuk esok. Idak tak pasal je aku meroyan pas beratur panjang di pagi2 hari kat post office tu esok. Phewwwwwww..... syukron syukron. hehehe =p

Friday, December 12, 2008

psychologically influenced

Do you believe in mystical creatures and events? I mean those superstitious and spiritual thingy.

When I was small I really believed in ghost. However, as I grew up, I started to think that everything in this world happens based on scientific facts. But until I went to a boarding school where there were a lot of ghost stories being told everyday, and things happened to my friends, then I started to believe in it.

However, as time passes by, I reckon that all those spiritual thingy does have a strong connection with human psychology. I don't know the real fact upon this matter, I'm not an expert in this field, but based on my observation and experience, that's the formula that I can think of.

When I was studying abroad, I hardly had the creepy feelings or any goosebumps, unless if I watched horror movie on that day. Thus, I was also brave enough to walk alone at night on dark silent roads. It was all because I held on to a belief; "those ghosts that I used to be afraid of do not exist in western land". The silly fact about me is that I'm afraid of Malay ghosts, especially those ugly dead women with white cloth and long black messy hair. Since those kinds of ghosts haven't yet been found or heard in western countries, therefore, I wasn't scared when I lived in Australia.

I thought that I've gained enough courage to stay brave when I'm back in homeland, but now it's proven that I still believe in those things. They do really influence me and I am scared!!! Yes I am because I'm now all alone at home. It's night and my parents are away for a wedding reception, my sister is away to KL, my younger brother is away hanging out with his friends and my elder brother hasn't been back home from work. I know the reason of my anxiety is all due to the stories I heard from Majiah and the series "Kekasihku Seru" that I watched this evening. Now I'm freezing myself from watching the series until everybody is home.

P/s: I know that I'm psychologically influenced by the surroundings because if I didn't know anything and if I heard nothing, I might not have these stupid thoughts and silly imaginations.

riding a roller coaster won't be that fun compare to XXX ;p

Have u ever ride on a roller coaster? To most of the people it's one of the best ways to reach the maximum level of satisfaction. But to some people, including me, riding on a roller coaster is like jeopardizing my anxiety bank. But it's nothing to compare to what I felt yesterday.

I drove up to penang with my small kancil which my younger brother had already warned me earlier "the break is not functioning well". Bearing that in mind, I drove up carefully with extra attention to the road. (erkk... not really actually for i have a short attention span syndrome). =p

The incident happended when I was about to go out from the level ground parking area of Queensbay Mall. I was distracted with my never ending conversation with Majiah and Deyna where I forgot to change the gear. I was climbing up the hill with gear 2 and the car stopped in the middle of the high hill. The break wasn't well functioned and so did the handbreak!!! So the car moved backward and all the passengers screamed like we were on the roller coaster!!! Luckily there was no car at the back because I'm perfectly sure that, if there was a car at the back, I would had definitely kissed it. Phewwwwww~~~ Thank God. Alhamdulillah (^+^)
These are all the passengers of Kancil Coaster. hahaha =p

Owh yea... by the way, it supposed to be our day out (Majiah, Deyna and me). But I dragged my sister and cousin along for I didn't want them to stay bored at home. The more the merrier right?

Another beautiful day captured, XOXO ;p

Thursday, December 11, 2008

happy eid adha

I hope that it's not too late for me to hand in my wish, Happy Eid Adha to all moslems that celebrate the festive. Here, I'm handing in my apology for all the wrongdoings that I've ever done and hope that everybody is having a greatest blast =)

I had a good time this raya for having the chance of celebrating it with my family on the first day and with my friends on the second day.

Presenting u my latest boyfriend, Rizq Azfar. Sweet tak kitorang? Siap pakai baju sedondon lagi tauuu ;p

With my girlfriends, Majiah and Deyna =)

Don't you get blinded by this cute little girl. She slapped me on the face just because I asked her for a kiss. Hahahaha. I wasn't the only one as according to her Ashu (Majiah), Iqa (this little girl) does it to everybody. But it was my first time being slapped on the face and it was by a cute little girl? huhhhhh. tak rock la dibuli budak kecik. hehehe =p

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

malaysia update

Hye all.

