Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i hEaRt hOLidaY~~

It's morning. It's a really fine day. It's holiday!!!!!! Everything is finally getting back in order around here n i'm starting to feel caught up. It is a really good feeling after too many weeks of constantly feeling like there were not enough hours in d day. Honestly i love holiday n definitely everybody love it. But i bet u not to have a very long holiday or else, u'll end up with d boredom air suffocating ur breathe.

Last few weeks everythng was in a mess. Assgmts were queing up disjointedly. i dont wanna write more regarding d assgmts as i'm more concerned on holiday.

There is so much to look forward to before we start our holiday. Before d holiday started i was thnkg of going to Harbour Town to do some shopping. But today is already Wednesday n i havent went to HB yet. Last Friday i went to DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) nearby d airport as my friends frm Korea n German asked me to bring them there. We went there, but owh my!!! I really felt like breaking my fast dowh. It was too warm as d sun shined so brightly. Sunny day makes me thirsty n i was dying for a sip of water. Luckily i asked Sue to come along. So both of us who were fasting kept reminding one another not 2 break d fast. hahahahahah. cm budak2 kan? Anyway, i didnt plan 2 buy anything on dat day but as usual, "can Fathiah not buying anythng when she's been thrown in d middle of a shopping cmplex?" Definetely not. so i bought a piece of dress which i dunno how to name it, socks n a pair of polka dot pump shoes.

I didnt spend much on that day since i'm preparing for the Harbour Town day out. Jan n I were thinking of going on today but we're too tired of yesterday. We went out for d whole day. We went to d city to survey d gadgets(i-Pod) since they were on sale. I really wanted 2 buy d i-Pod Nano which is now on sale but d colour available is only silver. Huaaaaaa~~~that's so intolerable ok. Silver? x cntik laaa. I want d blue@pink colour. I'd already asked whether it's possible for me to change the cover case with other colours but the salesgirl said that is possible for me to do that. But not in this recent moment because that Nano is d latest, so Apple hasnt sell out the case cover yet. Huh...frustrated, we then went to d Southbank 2 catch d latest Stardust. the movie was good n i enjoyed it. Then we headed to the Seafood Restaurant in Southbank to break our fast. I purchased d tempura fish pack n it was really too much for me to eat it all alone, so I left it unfinished. kuikuikui =p

It's 8.12am. The sun has rised and it's a pleasure for me to let my eyes have the amusement of God's creations (the beautiful Brisbane). Still awake after sahur n i think my blog is about to come to its end. Gonna do some house chore, dscussion with my partner regarding our presentation nxt wk n preparing for d meal utk bkk pose (nasi ayam + popia goreng). Yummy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

iT's A waSTe...

i'm well awared that i've already written my blog yesterday n kept it updated with my current events. Yet i feel it's a waste if i dont elaborate more in every event that i've went through. i know there'll be nobody care bout it. but i do. i do care bout it. so far, my blog is not to b published 2 evrybody. i dont feel like to. but my concern is that my blog is my diary. i feel relieve everytime i finish writing n i feel satisfied everytime i read it back.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<@@@@@@ RIVER FESTIVAL It's a brisbane annual event whereby fireworks are released from bridges and tall buildings. (in d celebration of d Brisbane River). Ok, back 2 my astonishing experience of River Festival. Before I went to that festival, i first went to the pre-Merdeka Celebration at UQ. d celebration was more like a "sukaneka day". we had lotsa traditional Malaysian games like congkak, batu seremban, galah panjang, tuju selipar n colouring contest for d kiddos. i didnt participate in any game as i dont really knw how 2 play those games. i knw how 2 play congkak but i'm not d expert. batu seremban...hurmm...they played d malacca style with 5 stones. i'd no idea bout it when i heard it.hahahahha. so i decided 2 just b d most loyal supporter 2 my friends n team. i was in d Yellow House. we were d first runner up. i think so. ekekekkekeke. met some new friends frm other uni. but it was like a touch n go as usual. hye n bye i mean. got me? huh.. i bet u knw. u hve 2 knw dat sumtimes i'm vry bad in socializing with new acquaintances. i'll knw their names after been introduced, then d moment i walk away, i'll forget their names. for d next encounter, i'll hardly remember their names n d introduction will have to take its place again. hahahhahahha. luckily d third time is usually smooth. phewwww ;p River Fire Fest!!!!!! here i come. hahahah i went there for d first time in my life. the fireworks will b released at 7pm but i went out frm Unilodge with my other friends at 5pm. We were thnkg of going 2 Southbank n sit at the river bank but d way up there was too crowded. some of the bridges were closed. ferries were not in service. so we took a long way to reach the further bridge n settled down at the middle of d bridge. we squeezed ourseleves among d crowd n it was like.. hell cramped. huuuuuuuhhhhhhh. definitely i was harldy move my body n we were waiting there for more than an hour for d fireworks to release. Luckily there were quite a big bunch of us so we did crazy thngs while waiting like cam-whoring ourselves. hahahhaha. i could see dat Korean guys nxt 2 us were like.... "OMG these weird hairdo girl who cover their hair, are they frm kampung or wht havent seen a camera???". hahhahaha. but we didnt care though. we own all those cams so suke ati kitorang la ok?? there was a countdown frm d speaker nxt 2 my ear.. 3..2..1..Phewwwwwwwww~~~!! it was 7pm n suddenly up on d sky there were 4 jetplanes flying over my head n release a fire. d music turned on n fireworks with various colours came out frm the front bridge n frm d tall building in d city. the fireworks were like dancing synchronizing to d music being played n the whole minutes was sooooooooooooooo beautiful. i barely took my eyes out frm every angle of my sight n i kept recording d whole performance with my cam. the fireworks changed their styles n colours accordingly to d music n everybody was moving together i mean.. dancing even though we were in d middle of smoke. it lasted for about 15mins n ended by a speech frm d pilot who was up on d sky, saying that... "that's all for tonight. thank you.********n...who would like to b my bride?" hahhahaha the whole city answered it with "me!!!i would like to!!!". cool wasnt it? i wonder who was d macho pilot who made us melt that night. After tht we headed to Southbank 2 hve our dinner with Akran's kebab n our main topic during d long walk was "Macho Pilot". hahahahahahaa. we were like berebut of getting d pilot even though we're all aware tht we wont meet him n if we meet him pun, surely nobody among us il get him. tp sje je suke2 nk gatal2 ok. hahahahahha =p d whole day was beautiful with 2 festive events... =)