Sorry that I didn't update anything of what I've been doing since I arrived Malaysia. Honestly, I was so much occupied with family and friends. Here are what I've been up to recently:

1 Dec: arrived homeland. sleeping, eating, family gathering.
2 Dec: met one of my dearests girlfriend, Majiah.
3 Dec: had been elected as the best babysitter ever for my lovely nephew, Rizq.
4 Dec: half of the day was spent in Alor Star. I drove up early in the morning to Alor Star airport to collect my shipping stuffs. It was supposed to be collected by 10am but once I arrived there, it was told that the collection hour had been postponed to 3pm. Luckily I dragged Majiah along so I had a good company with me for that long hour.
5 Dec: Went out with my parents after Subuh for breakfast, had a look at my dad's new project, went back to visit my sick grandfather, went to Majiah's house for kenduri cukur rambut baby baru kakak dia.
6 Dec: Family day. Brothers, cousins and everybody came back home.
7 Dec: Baked cake and cookies for raya. Went back to kampung to accompany grandpa and grandma.
8 Dec: RAYA!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aussie: Last Week

I arrived Brisbane on Saturday (22nd Nov) from the trip. I slept quite late as after Kak Ayu, Luqman, Ali and Chrstoph went back, I had to clean up my room. Owh yea, when I was away for the trip my rented house in Brisbane got flooded!!! Luckily my room is higher compared to the others, therefore the things weren't really affected. Thanks to my housemates for saving up some of my stuffs =)

(Hey take note that my face that time was bronze in colour. Ooopppsss... not bronze but close to black. haha. I was burnt for spending too much time on beaches and island!!! So please please please ignore my ugly face)

Sunday (23rd Nov)

I was so tired that I just stayed at home. However I went to swim at the Street Beach Southbank with my housemates in the evening.

Monday (24th Nov)

Went out with Sue and Ayie looking for souvenirs. Back at home by evening and final packing up for the shipping stuffs.

Tuesday (25th Nov)

Managed the shipping stuffs with the company. They came to collect the boxes. Had lunch with Luqman and went out for a walk. Eh... I walked but Luqman skated. =p

Wednesday (26th Nov)

Went out for shopping with Sufi at Indooroopilly. Had dinner with Tiffanie and Luqman at Luqman's house. Siap sempat main bunga api lg kt sana. Before balik kitorang singgah Mount Cootha makan ice cream Tiff blanje. It was a freezing night after rain and foggy too! We couldn't see the road while drove up climbing the mountain. Luckily nothing bad happened. Amin =)

Tiff and I at Luqman's house. Waiting for the dinner to ready. Chicken tandoori with vegetables salad were yummy!!! I didn't manage to snap photos of the food because we were too hungry =p

It wasn't raya okay but Luqman was just being chicky to celebrate my farewell ;p

At Mount Cootha's outlook. At first we couldn't see anyhing for the hill was too foggy! But after a while we could see the city before it got foggy again. It was a rainy day so the climate got affected especially the mountain.

Thursday (27th Nov)

Went out to the city with Sufi. Souvenirs hunting while cam-whoring =p

Owh I bumped into Yuni my Taiwanese friend and got to say my last goodbye to her =)

Friday (28th Nov)

Went out for a movie (Australia) with Sufi, Awan and Aim. We went to The Regeant (a classic cinema in the heart of Brisbane city). After that we had dinner with Justus. He treated us luxurious Chinese cuisines. yummy! Then we had our last night in the city with the giant Christmas tree.

This is not the stairs to heaven yea. It's "The Regeant", the cinema that I went to for my last movie in Australia. How significant it was, we watched "Australia" before we left the country.

We had a big dinner that night and it was all thanks to Justus! We had shark fin soup, chilli crabs, prawn in bird's nest, fish in chilli soup, and few more meals for non-muslims which we didn't eat, and fried ice cream for dessert.
Had a stroll in the city with Sue and Awan. It was a grand light opening for the giant Christmas tree that evening.

Lucky me that I bumped into Rina and War, so we managed to bid our last goodbye. =p

Saturday (29th Nov)

I went to the Brisbane market with Luqman and his brother Hakim early in the morning. Had lunch at the riverside and off for a bush walk. Went to Badak's Farewell Party in St. Lucia. Off to Story Bridge for a photo session.

Sunday (30th Nov)

Woke up early and had the last family picnic at Southbank with my dearest housemates. Went for a lunch with Tiffanie and her boyfriend Dan. Ouch.... it was so hard to say goodbye. Tiff cried while she hugged me and so did I... I left her with a card and she left me with a card too and also a cute pink fragrance teddy bear. Sweet!!! But still, seperation was the event.

I went back and did the last check on my luggage and off to the airport. I don't know how to write down my feeling that time but I can't agree more in saying that, sometimes I feel it's better not to know good people so that it will never be hard to say goodbye. However, I'm glad that I know all those good people and they definitely will always be treasured. ;)

Tiff and Dan had to finish up 3 meals because the prawn noodles that I ordered had porks in it which I couldn't eat. So they had to eat it up. Dan's face turned red because he was so full but not Tiff. You girl, you really are a good eater don't you? Chaiyok!

We missed Zaim in this photo. Ida, Jan, Sue, Acan, K.A., Zaim and I had a lot of beautiful memories together in Australia. K.A., Acan!!! I'll be waiting for you guys to arrive Malaysia next month!

With my girlfriends and our lovely lecturer, co-ordinator, and mother, Jo Carr. It was sad to leave this wonderful loving lady... =(

Arrived Malaysia very very early in the morning. With Alan, Putri, Iqa and Jannah before everybody walk their own way home.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Aussie: last trip (sunshine coast)

The last trip that I had before leaving Australia for good was one of the best trips that I've ever had in my life. It was a trip where people from different origin and culture made up a good team who explored the beauty of Sunshine Coast with respect, trust, patience and appreciation. Why did I say so? Because I went for the trip with people that I never knew. I knew Luqman and Ayu but not Ali and Christoph until I met them on the first day. However the 5 of us had really had good time together and created beautiful memories which we'll never forget. The trip has been so meaningful to me as apart from witnessing the beauty of Australia, I had also learned abundance of life long lessons.

Here are some of the photos which were taken during the trip:

FIRST DAY: Noosa Head, Noosa Junction, Noosa Ville

I did my shopping at the Noosa Head with Kak Ayu.

After our first dinner, we had a group meeting to organize our trip. Maps and brochures were all over the table which guided our journey for the whole one week.

SECOND DAY: Sunshine Beach, Perigian Beach, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba.

THIRD DAY: Tewantin, Kin Kin, Tin Can Bay, Harvey Bay.

We continued our journey and drove up to Harvey Bay as we had been scheduled for a briefing before we could go to Fraser Island. We followed the longer road showed by the navigator and got lost in the muddy road of National Park.
We found a dead kangaroo on the street.

FOURTH & FIFTH DAY: Fraser Island (Lake Mackenzie, Lake Wabby, Happy Valley, Eli Creek, Maheno Wreck, Indian Head, Lake Boomanjin, Lake Birrabeen & Lake Benaroon).

The most lovely moment that I had during the trip was when I was on the Fraser Island. If I were to write all the attractions that they have on the island, it might consume half of this page. Therefore, enough say, Fraser Island is one of the world's heritages which there are so many things that make you amaze, and the only word that I reckon will never fail slipping out from your mouth is... "beautiful".

SIXTH DAY: Agnes Water. (1770 and Joseph Banks Conservation Park).

SEVENTH DAY: Bundaberg.

The trip ended well and all of us had so much fun!

malaysia: home sweet home

Welcome back to me after leaving this page for quite a long while.

As been promised, I'm back on track after 5 days of my arrival in Malaysia. Life has been so hectic with abundance of beautiful events taking place. I arrived Malaysia on the 1st of December 2008, realizing the fact that this time, I flew back for good.

It was a tough step to be taken leaving all the people that I love. Realizing that it might be hard for me to land myself again in that kangaroo land, I spent good quality time towards the end of my stay there rather than just staying at home.

November was the month where I felt that time is just too limited for me to learn and explore this boundless world. It was the month that I found new different people who are unique in their own way. And it was also the month that I realized about so many things and had impacted me thoughtfully.

However, despite regretting the limited time that I had within that one last month, I cherished everything and everyone there, whereby I spent less time in sleeping, none in virtual, and less time at home. i mean my rented room in Brisbane LOL. haha.

There are too many things to be told but not everything that should be known. For that, I'll post up few more entries to take a glance on what I've been doing within these months.

Till the next post =)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hye all.

I know that it seems like I've been ditching my blog for I have not been updating regularly as how I used to before. Justify Full
Not that I'm giving up blogging, but I'm really in a BUSY mode.

Before the trip I was busy packing up my stuffs and cleared everything concerning my studies and accommodation.

Then I was away for a week.

Now when I'm back I'm busy with shipping stuffs, clearing up stuffs, and most importantly, I'm busy spending my last moment here in Brissy. Honestly, I'm trying to spend my time as best as I could so that I won't regret of not doing something when I'm still here.

There really is a lot of things which I want to share, especially about what I'd experienced and learnt during the trip, but I really think that spending time in front of laptop in this very last moment really is a waste. So by the mean time, I'll be abandoning my blog for a while.

But I'll definitely make a come back right after I'm settled down in Malaysia. Still, I'm not sure when as after my arrival in Malaysia, I'll be busy picking up my shipping stuffs and meeting up with friends.

Till then, adios muchocos ;p

Sunday, November 23, 2008

hello again

Thank to God that I can now saying hello again in here. I'm sorry for my long lost. I know that it has been ages (2 weeks) that I last updated my blog.

I was away for a long trip which I'd mentioned in my previous entry. It was a tough decision for me to make up my mind whether to go or not to go as I was burdened with couple of issues.

However, now after the trip has ended, I'm really glad that I joined the trip as it has marked the most beautiful moments and experience that I've ever had so far in my life.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Duchess

Yesterday I went out for a movie with Tiffanie and our choice was "The Duchess". Personally, I love watching western classic historical movie as the language is always beautifully expressed and the dresses are definitely pleasant to be looked at. Not to mention the stylish lifestyle of the aristocrats and culture that they held to.

"The Duchess" has been beautifully crafted by the team workers as I grade it as AWESOME!!!

I nearly cried towards the end of the story.

For most of the classic historical movies of England's aristocrat, breeding the male heir had always been the issue. (Similar to "The Other Boleyn Girl").

The story started with a beautiful playful young Georgiana being proposed by William, the Duke of Devonshire. She accepted the hand of marriage as she was so much blinded by the status, glamour and love that she had towards William whom she hardly knew. Without ever in her mind that time, thought of actually reaching an ultimate lonely life.

Being a Duchess means that you are to mother a male heir to the Duke. Your failure of doing so is the ticket of turning your life into a hell. As for Georgiana who failed to breed a male heir to William, she had never been treated as a lover but more to just an object of producing children. Despite being living with respect from people around her and being the idol to most of the women in that century, Georgiana was actually leading a painful lonely minutes as she was still searching for her true love.

But what does it mean when the one that you love only happen to appear when you're married?

Georgiana who at the earliest stage of marriage promised of breeding a male heir and loyalty to her husband, never in her decent mind had the slightest thought of having an affair with the one who she fell in love with. Not until she found out her husband was having an affair with her own bestfriend, Lady Bess whom she herself brought into the house. That was when she made a deal with her husband where she'll give all her blessing to the affair and at the same time she will also have the same chance of being on bed with her loved one, Earl Grey.

Duke William who had never in his life had someone making a deal on him, was totally on fire and he raped her own wife which had finally bred a boy. As I said earlier, giving a daughter means hell and giving a son means heaven. So did Georgiana's life that turned into a heaven as right after she delivered Young William, she was allowed to build a union with Grey. But it wasn't forever as divorce had never existed between Duke and Duchess. Her life once again turned into a hell and she had to withdrawn from her love by being separated with Grey and the daughter of theirs. It was the most intense part to me as I had nearly shed my tears feeling how awful it must be to be separated with our own child. huuuuuu. =(

Go and watch it if you haven't as it worth you million of lessons. =)

should i go?


Lately I've been thinking about the road trip which I'd mentioned previously.

I've canceled it before as d initial plan stated that the trip gonna take me for 10days and it gonna cost me quite a fortune. But Luqman and Ayu had negotiated between them to cut down the days and cost and now it comes down to a week trip with a more reasonable price. Ayu texted me to tag along and promised that it gonna be fun.

It sounds cool as everything has already been planned. According to Ayu, they would like to cover as most as possible of the Queensland coastal area. They'll be heading to Noosa, Harvey Bay, Fraser Island, Agnes Water and Yeppoon/The Great Keppel Island.

Hurmmm.. should I go? I'm leaving Australia very2 soon and I don't know when will I be here again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

greatest apology

Dear readers,

Your blogger who before this has never realized that there're quite few eyes have been witnessing her writing is now handing a phrase... "i'm sorry for unconscious mind of posting up d previous entry".

For those who had bumped to read it, and saw the improper photo, i hope u forgive me for went over the limit.

I had never before this noticed that there are those who aren't my close friends reading this blog for i thought that they were only buddies who were/are willing to peep into my world. But now i understand, there are more other than friends who are silently reading this blog. Despite doubting the intention of those anonymous outsiders and indeliberately being mad upon being advised, i hereby rather say that i'm sorry and thank u for waking me up again.

For whatever the reasons are, i am still the one that i was before and nothing has ever won the triumph of changing me into someone else.

Maybe i'm to carried away with my hiatus life which i myself fail to have even the slightest reflection of what should i do and what should i not.

For that, i'm sorry.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

day out

Like i mentioned yesterday, i wanted to go out for shopping but i was so lazy to move my arse. But today i wasn't as lazy as yesterday as i had more company. hehe. I went out to DFO Jindalee (i haven't been there before this). Since my girlfriends were in d same ship as me of haven't been there, so i asked them to tag along. Luqman said that i could bring my friends and i knew that Sue and Jan love shopping so there we were.

Sue and I thought that we were late because the bus to Mt.Ommaney was scheduled at 10.50am in Queens St but we were still on the bus from Westend when it was 10.45am. Sebab takut lambat so kitorang lari la cam orang gile kt Queens St tu. before that aku called Jan suruh pegi tengok bus dulu sebab die dah sampai. i texted her and i called her saying clearly that it's bus 460, tapi nak tau ape jadi? elok aku n Sue sampai je kt bus stop, Jan leh cakap die dah mintak driver tu tunggu tapi x sempat jugak. aku tanya la bus ape? bukan 460 due tak sampai lagi ke sebab aku tengok kat screen lg 6 minutes baru bus 460 nak sampai. Jan cakap die tadi suruh bus driver 450 yg tunggu. i was like? uik? 450? bukan 460 ke? aku lak blur time tu. check2 balik rupa2nya Jan silap dengar, and kitorang tak terlepas bus pun. haha. poyoyos =p

sampai Mt.Ommaney, Luqman jemput kat bus stop and g umah die jap. main kucing Luqman yang dah kne potong bulu =p

kat DFO hampeh okesssssssss. aku tak shopping pun. sume kedai aku masuk tapi takde satu pun aku suke. seyes tak cantik. Luqman lak dah ngantuk2 tunggu wanita2 bershopping. cehhh. amat lelaki la kunun tak suke shopping. sebab aku pun sentap tak jumpe baju best, aku tunggu la Jan n Sue shopping. jumpe2 je, amboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. makcik2 tu shopping bagai tiada hari esok okay. knpius kejap aku, bukan aku ke yg semangat nak shopping? tapi last2 diorang lak yang shopping. haha. takpe takpe tunggu esok aku g shopping!

then Luqman bawak kitorang g makan kat... hurm tah aku tak ingt nama pe tah tempat tu tapi kat suburb la. haa that's Luqman. bukan Osama aaaaaa. die mix malay n omputih tapi tah nape jadi cam arab sesat. erkkkk. ni kalau Luqman tau aku cakap camni mati aku =p
sebab semalam Luqman ajak aku pergi Mt. Cootha, so pegi laaa. tapi sebab Mt. Cootha dah pegi so kitorang g Botanical Garden yang kat Planetarium. gambar di atas; bersama mak datin2 yang dah penat bershopping.

Planetarium tu was sooooooooo damn boring with only pictures of planets n stars. tapi ada la sorang astronaut sesat. so aku tumpang glamer amik gmbr jap =p

sambil jalan2 kat park, aku nampak dandelion. aku kan terpengaruh giler ngn cite Doraemon part yg Nobita n Sizuka sumer duk main2 tiup dandelion. So, time2 tu jugak aku teruja. Apa lagi, gunakan sepenuh tenaga meniup dandelion. Mari!!!

Kat dalam green house, para scientists berkolaborasi membuat kajian. Sue dengan gigih meneropong ikan di dalam kolam sambil di arah oleh Luqman dan di bantuin oleh Jan.

Scientist terkemuka, Sufyana, telah menjumpai species pokok pisang berbuah lipan. tu buah bentuk lipan yang kuar dari pokok pisang tu. bangga aku dengan hasil penemuan Sue. haha =p

Scientist Sufyana sekali lagi menemui rare species, iaitu pokok gergasi. Luqman terkebil2 je tolong snap gambar ni dengan pertanyaan dalam otak "apsal la pompuan2 ni nak amik gambar dengan pokok nak mati ni???".

sambil jalan, sempat lagi Sue n Jan jadi director untuk cover album aku. penyanyi undangan pun terselit jugak masuk selaku accessory tambahan.hehehe =p

Para scientists penat membuat kajian lalu berenti berehat seketika.

Para scientist menjalankan sesi mengumpat maka Luqman surrender trus tido. tutup telinga malas layan. haha =p

sebelum meneruskan perjalanan, sempat okay amik gambar celah bunga. wajib!!!

sambil duk meneroka jalan pulang, scientist Sufyana sekali lagi menemui kejadian alam yang unik, iaitu ada tahi terlekat dekat baju aku. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sentap aku. tahi itik ke ibis ke aku tatau. disebabkan Luqman tak kasi naik kete die kalau tak cuci, so pegi la cuci. disebabkan aku kotor, maka dihalau balik. hehe. takdela dihalau pun =p

apa2 pun, i had a good day eventho i didn't manage to do my shopping. but spending time with friends has always been a blast.